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Best Comforter for Night Sweats 2019: Hot Sleepers NEED Cool Blankets!

best bedding night sweats

I am from the south. The long, sweltering nights we get here typically mean that I have to adjust to the fact that I am going to be hot no matter what time of day that it may be. When I found out that I could snuggle into the coziness of a comforter and still stay cool, I fell in love with the idea.

So, I went on a search to find the best cooling comforter for hot sleepers, and you get to reap the rewards of all my hard work. But my research rendered more than just that. As it turns out, cooling comforters can be used no matter what part of the world you are living in, if you are going through menopause, have night sweats, insomnia, and more.

I have put together the best of the best in this top five list. You will also find an FAQ section at the end.

A cooling comforter is a specially designed blanket or duvet that allows hot sleepers to stay cool no matter what the temperature is. It’s perfect for those who get hot or have hot flushes when they sleep. There are two types – proactive cooling works with thermal conductors and was made for sweaty sleepers. Moisture Wicking works with evaporation and with the fibers as a breathable blanket. Both are great options when it comes to hot flushes and menopause symptoms.

Best Comforter for Night Sweats in 2019

So, what is the best comforter for night sweats you should be buying in 2019? After extensive research and according to user reviews I have chosen the following.

1. Climabalance Hypoallergenic Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter

Overall winner: All the positive reviews it received plus the guaranteed satisfaction you will get from it make it the best in its range this year. Also, it has a patented design that will help increase the deep phases of your sleep.

2. Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Runner-up:  Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter, a hypoallergenic duvet with plush microfiber fill that will make all your dreams come true.

3. Easeland Soft Quilted Down Alternative Comforter

Best lightweight comforter: Are you ready for number three? Because it will knock your socks off! Pun intended because no socks are needed when you’re cozying under the Easeland Soft Quilted Down Alternative Comforter. It’s the best lightweight comforter for hot sleepers on the market.

4. WhatsBedding Comforter

Best mediumweight option: I also found the best medium weight comforter, special because of its quilted duvet insert and fluffy fabric. It’s the WhatsBedding Comforter.

For the sake of being thoroughly objective and offering you all the information you need when you go shopping for these products, I have also found an alternative to all these amazing comforters and blankets.

5. YnM Weighted Blanket

Best weighted blanket: When it comes to weighted blankets, there’s nothing better than the YnM. It has small glass beads that will keep this blanket wrapped around you like a soft and warm hug.

6. BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds with Cooling Fan and Heating Air

Best alternative: I will be delving into its characteristics down below and making a pros and cons list between this gadget and a comforter, so make sure you read through to the end.

best comforter night sweats

What Are the Differences Between a Duvet, Blanket, and Comforter?

When out shopping for the best bedding that will offer you a perfect night’s sleep, the first thing you need to start with is not money. Actually, it’s information.

The more you know about the things you need or you are about to buy, the more likely you are to make an informed decision and purchase exactly the item you need instead of something flashy that catches your eye in a passing instant or something that a salesperson offers without knowing your needs at all.

So, let’s start with the most obvious question of all. What is the difference between a blanket, a duvet, and a cool comforter? A blanket is one of the most basic items of bedding there is and you most likely already own one, depending on the area you live in.

They can be made of wool, cotton, soft cloth or even fur to help keep you warm while you sleep or line your bed to make it softer and easier to lie on.

However, while shopping for cooling comforters, you may have come across the term weighted blanket and wondered what it is or if it’s the same as a comforter. Allow me to explain.

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is typically viewed as a therapeutic type of product and has actually been used for many years even though it has only broken into the mainstream quite recently.

At first weighted blankets were used for children with autism, but soon enough people discovered they could also be used in case you suffered from insomnia, stress, ADHD, and anxiety.

As to what they actually are, this product’s name is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a regular blanket with extra weight added to it which comes from glass beads or even plastic pellets that are sewn into the weave.

Weighted blankets use a scientific principle called DTP or deep touch pressure which refers to applying pressure to the body in a very gentle way so that the brain releases serotonin, a chemical responsible for making us feel happy and relaxed.

