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My Cat Sleeps In My Arms Like A Baby (Why & Is It Normal?)

Cats are a much-beloved pet, that have their own unique personality and don’t require as much attention as dogs. This makes them popular with many different people, especially those that aren’t home much. But some cats need a little extra attention. If you’ve thought to yourself, my cat sleeps in my arms like a baby, why & is it normal? This is the article for you.

Need to know the answer quickly? Cats are great pets, and most of the time don’t require a lot of attention. However, sometimes they do need a little extra love. Cats will sleep in your arms for warmth, to bond with you, because they feel secure with you and to show you that you belong to them. If you want to give your cat their own special bed, you should go with the highly rated Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed or the Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat Bed.

Why Does My Cat Sleep In My Arms Like A Baby

Cats generally don’t require a lot of attention or physical affection. However, sometimes they will want to be cuddled or curl up with you. Here are some reasons that your cat is sleeping in your arms like a baby.

1. Love and Bonding

Cats are normally thought of as not very affectionate at all, though this isn’t always the case. They can be very affectionate, though they show it very differently when compared to dogs. When cats show you love, they’ll do so in a few different ways.

They may bump you with their heads, rub against your legs, meow, or lay on you. A cat willingly sleeping on you can be a sign they love you and they’re wanting you to know that. This also incorporates social bonding and warmth.

2. Warmth

Cat’s body temperature ranges from 99.5°F to 102.5°F, so you’ll notice they are always looking for warm spots in order to maintain this temperature. They often seek out sunny spots, or sometimes even lay on top of heated air vents.

Since cats need to maintain their core body temperature, they will curl up with you a lot because of your body heat. In fact, you may find that in winter they curl up with you even more as the weather gets colder.

You can think of yourself as a human hot water bottle that provides your cat plenty of warmth, however, if you’re finding that your cat is being too clingy, you can find great quality heated beds, like this one: Amazon Basics Warming Pet Bed.

3. They Feel Secure

Cats may also lay on you for security. A recent study has shown that cats are emotionally attached to their owners, much like a baby with its parents. Though it may not seem like it, cats do feel distressed when you’re gone.

Your cat may choose to snuggle with you because it simply doesn’t want to be away from you, and in a lot of ways, sees you as its parent.

4. They Own You

It’s a well-known saying that humans own dogs, but cats own humans, and in a lot of ways it is true. You’ll notice your cat will rub against you or rub its head on your face, it does this do deposit pheromones and oils, as a sign that you belong to it.

To a further extent, cats may lie on you to claim you as theirs. By lying down with you they form a close bond with you, that makes them feel secure and safe.

What Does It Mean When Your Cat Sleeps In Your Arms?

If your cat sleeps in your arms, it can mean that they love you and are wanting to bond with you. It can also mean they’re cold and using you for warmth. Cats have a lot of complex emotions and there can be many reasons for them to do something.

Cat Sleeps In My Arms FAQ

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me Like A Baby?

Cats will sleep in your arms for different reasons. One of the main reasons is that they’re wanting to show you love and affection. Another reason could be that you are very warm and they’re feeling too cold, so need they extra heat.
Cats are also drawn to their owners because humans make them feel secure and safe. If your cat is sleeping with you, you more than likely make them feel happy and cozy. They could also be letting you know that they own you.

Do Cats Like To Sleep In Your Arms?

Some cats do like to sleep in your arms, though not all cats do. The ones that do like it do so for a few different reasons. They could be cold and need the warmth your body heat gives off. They may be sleeping in your arms to show you affection.
Another reason could be that they are wanting to rub pheromones and oils onto you, thereby marking you as theirs. Cats rely on their sense of smell a lot and marking you as theirs is a way for them to feel safe and secure.

Final Words About My Cat Sleeps In My Arms Like A Baby 

Cats are lovely animals that have a lot of affection for their owners. Some of them love to snuggle and sleep in their owner’s arms. They do this for many different reasons, such as showing love, soaking up warmth from human body heat, bonding with you, and because you make them feel secure.

You’ll notice they tend to seek you out a lot if the weather is cold, or if you have been gone a lot. Think of cats just like a baby with its parents. They love to be cuddled and held because they feel loved and safe. Cats are the exact same. So if you’ve been thinking “my cat sleeps in my arms like a baby” now you know why and that it is completely normal.

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