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Best Wedge Pillows for Acid Reflux, Back Pain and Side Sleepers 2018: Reviewed

best wedge pillow review

What are Wedge Pillows?

Unlike regular pillows, wedge pillows have a peculiar shape like that of a triangular cut-cheese.

They are usually made of foam and have a cover over them like a pillow cover.

They are primarily used to provide support to people recovering from orthopedic treatment and other surgeries.

They can also be used to avoid gastroesophageal reflux disease symptoms, relieve stress during pregnancy, reduce snoring, help with sleep apnea and relieve back pain.

Why are they used?

One of the main reasons wedge pillows are used is to help to prevent acid reflux during sleep.

Since the upper torso will be in a raised position, the acids in the stomach won’t be able to work against gravity to reach the throat.

Another great reason to use a wedge pillow is to get some back support while reading or watching videos on your bed.

Not only that, pregnant women can also make use of the wedge pillow to avoid stressing any particular area of the body.

And these also can be used to lay newborns to sleep so that they experience a reflux either.

Basically, from infants to old ones anyone can benefit from using a wedge pillow.

How to find the right wedge pillow?

Wedge pillows come in various shapes and sized to suit the needs of one person to another.

Basically, we can categorize them based on the following factors


Although all wedge pillows share a somewhat triangular shape, there are a number of variations available to suit certain purposes.

The following are some of the shapes available and their purposes.

TriangleMost common shape
Most suited for back sleepers
Can be used as ‘sitting’ support
Flatted TriangleMost suited for resting legs
Can be used with a pillow to rest head
ContouredSpecially made for side sleepers
CurvedSpecially made for pregnant women
ModularCan be customized for different needs


Wedge pillows come with a variety of sizes and you need to be sure of the exact size before you plan to buy them

For pregnant women, there are specially shaped pillows which are small and contoured so as to support the belly while sleeping.

If the pillow is going to be used to give support under your knees, you can choose a pillow that has ample width for you to move around.

So in such a case be sure to pick a pillow that is at least 24” wide.

Even if you are just looking to reduce snoring or back pain, make sure that you have a pillow which is as wide as much as you like to move around during sleep.

Otherwise, you’ll keep rolling off your pillow and thus have repeated “falling into a ditch” scenes in your dreams!

Wedge angle

Not everyone likes sleeping on a slopy surface. And the main reason the causes many people to like or hate their wedge pillow is the elevation they get on them.

When it comes to wedge pillows you have the option of choosing a pillow that has the right amount of inclination.

For example, some people prefer using their favorite pillow on top of a wedge pillow and these can opt for a wedge pillow with a low wedge angle.

And you can get a pillow with a higher wedge angle if you are very concerned about acid reflux or snoring or simply want to feel like lying on a recliner


A wedge pillow should be less fluffy and more firm if you really want to get a good support from it.

But it should not be too firm that it no longer qualifies as a pillow.

So what many manufacturers do is that they make the structure of the pillow very firm and just add a layer of soft foam all over the pillow.

This helps in providing a comfortable contour to the body and provide ample support at the same time.


If you don’t want your wedge pillow on your bed all the time, you can look for pillows which can be folded/ split to be stored in a compact space.

Some pillows made completely of memory foam can actually be compressed many times their size and kept in any bag for storage.

But keep in mind that after compression, such pillows take around a whole day to regain their original shape.

Wedge Pillow Buying Tips

Now that we know what types of pillows are available in the market, here are some tips that’ll be helpful during purchase.

  • Check out the pillow’s user reviews to see how long the pillow is going to last. There are some good looking pillows that lose the firmness of their shape within a year. You’ll get much more important and real experience-based information by doing that.

  • Make sure that you get a matching washable pillow cover during your purchase. It’s hard to find one otherwise since every other wedge pillow has a different shape/size.

  • Go for pillows that are free from toxic substances like synthetic latex, BPA, Fire retardants etc. 
    How to find them?
    Don’t worry! If the manufacturer has taken the pains to make the pillows toxic free, they surely brag about it in their packaging.
    So look for signs like Latex-Free, BPA Free, Phthalate free rtc.

  • Get your doctor’s advice to make sure that the shape and inclination of the pillow are suitable for your medical condition.

  • Finally, prefer pillows whose color/ texture most suits the ambiance of your bedroom.
    If you like to sleep on your wedge pillow whenever you’re on the bed, better make sure it looks good in your bedroom too.


What Are the Best Wedge Pillows in 2018?

Since many people don’t know about wedge pillows, finding the right one can be bit frustrating.

But after some research, you can get a clear idea of what you’re going to get from the market.

I highly recommend these wedges pillows listed below.

Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow by MedSlant

The Acid Reflux ‘Big’ Wedge Pillow is one of the best ones to solve acid reflux symptoms quickly.

These pillows are great for side sleepers who are trying to get used to sleeping on the back since the pillow contours itself to make yourself comfortable.

It is 28 inches wide and 7 inches tall and you won’t need use an additional pillow unless you’re very fond of it.

The material used to make the pillow is of very high quality and free of toxic substances.