Moving on to duvets

These are another very common type of bedding which you might already own. Duvets are covers per se, which is to say that they are thick, usually white in color and filled with soft, fluffy material to keep you warm. They cannot be used as a heavy summer blanket.

So, what is the actual difference between a duvet and a cooling comforter?

The latter has the technology to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summertime. You may use it as a cold blanket for summer.

However, the terms ‘duvet’ and ‘comforter’ are used interchangeably by both manufacturers and users since they both have superb properties, so be sure to check out all the products to ensure you make the right choice!

comforter sweaty sleepers

What Are Night Sweats?

Night sweats are not your typical hot flashes or waking up and feeling a little clammy. They are diagnosed as repeated bouts of severe perspiration that runs so deep you actually wet your clothes and even your bedding. Most often than not, night sweats are related to a medical condition you might or might not be aware of.

What Causes Night Sweats?

As explained above, night sweats are not simple occurrences when you perspire because your pajamas were too thick or your room was too hot. Instead, they are linked to illness. Here are some of the causes.


blanket hot sleepers

This is the number one reason for intense perspiration during the night when it comes to women of a certain age. In fact, this is one of the ways in which women are alerted that they are about to go through menopause.


The logic is very simple here. When your body has a bacteria or a virus, it raises its core temperature to try to kill it. This, in turn, leads to heavy sweating. The diseases most associated with night sweats are tuberculosis and HIV.


Night sweats can be a very early symptom of cancer. However, they are not so if you do not have other symptoms such as fever and/or weight loss, so do not panic!


There are many types of drugs that have night sweats as a side effect. These include anti-depressants, cold medicine to lower your fever, and even aspirin.

Low blood sugar

Many people who are following a course of diabetes medication or take insulin can suffer from hypoglycemia at night. This, in turn, can lead to night sweats as a side effect.

cold summer blanket

However, you should know that night sweats can also happen out of the blue because of stress, anxiety or because you are not sleeping in the right conditions.

They do not necessarily mean that you are now suffering from a very serious illness such as HIV, cancer or diabetes. In order for something like this to happen many other symptoms have to occur. Night sweats on their own are not enough. Therefore, all you need in this case is just a cooling comforter to help you sleep better and more relaxed.

What Are the Best Comforters for Hot Sleepers in 2019?

1. Climabalance Hypoallergenic Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter

Best Over-All Comforter

Meet the cooling comforter that is about to turn your world around! The down comforter from Climabalance is the number one choice on my list for 2019.

It’s made from hypoallergenic 100% virgin polyester which acts as a barrier that will protect you against mildew, mites, dust, allergens, and mold.

Apart from that, this amazing comforter consists of a very high tech fabric mesh designed not just to wick sweat but actually to transport your excess heat as well.

Therefore, it ensures that your body’s temperature remains constant and perfect all through the night.

  • machine washable
  • doesn’t necessarily need a duvet
  • can be used in all seasons as it adjusts to the temperature
  • may get charged with static energy

See the price and read real reviews

2. LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter


This hypoallergenic quilted comforter is machine washable and dryer safe. Not to mention that it’s incredibly cooling and breathable.

It’s filled with an amazing blend of microfiber that is guaranteed not to clump or shift as time goes by, no matter how much you move during the night.

Linenspa markets it as a ‘security blanket for grownups’ because that’s exactly what it feels like.

The cooling comforter is extremely soft and comfortable, so much so that you will never want to sleep wrapped in anything else ever again.

  • It’s reversible
  • Doesn’t clump like other cooling comforters do
  • It comes in neutral colors so it fits all bedrooms no matter how they are styled
  • It has eight duvet loops instead of four like most comforters.


  • The thread in the sewing can bunch in some places.


See the price and read real reviews

3. EASELAND King Soft Quilted Down

Best Lightweight Comforter

This is not your standard down comforter. It is made to keep you warm when you need it and cool when you need it.

It is filled with polyfill. That keeps it lightweight. The top layer is also polyfill, so it does have a slightly smoother feel to it than the cotton.  

It is designed to keep your bed around 35 degrees. The stitching is just right so that it doesn’t come undone and it stays perfectly spaced to remain fluffy.


