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Silk vs Satin: What’s the Difference? Which Sheets Are Better for You?

Silk vs Satin Sheets

If there ever is an argument about what type of bed sheets are the best, both silk sheets and satin sheets are definitely expected to be mentioned. Silk and satin sheets are considered to be some of the softest and the most luxurious sheets to have ever existed.

However, I wanted to see what made a difference between the two when compared closely to determine which one was the best for me. After a long, detailed period of researching, here is what I found.

Silk sheets are made from; yup you guessed it, silk. Rather than being a type of fabric, satin is a style of weaving and satin sheets can be made from silk, cotton, rayon and most commonly, polyester. Silk sheets are woven flat therefore have a more opulent look whereas satin sheets are woven in a way to bring some threads higher to create  reflection of light, making the sheets appear so much shinier. Silk sheets are always expensive whereas you can find many satin woven sheets that would fit many different budgets. Satin sheets, unless made from silk, are much stronger than the fragile silk sheets that need extra attention and care to stay durable.

Silk Sheets vs. Satin Comparison Table

ComfortPerfectly comfortable
Can be slippery
100% breathable
Depends on the fabric used. If made from silk, 100% breathable. If made from poly-blends, not so much.
FragileStronger if made with blends of different fabrics
CareAlways hand wash delicately
Wash depending on the fabric it was made from
PriceExpensiveCheaper options available

Difference Between Satin and Silk

Let’s get a little bit more into how different silk and satin are by looking a little deeper in the qualities both of these smooth fabrics have.

difference between satin silk
Difference between satin and silk



Silk sheets are extremely smooth and comfortable and are in fact considered the most comfortable and luxurious sheets of all kinds. The threads are all flat, making your hands and skin slide through the sheets with no problems.


Satin sheets are known to be sexy. The shiny, sleek fabric makes it look very welcoming and comfortable and while most would agree that it is very comfortable for certain situations, you may find the sheets to be slippery and catching skin. Satin sheets are best used for special occasions.

Winner: Silk



Silk sheets are made out of 100% silkworm secreting. It is all natural and all organic. Just like Tencel, cotton and bamboo sheets, organic materials used in sheets are all super breathable, unlike synthetic materials.

Silk sheets are fantastically breathable, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Depending on what fabric they are made out of, satin sheets can be breathable as well. If woven with natural materials such as cotton, Tencel, bamboo or silk, Satin sheets are also breathable. However, most of the times satin sheets are made from polyester and rayon.

Man-made fabrics like polyester or rayon can cause breathability problems and you may end up sweating under the sheets.

But if you choose satin sheets that are either silk or cotton then satin sheets are breathable. Be aware of the synthetic fabrics if breathability is important to you.

Winner: Silk



Silk is a very fragile material. However, it is very durable. Silk sheets, with proper care, will last a long time without piling and losing color. If not maintained properly, the sheets might become thinner. Silk is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial.


Satin sheets are much more durable than silk sheets because of the specific type of weaving. The complex weaving makes the fabric stronger and harder to tear.

Winner: Satin



Wash silk sheets by hand in cold water and dry in a warm, not humid place. Never wash silk sheets in washing machines or dry in the tumble dry in driers.


Satin sheets also need to be washed by hand in cold water if they are made out of silk or bamboo. If your satin sheets are made from poly-blends, washing and drying them will be much easier, because you can just put them in a washing machine.

Winner: Satin



To make silk sheets, thousands of silkworms are needed. Therefore, silk sheets are very time consuming to make, and very expensive. Luxury sure comes at a price but the price you pay will be worth it.


Satin sheets made out of poly-blends or other synthetic fabrics are much, much cheaper than silk sheets. Silk satin sheets however are also just as expensive as regular silk sheets.

Winner: Satin

Silk vs Satin Sheets: And the winner is…


Overall silk sheets are great for your health and comfort but maybe not so much for your budget.  


Satin sheets are very variable, so finding one that fits your needs is much easier than for silk sheets. If you want cheaper satin sheets, go for rayon or poly-blends. However, satin sheets, unless made from silk or cotton, are not as breathable as silk sheets.

What Are The Best Silk Sheets in 2018?

Silk Sheet Set by Mulberry Park Silks

silk satin sheets
satin silk-fabric

It is hard to find quality 100% silk sheets these days but this set has pastel colors, great star averages and wonderful reviews with some customers saying while the sheets are expensive, they sure are wonderful when it comes to comfort and how luxurious they feel.

Amazing softness and look seem to be some of the most common reviews. If you want to sleep like a royalty and money is not a problem, these sheets are for you.

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What Are The Best Satin Sheets in 2018?

Honeymoon Home Fashions Soft Satin Sheet Set

For satin sheets, I picked a 100% polyester microfiber satin sheet set from Honeymoon Home Fashions,  because of the wonderful reviews and the extensive color options.

The reviews described the sheet set as shiny and comfortable and some even said they will end up getting more than three colors. Some verified customers explained how comfortable and sexy the sheets looked in their bedrooms.

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Pros and Cons of Silk and Satin

Silk Sheets


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable
  • Antibacterial
  • 100% breathable
  • Recyclable
  • Opulent look
  • Smooth but not slippery



  • Needs extensive care
  • Expensive


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Satin Sheets


  • Variable
  • Some options are much more durable
  • Cheaper options available
  • Shiny



  • Slippery
  • Not organic (not all)
  • Might cling onto your skin


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best mulberry silk sheet
100% Mulberry silk sheet set


So, what is the difference between silk and satin?

Overall, both satin and silk sheets are wonderfully luxurious. While silk is an organic fabric on its own, satin is a style of weaving and can be made out of silk, nylon or polyester – often a blend of all three.

For the best comfort and luxury, you might want to pick silk sheets or silk satin sheets for more shine. For better price and options, choosing satin sheets of different fabrics might be a better choice for you. I personally prefer silk sheets over satin sheets for its opulent look, luxurious feel, and comfort.

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