You may need to keep the pillow in an arid place for the first 4-5 days to remove the odor from it.


  • Quickly alleviates acid reflux symptoms and snoring
  • Comfortable and toxic free cushion material
  • Ample size for rolling around


  •  Gives out odor initially for 4-5 days after removing from package


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InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow

These wedge pillows are made with the whole focus of providing support during surgery-recovery and reducing acid reflux.

It is big and firm and it feels more like an extension of your bed than a pillow. It takes some time to get accustomed to sleeping on this wedge pillow but once you get used to it, it’s very comfortable.

It comes with a high-quality Egyptian cotton cover which both feels comfortable and prevents sliding.

Nevertheless, side sleepers with a smaller than average frame may still find themselves sliding on the pillow during sleep.

Owing to its size, you may find it take up a lot of space when not used.

It has a dimension of 24” x 24” x 12” and it has a wider variant with a lesser inclination which you may prefer if you want to use it along with a pillow.


  • Effectively reduces acid-reflux and snoring issues
  • High-quality cotton cover
  • Large enough to move around during sleep
  • Can be used as a support when sitting


  • Sliding during sleep can occur for shorter people
  • Difficult to store away when not in use


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Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

The Brentwood Wedge Pillow is a great choice if you’re buying wedge pillows for the first time.

It comes in three inclination options: 7”, 10” and 12”. The pillow is on the firmer side and you may need to use a small pillow for your head for more comfort.

Side sleepers may find it hard to use this pillow as the surface is firm and may cause you to slide down.

Unless you’re already comfortable using wedge pillows, go for the 7” version and use a soft and thin pillow under your head.

These wedge pillows come with a machine washable cover and you can also order for a replacement cover in case you need a spare one.


  • Relieves Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea symptoms quickly
  • Provide excellent support during surgical recovery
  • Comfortable to be used in a sitting position as well



  • Not comfortable for side sleepers
  • Not easy to compress into a bag for storage


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Avana Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow for Side Sleepers

Most wedge pillows are designed primarily for back sleeping. And given that many surgical recoveries require the patient to sleep on their back, this design is understandable.

But if you are an ardent side sleeper who is not recovering from a surgery, you may feel sleeping on your back a little tough.

Here’s where the Avana side sleeper’s wedge pillow comes in. It is designed with a contour that resembles your shape when sleeping on your side.

It is very comfortable for most side sleepers and also comes with an optional gel-pad cushioning.

Although they are expensive for a pillow, you’ll love it for the reduction in acid reflux, nose blockage, and snoring problems.

And guess what, you can use the same pillow to sleep on the back and it still will be very comfortable.

It is 24 inches wide and 8 inches tall and you’ll need to use a soft pillow over it to get most comfort.


  •  Comfortable for side sleeping
  •  Gel-Pad keeps the pillow cool
  •  The cover feels soft and luxurious



  •  Uncomfortable for people with a large frame

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Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

The Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge is one of the must-haves for pregnant women who find it increasingly difficult to sit or sleep comfortably.

This small wedge pillow is specially designed so that you can lie on your side and keep your belly over it to reduce stress during sleep.

You can also place it in-between your legs or behind your lower torso if you feel stressed out in those areas.

It has a soft cover which is very comfortable even to lay your baby’s head after your delivery.

These pillows come in only one size and although it fits most people’s sizes, you may find this pillow uncomfortable if you are taller than 5’6”.

Also, the pillow becomes warm during usage which may not be comfortable during summer or for those living in humid areas.

The pillow has a soft cushion on one side and a firmer one on the other but in reality, they are both somewhat similarly on the firmer side.


  •  Greatly reduces pregnancy-related body stress and helps for a good sleep
  •  The cover is very soft and comfortable
  •  Can be used in a variety of positions



  •  Feels too small for those taller than 5’6”
  •  Cushion gets warm after continuous use. It shouldn’t matter if you live in a cold climate though.


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To sum it up, if your highest priority is relief from acid reflux and snoring issues, then go for the Acid Reflux wedge pillows. Although it is expensive, it serves the purpose very effectively. Besides, you’ll find these comfortable even if you are a side sleeper.

The InteVision wedge pillow is for you if you are recovering from a surgery or want to have some support when reading. Keep in mind that these pillows do have a ‘get used to’ period in order to get a really comfortable daily sleep.

Go for the Brentwood wedge pillows in case you are tight on budget and still want to get a comfortable sleep. These pillows give you the versatility of using the pillow during reading, watching videos, writing etc along with providing a comfortable sleep.

If you can’t switch from side-sleeping to back sleeping, then go for the Avana contoured wedge pillow. These are great since they still do an effective job of reducing snoring and acid reflux.

Finally, if you need some support during pregnancy, simply go for the Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge. In fact, this pillow may come handy even after delivery.

So there you go folks, these are my recommendations for choosing the best wedge pillow. This doesn’t mean that the ones not on the list are not worthy. There are other great wedge pillows available on the market, just be sure to read some reviews and opinions from the people who have used the product before buying.

Sleep tight!

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