Machine wash and dry
The material is strong and sturdy
Keeps your bed cool


If you sweat a lot, you might wake up feeling wet.
There seems to be a smell coming from the polyfill, at least until you wash it a couple of times.

See the price and read real reviews

4. WhatsBedding White Cotton Comforter 

Best Mediumweight Blanket for Hot Sleepers

This duvet is cotton, but the inside holds the reason why it works so well. It is filled with TENCEL LYOCELL.

The Tencel lyocell is cool to the touch. It works as moisture wicking. Which means it relies on the spacing of the weave to allow it to breathe. The cotton stays cool because of the evaporation process.

The overall feel of this blanket is soft and smooth which is what makes it some easy to cuddle up in.


It can be used in hot or cold weather.
It is machine washable
It is cool to the touch


The stitching between the pockets does come undone which can cause the filling to redistribute.
It should only be line dried.

See the price and read real reviews

5. YnM Weighted Blanket

Best Weighted Blanket

This heavy cool blanket is made of 100% cotton but it also has glass beads inside to help you relieve stress and anxiety.

It also has seven layers that will give you a wonderful feeling of being held as this weighted blanket will mold itself around your body to make sure you get the sleep of your lifetime.

The YnM cooling comforter is soft but it also prevents you from moving while you sleep.

Another fantastic thing about it is that it’s completely noiseless so that it doesn’t bother your slumber.

  • The glass beads make sure the comforter takes the shape of your body
  • It has less fiber fill than other comforters on the market
  • The fabric is very breathable


  • Quite expensive


See the price and read real reviews

6. BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds

Best Alternative for Cooling Comforters

Let’s take a look at an alternative solution for your cooling comforter.

The BedJet V2 is a device you can control with your smartphone that can either cool down or heat up your mattress.

Its cooling ventilation will wick your body heat and moisture in a heartbeat which makes this a fantastic solution if you have night sweats or hot flashes.

If it’s warmth you’re looking for, it provides that as well. In just a matter of seconds, the BedJet V2 will transform your bed in a small and dry sauna.

This is a wonderful type of therapy if you suffer from cold legs and feet. It’s also a lot safer to use than electric blankets which can get out of control very fast. It also warms you and the bed a lot quicker than an electric blanket.

The V2 also comes with a diffuser for essential oils in case you want to practice aromatherapy right in your bedroom. In this way, you can enjoy their natural healing benefits and scent your sheets all at the same time.

See the price and read real reviews

Now that you know all these things about the BedJet V2, let’s take it to battle against the cooling comforter and see who wins!

  • It can heat or cool the bed in a matter of seconds because it diffuses air.
  • The V2 represents smart and modern technology that you can control with your phone.
  • It can adapt to the natural biorhythm of your body.
  • You can practice aromatherapy by putting essential oils in it.
  • It has a dual zone temperature which means the two halves of the bed can be heated or cooled separately. So no more arguing with your partner!


  • The V2 costs more than a regular cooling comforter.
  • Seeing as this is an appliance, it will up your electricity bill a bit.

All in all, a cooling comforter and the BedJet V2 are two very different things and it comes down to you which one you need in your life.

Cooling comforters are a traditional way of fighting against night sweats which will not bulk your electricity bill and are more budget-friendly.

On the other hand, The BedJet makes it possible for your partner and you to stay happy at two different temperatures in the same bed. As for the aromatherapy, buy some scented candles!

best cool duvet filling
...or you could sleep in front of an open fridge

The Best Bedding for Night Sweats

Apart from all the cooling comforters, down comforters, weighted blankets, and the wonderful BedJet V2 you’ve already seen, you might want to compliment them all with some other accessories for your bedding such as sheets, pillows, pajamas, and covers. They will help complete the set and make sure you get a cool and comfortable sleep.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

This machine-washable pillow from Sleep Restoration is filled with a plush cooling gel that will help you stay as fresh as possible during the night and not sweat at all.

Apart from that, it’s also stain resistant against drooling and any liquid spills.

See the price and read real reviews

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PeachSkinSheets for Night Sweats

The PeachSkinSheets are an original product from Atlanta, Georgia and are guaranteed to help you sweat less during the night.

