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Why Does My Cat Sleep Next To Me (Why They Like Sleeping With Their Owners)

Cats love to sleep close to their owners. It happens during the day when they simply lay down close to you and take a nap, and also during the night when they climb into your bed and sleep until the morning (or until they feel the need to go to the bathroom). In this article, we will discuss what meanings might be involved in this habit of theirs.

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep With Their Owners: What Does It Mean 

1. For safety – they feel safe close to you

In the wild, a cat will seek out the most secure location to rest between hunts. That location is with you at all times while you are at home.

While cats are normally at the top of the food chain, they must nevertheless keep an eye out for danger. They may relax better knowing they are in the company of their humans.

Because sleep is a vulnerable state, your cat is expressing his faith in you and his contentment and security with you. This habit starts during the kitten stage.

Cats are reared in litters, and from the time they are very young, up to around 12 weeks of age, sleeping often involves piling onto one another near mom. This is how kids are raised during their peak socialization weeks, and as with other skills acquired during this time period, this transfers into lifetime habits.

2. They are protecting you

Apart from security, certain felines may lie on your bed to guard you against hidden threats. That is not difficult to believe, given how territorial and protective cats can be toward their owners.

You provide food, attention, and fun for your cat, and they’d hate for anything to happen to you. Additionally, certain cat breeds are more dog-like in appearance and possess strong protective instincts.

There are also several stories of cats protecting their owners or alerting them of hazards, so don’t be hasty to reject this hypothesis.

3. Because you are family

Cats, as scientists have found, are unaware that humans are a distinct species. Our kittens are aware that we are larger and less hairy than the normal feline, yet they still see us as an odd, awkward cat incapable of hunting for itself.

Cats interact with one another by butting heads, cheek rubbing, purring, and grooming. Thus, our felines do not approach humans differently, except when they are hungry.

As such, your cat may sleep with you out of affection for you and a desire to keep you company. Take that as a tremendous compliment.

4. Scent

Another reason cats want to sleep with their owners is to smell like them.

When a cat is worried, stressed, or anxious, cuddling close to a familiar fragrance may be calming. This is similar to toddlers and their comfort blankets.

Additionally, some cats like the fragrance of your shampoo or other cosmetic items. Our cats have an incredible sense of smell, and it’s no surprise that they can notice even the most subtle pleasant fragrances emanating from your hair/body.

Cats may even attempt to nibble your hair if it smells particularly appetizing. Therefore, watch out when your cat gets close to your hair.

5. Warmth

If you observe your cat’s resting patterns, you’ll realize that the majority of cats choose the warmest spot to slumber. That is not a coincidental event.

Cats, it turns out, run somewhat hotter than humans and need more energy to maintain a constant body temperature. When your cat is near an external heat source, the work is made simpler.

That is why, throughout the winter, the majority of felines prefer to snooze in the sun or remain near to the radiator. At night, the most efficient generator of heat is your own body.

Therefore, if your cat is chilly at night, they may sneak into your bed for additional warmth.

Why Do Cats Sleep With You FAQ

Why Does My Cat Only Sleep With Me

The majority of pets are driven by food, and they gravitate toward the person who brings in the bacon, so to speak. As a result, if you look after your cat, they will feel more connected to you. Additionally, they like to be there when you awaken in the morning because they know you will feed them.
Another explanation is that cats naturally form ties with people, and if you’ve had your cat since it was a kitten, that link may extend all the way back to your infanthood. When a cat develops a link with someone, that person provides the cat with a sense of security and safety. 
The cat has complete faith in that person and is at its happiest when that person is around. Naturally, a cat that has built a close attachment with another cat would prefer to sleep with that person.

Do Cats Like Sleeping With Humans

Yes, cats love to sleep with humans. They can do this for many reasons, like for warmth, comfort, safety, bonding, etc., but if they do it, it is because they find it very endearing. You will rarely find a cat doing something he doesn’t like (after all, they don’t need to), so if your cat sleeps near you or with you at night, this means he loves to do that.

Why Does My Cat Follow Me To Bed

Your cat follows you to bed because he wants to be around and sleep together. He finds your bed and your presence comfortable, and that makes him relax to sleep. After all, cats are natural hunters, and as such, they have sharp instincts. In order to relax, they need to find a pleasant spot. That spot might be your bed or simply sticking next to you.

Final Words About Why Does My Cat Sleep Next To Me

If you are a cat owner, we have incredibly good news about why your cat sleeps next to you. He is probably doing this out of love for you or for some other reason that makes him feel comfortable next to you. If you are able to say, “my cat sleeps with me every night,” then good for you!