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Best Pillow for Stop Snoring 2019 [Do Anti-Snoring Pillows Work]

I went with two of my friends on camping last month and we spent the night among the trees. It was my first time in the wild and I was very scared.

We were sleeping in our individual tents and all of a sudden, I heard something approach my tent. I tried to listen to what it was and it turned out to be wandering lion!

Well, it turned out to be just a dream but it was interesting to note that my friend who is an expert in camping also had a dream where a tiger came near his tent!

We were wondering why we had similar dreams and burst out laughing when I figured out the reason.

I was snoring!

Tired from a long ride, I snored like a lion!

When we were young, snoring was fun! I remember how we used to take pride in who snored the loudest.

But not anymore.  Snoring is starting to become a real issue. It ruins my sleep and those who sleep near me.

This article is for those who have just begun to get frustrated with snoring.

Perhaps, a switch to a fancy anti-snoring pillow will solve the problem. Or will it? Let’s see.

snoring pillow works

What are Anti-Snoring Pillows?

An Anti snoring pillow is a pillow designed specifically to eliminate or at least reduce snoring during sleep.

There are many devices ranging from jaw bands to nose plugs which claim to reduce snoring. While these may or may not work for you, they kinda feel unnatural while sleeping.

I myself am a snorer and I am not a great fan of having something stuck inside my nose or mouth while sleeping. It just makes you feel unnatural.

Anti-Snoring Pillows are therefore a great alternative to other invasive devices.

Do Anti Snoring Pillows really work?

Snoring may have affected you for a very long time and perhaps even medicines don’t seem to work for you. So it may be hard to believe that switching pillows will solve this problem.

What you need to understand is that one of the main causes of snoring is an improper sleeping posture. There are some other causes as well which we will discuss later.

Anti-snoring pillows are effective in providing a proper sleeping posture and therefore they are very effective against snoring.

Anti-snoring pillows are actually a ‘real deal’.

But that said, if the reason you snore is a blocked nose or a weight gain, these pillows may not make a difference for you.

In any case, it is definitely worth a try before booking an appointment with a sleep doc.

How do anti-snoring pillows work?

To clear out the air surrounding the actual effectiveness of anti-snoring pillows we’ll look into what causes snoring in more detail.

Snoring is basically the sound that is created when tissues in your throat vibrate when breathed air pushes through them.

If that’s the case, why don’t people snore when they are awake?

Well, that’s a legit question and the answer is that these tissues are held in their place in such a way that they don’t block your airways.

But when we sleep these tissues relax and settled down on your airway due to gravity. So if you sleep on your back, they rest on the back side of the airway and if you sleep on your side, they’ll rest on the side of the airway.

For some reason, your airways will be blocked less if you sleep on your sides. That is why many suggest avoiding back sleeping and especially stomach sleeping to reduce snoring.

So basically, if your airway is clear, you won’t snore at all.

There are some other reasons that obstruction is caused in the airways.

For example, if you gain weight, your throat may become thick and thus constrict your airway.

And if you a have a blocked nose, you may be forced to breathe through your mouth.

And as you can guess, the tongue, the soft palate, and the uvula will all be the in their relaxed state and won’t let air pass through without making some noise.

There can be other reasons like nose injuries and sinus issues that can cause breathing obstructions and thus lead to snoring.

Now coming back to the pillows, they are designed to keep your head and neck in a such a posture that would keep the airway clear.

If anti-snoring pillows don’t work for you, it is time to meet a doctor to check for obstructive sleep apnea.

Which Anti-Snoring Pillows Are for Me?

If you have already started looking for pillows for stop snoring then you may have noticed that there is not a single type.

You have the choice of choosing either a ‘regular’ anti snoring pillow, wedge pillow, curved pillow or even a full body pillow.

By ‘regular’ I mean a pillow that looks like any other pillow and has some contours on it to support the head and neck.

As of now, we’ll only be discussing ‘regular’ anti snoring pillows since they most resemble an ordinary pillow.

Anti snoring pillows are designed either only for back sleepers, only for side sleepers or for both.

It will really help if you can switch to side sleeping to tackle snoring.

But if you really fond of back sleeping, then you can try those pillows designed specifically for back sleepers and for both.

If it works, then great, otherwise try switching to the side for better results.

Are there any side effects?

Cleverly designed pillows getting rid of snoring is an amazing idea but you may be worried if there’ll be any side effects.

Although anti snoring pillows are marketed otherwise, they may cause back or neck pain in some people.

People come in a variety of size and shape but most pillows have only three size options -small, medium, large.

So if YOU are not a good fit for the pillow (or if the pillow is not well done), you may experience these side effects.

These side effects may or may not fade away during prolonged usage.

But given their price point, they are worth at least trying. If you feel comfortable with them after using them for a week then there’s no need to worry.

Which ones should I buy?

I have done the research myself and here are some of the best anti-snoring pillows available in 2019.

Celliant Sleep Therapeutic Wellness Memory Foam Pillow by VISCO LOVE US

These pillows are one of the promising solutions for mild snorers. Reading the reviews left by verified buyers you can see that many people report having their snoring eliminated or significantly reduced on using this pillow.

They are made of memory foam which slowly adjusts to the shape of your head when you rest on it. Thus they aid in having a sleep posture which would not obstruct the airway.

They come with hypo-allergic covers which can be removed for washing.

These pillows are great both for side sleepers and back sleeper alike.

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LANGRIA High-Density Memory Foam Therapeutic Cervical Neck Pillow

The Langria high density memory foam pillow is one of the most comfortable pillows you can find.  

This pillow is great both for back sleeping and side sleeping. And if you are able to side sleep using this pillow, there is a great chance that you can reduce or even stop snoring.

It is also very good at relieving shoulder and neck pain effectively.

This anti snoring pillow is certified as ‘CertiPur’ which means it does not contain environment harming chemicals.

You can use your regular pillow cover for this pillow too.

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Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Contour Pillow with Cotton Cover

If you insist on sleeping on the back then, you can look at the Sleep Innovations contour pillow. It is made for both back sleepers and side sleepers.

As other pillows mentioned above, this is very well made and comfortable too.

You need some time to get used to the contours but after the ‘run in’ period, you’ll have a more comfortable sleep.

Since it gives the right posture for the head and neck, snoring is effectively reduced.  Again, sleeping on the side will increase the effectiveness of the pillow.

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best anti snoring pillow


So here are three of the best ‘regular’ anti snoring pillows available online.

As mentioned earlier, there are other types like wedge pillows, curved and full body pillows.

If you are experiencing severe snoring, it is better to try a good wedge pillow since they elevate the upper torso completely.

You can refer to my article on Wedge pillows here

If you are recovering from an injury or a surgery, it is better to consult an orthopedic doctor to help choose the right type of pillow for you.

But again, if you are a mild snorer like me you should definitely try out the ‘regular’ anti snoring pillows before booking an appointment.

Anti snoring pillows are a great way to fight snoring and definitely worth a try to see if it works for you.

Wish you that your snoring ends with a pillow switch!