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Best Comforter for Night Sweats 2018 (Hot Sleepers Need Cooling Blankets!)

best comforter hot sleepers

I am from the south. Being in Texas means adjusting to the fact that I am going to be hot no matter what time of day that it may be.

When I found that I could snuggle into the coziness of a comforter and still stay cool, I fell in love with the idea.

So, I went on a search to find the best cooling comforter for hot sleepers, and you get to reap the rewards of all my hard work.

I have put together the best of the best in this top three list. You will also find an FAQ section at the end.

A Cooling Comforter allows you to stay cool no matter what the temperature is. It is for anyone who gets hot when they sleep. There are two types. Proactive cooling works with thermal conductors. The Moisture Wicking works with evaporation and with the fibers. It is more weaved and may look odd. Both are great options.

What Are the Best Comforters for Night Sweats in 2018?

WhatsBedding White Cotton Comforter 

This duvet is cotton, but the inside holds the reason why it works so well. It is filled with TENCEL LYOCELL.

The Tencel lyocell is cool to the touch. It works as moisture wicking. Which means it relies on the spacing of the weave to allow it to breathe. The cotton stays cool because of the evaporation process.

The overall feel of this blanket is soft and smooth which is what makes it some easy to cuddle up in.


It can be used in hot or cold weather.
It is machine washable
It is cool to the touch


The stitching between the pockets does come undone which can cause the filling to redistribute.
It should only be line dried.

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EASELAND King Soft Quilted Down

This is not your standard down comforter. It is made to keep you warm when you need it and cool when you need it.

It is filled with polyfill. That keeps it lightweight. The top layer is also polyfill, so it does have a slightly smoother feel to it than the cotton.  

It is designed to keep your bed around 35 degrees. The stitching is just right so that it doesn’t come undone and it stays perfectly spaced to remain fluffy.


Machine wash and dry
The material is strong and sturdy
Keeps your bed cool


If you sweat a lot, you might wake up feeling wet.
There seems to be a smell coming from the polyfill, at least until you wash it a couple of times.

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TEKAMON King Comforter Soft Quilted Down Alternative Duvet

This quilted down is made from polyester. It is smooth to the touch. Even if you have the heater on in the house, your bed will stay around 35 degrees.

The filling is thick which makes it difficult to wash. It is perfect for all weather. There are deep pockets that allow you to wrap it around your mattress, so it doesn’t slip or fall off the bed in the middle of the night. The stitching is sturdy and keeps the filling well distributed.


Double-sided – allows you to pick the color that you want.
Deep pockets keep it in place
Great for all weather


It is overly large and will not fit in most washers. It will need to be commercially washed and cannot be dried.

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best comforter night sweats

Here are some questions that you might have:

What are the materials used for a cooling comforter?

Cotton is breathable, easy to wash, and easy to find. It breathes which can keep you cool because it keeps circulation going.

Satin is the coolest of all materials, but it is quite expensive. It is also hard to care for. You can’t find it in most comforters, but it is popular in sheets. You can read my article about best cooling sheets here.

Polyester breathes well, stays cool, and is fairly easy to care for. You can find them in most of the pillow protectors you find. If you want to read my article about  pillow protectors click here.
Polyfill is often a mix of different materials. It is usually hypoallergenic.

However, it doesn’t have enough breathability to keep you from waking up sweaty and clammy feeling.

How do you choose a cooling comforter?

When you decide to get a cooling comforter, you need to decide what kind of filling you want.

You should take into consideration how often you may want to wash it. Some can be washed and dried quickly as often as you would like while others can’t be washed or must be handled differently.

How do you care for a cooling comforter?

The very first thing you will want to do is shake it out. This will allow the filling to fluff out and distribute properly.

Then, you may want to wash it. Usually, the blankets do have a chemical smell that you can wash out.

For best results, leave it in the sun to dry. You can wipe it down when you need to. Follow the directions given to you by the manufacturer.

So, What’s the Best Cooling Comforter for Hot Sleepers?

I have chosen the WhatsBedding White Cotton Comforter King Size.

I love that I can wash it as I need to. The chemical smell isn’t  bad because it is cotton.

It fluffed out so easy. It is thick enough to give you the comfort level that you need but stays cool enough that you get a good night’s sleep.

It goes great with a cooling pillow to fight night sweats.
This pillow is right in the midrange. It is a great value for the price. However, if you want something a little bit more budget friendly, go for the Abakan Soft Quilted Down.

There you have my favorites of all the ones that I searched through. I hope you love the choices as much as I do. After all, I did the work, so you don’t have to.

Hi, I’m Liz. I have suffered from insomnia for many years, I created this blog to help you fall asleep faster and to improve your overall quality of sleep. My blog covers everything from the best bedding materials to supplements and everything in between including: snoring, teeth grinding and lucid dreaming.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions or if I can help you out in any way please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Sleep tight!

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