They are soft and moisture wicking and have deep pockets especially made for luxury mattresses.

See the price and read real reviews

Sleepy Time Women’s Bamboo Pajamas

These pajamas have been especially designed for women suffering from the hot flashes and night sweats usually associated with menopause.

They are eco-friendly and an all-natural remedy.

See the price and read real reviews

cold summer blanket

Here are some questions that you might have:

How to Choose the Best Cooling Comforters for Hot Sleepers

Before you go out shopping for the cooling comforter of your dreams, there are a few things that this new bedding needs to check off the list. Make sure you take all these criteria into consideration.

The size of your bed

Evidently, you can go for a one to one ratio. This means that if you sleep in a queen-sized bed, you get a queen-sized comforter. However, if your budget allows it, why not treat yourself a little and get a king-size even if you sleep in a queen bed?

The Ideal Weight for You

This criterion is especially important if you are picking a cooling comforter for children. They cannot take heavy blankets. But it also applies to you. Therefore, you can go for a lightweight, a summer weight, a winter weight, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Think About the Filling

The filling you choose will depend on your budget and whether you’re allergic to something or not. Therefore, you can go for synthetic filings, cotton, wool or even feather.

Do You Also Want Some Pillows?

Again, depending on your budget, you might want to opt for a bedding set that also includes some pillows for your cool comforter.

What are the materials used for a cooling comforter?

cooling bedding

Cotton is breathable, easy to wash, and easy to find. It breathes which can keep you cool because it keeps circulation going.

Satin is the coolest of all materials, but it is quite expensive. It is also hard to care for. You can’t find it in most comforters, but it is popular in sheets. You can read my article about best cooling sheets here.

Polyester breathes well, stays cool, and is fairly easy to care for. You can find them in most of the pillow protectors you find. If you want to read my article about  pillow protectors click here.
Polyfill is often a mix of different materials. It is usually hypoallergenic.

However, it doesn’t have enough breathability to keep you from waking up sweaty and clammy feeling.

How do you choose a cooling comforter?

When you decide to get a cooling comforter, you need to decide what kind of filling you want.

You should take into consideration how often you may want to wash it. Some can be washed and dried quickly as often as you would like while others can’t be washed or must be handled differently.

How do you care for a cooling comforter?

The very first thing you will want to do is shake it out. This will allow the filling to fluff out and distribute properly.

Then, you may want to wash it. Usually, the blankets do have a chemical smell that you can wash out.

For best results, leave it in the sun to dry. You can wipe it down when you need to. Follow the directions given to you by the manufacturer.

What is a Down Alternative Comforter Made Of?

If you learn what down alternative comforters are made of, you will also know what the difference between a regular, traditional one, and an alternative one is. A traditional comforter is made of very fluffy plumules and clusters that are typically plucked from under the feathers of geese and ducks.

As a comparison, down alternative comforters are made of synthetic fabrics. What these fabrics are depend on the brand you choose and how big your budget is.

Are Down Alternative Comforters Better?

They may be better for some people, such as individuals who suffer from allergies and cannot get anywhere near bird feathers. Apart from that, if they are not maintained and washed properly, traditional comforters may be a trap for bacteria and mites.

stay cool duvet

So, What’s the Best Cooling Comforter for Hot Sleepers?

I have chosen the Climabalance Hypoallergenic Lightweight Down Alternative Comforter. I love that I can wash it as I need to. It doesn’t have a strong chemical smell because it’s made from cotton. Plus, it fluffed out so easily. It is thick enough to give you the comfort level that you need but stays cool enough that you get a good night’s sleep.

Second on my list was the LinenSpa Alternative Quilted Comforter which I loved for its fluffy filling and supple lining. I recommend the Easeland if you’re looking for a lightweight comforter and the Whatsbedding if you need a medium weight.

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket to keep you cool, go for The YnM weighted blanket.

Alternatively, if you’re not on a tight  budget you might want to give a try to BedJet and see what’s it all about. Instant on-demand cool bed? Yes, please!

There you have my favorites of all the ones that I searched through. I hope you love the choices as much as I do. After all, I did the work, so you don’t have to. Sleep cool, hottie!

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