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Twin vs Single Bed: Differences [What’s Best for You]

Figuring out what bed size that you need can be hard. Oftentimes, you might see the words twin and single bed, and may wonder which one will fit your home better. Do you need the twin, or will you be satisfied with just the single? This is a common issue that many have, but it’s more than just a name, it also has price and other accessories as common points that are debatable to those who are looking into this. 

Twin vs single bed – what are the key differences and which one is better for you? The quick answer is that they’re virtually the same thing in terms of size, but a twin bed is two single beds, versus a single bed is literally just one twin bed. In the US, this is used interchangeably, but find out which one is best for your sleeping arrangements below.

Twin vs Single: Comparison Table

  • 39x75 inches
  • Two beds of the same size
  • Good for rooms with two kids
  • Good for guest rooms
  • Can make a bed size similar to a king
  • Good for couples that like different mattress sizes
  • It’s two beds, so you’ll need to buy double the accessories
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  • 39x75 inches
  • One bed
  • Good for single sleepers or small rooms
  • Fit kid’s rooms easily
  • Good for triple rooms
  • Often a UK term
  • Is cheaper, since it’s one bed
  • May not fit all sizes of people
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What is a Twin Bed?

Twin beds are literally two pairs of single beds, and they’re often used to sleep multiple people since this involves two beds of the same size. They are 38×75 inches, and these are good as well for guest rooms.

This term isn’t used differently in the US since it’s the same thing, but twin beds often mean two, and if you read twin at a hotel, realize that it isn’t just one bed, but rather, two beds of the same size. Hence, the twin. 

Pros and Cons

There are pros to a twin, and they include the following

  • Two, so they can fit two people
  • Are easier to put in guest rooms
  • They are used more than king beds since it’s cheaper to get two of these beds to make one king bed
  • They are more versatile, so you can use it for different sleeping arrangements
  • Are good for rooms with siblings
  • Often are good for couples who have different sleep styles

The cons of this include the following

  • It’s two, so you need room for two beds and if you read this wrong, you may end up with two beds you don’t need
  • Often can be a little cramped in rooms for two kids
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What is Single Bed?

Single beds also measure 39×75 inches, and are used for one singular person, and if you see this term, you can generally put these in a room to accommodate one person.

They’re great for a child’s room or guest rooms, but they may also be used in hotels. If you’ve ever heard of a “triple” room this is an example of it. This is usually the first bed that children get, but in the US, we usually call these a twin bed, but there is actually a difference.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of a twin bed include the following

  • One bed, so perfect for a single child’s room
  • If you’re a small adult, may be a good option for your bed if you’re short on space
  • Incredibly budget-friendly in terms of accessories
  • They are great for children who are going from toddler bed to the regular bed
  • Are good for “triple” rooms where you want to have the third bed in there

The cons of this include the following

  • May be a little too small for some people
  • Often may be limited in use, since it only accommodates a single sleeper

Single vs Twin Bed


These beds are the same thing, just a different name in the UK, so they are the same bed. Oftentimes, if you need two of these, you just double the price. But they are incredibly affordable.

Room Requirements 

For a single bed, you don’t need much room, since it’s just one bed. It often can be put in the corner, or a small child’s room, or a guest room. 

Twin does require about the space equivalent of about a  king, but they can both be put in the corners, so you’ll have more room in the middle for people to walk around in. 


A twin bed is 39×75, but it’s two beds, so it will be about 78×75 if you push them together.

A single bed is just 39×75, but it’s one bed, so it’s about half the size since it’s literally just one singular bed.


Both of these are the same thing, but they are very easy to shop for. However, do expect to pay more for a twin obviously if you’re getting two beds since you’ll need double the amount of accessories for this.

Room Types 

A single bed is perfect for one singular person who needs a bed, for a small child who needs a bed in their room, or if you’re going to have a triple bed type in a house or hotel.

A twin bed is well two single beds technically, and are good if the children are siblings and want to share a room together, or if you want to have two beds in the guest room for different types of sleeping arrangements.

You can also use these in a bedroom as two different twin sets so that couples who do sleep together can have different mattress firmness.

Mattress Types

The single mattress comes in a variety of different depth types, and often can either be firm, or soft, depending on the type of mattress that you need.

The double also has these options as well, and the beauty of the double is you can push these together to make one big bed, and they can have different mattress firmness, so it can come down to preference on what you get when it comes to this one.

Easy to Buy 

The single is pretty easy to buy for, and you can get these from virtually anywhere. They are generally pretty easy to procure.

A twin bed is also very easy to get, but if you’re buying multiple beds, you should also keep in mind that you may not be able to buy two of the same type, and they might be different.


Is a twin bed bigger than a single bed?

Nope. They are both the same size, just a twin is the name for two beds and a single is just one singular bed.

What is the Main Difference Between the Two?

The difference is in the name. In the US, we call the twin bed one singular bed, but in the UK, a twin is two single beds, so it’s really just based on where you are.

Is there a bed smaller than a twin?

In terms of a bed-bed, there is no mattress size smaller than what a twin is, other than a crib bed or a toddler bed. But, you could put a day bed in a room if you’re really pressed for space.

What is a super single bed?

These are beds that are 47 inches wide by 74.5 inches long and are essentially single beds for bigger people, especially adults who don’t want anything too huge, and if they don’t have the space for anything bigger, this can be a good alternative.

Why are single beds called Twins?

They are both the same size in terms of dimensions, hence why they’re called twins. Similar to how twins are two people that are alike in a way, whether it be physically, or they share a birthday. 

Do 2 twin beds make a king?

Not necessarily. A twin bed put together is 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. Putting two together puts the beds at 76 inches wide by 75 inches long.

A king, in contrast, is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. So if you do this, you’re making it 2 inches wider, and 5 inches shorter. So while you could use a king box spring for it, it won’t be as useful and as effective as two twin box springs.

Do two twins make a queen?

A queen-sized bed is about 16 inches narrower than a king, and putting two twin beds puts it at 76 inches, and that’s about 18 inches wider than a queen. So no, it won’t make a queen, it’ll be much bigger than a queen.

Does a king skirt fit two twin beds?

Not really. That’s because, the twins are a bit shorter when put together, but also a little bit wider, so it might be a stretch.

Could I put a King comforter on two twin beds?

Yes, you can, just understand it might be a little shorter on the sides, but much longer near the front, due to the differences in the sizes.

Can I Use Single Box Springs for Twin Beds?

Yes, but you’ll need two of those in order for it to be effective.

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Twin vs. Single: And the winner is…

Beds oftentimes become confusing because of all of the names, and this is no exception. Twin beds are two single beds put together, or just two single beds period.

Single is the smallest bed size possible, and it is the size of a US twin mattress. The difference in these is how many you need, and if you only need one bed, you choose a single bed, otherwise, just get a twin bed to accommodate the room needs.