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Talalay vs Dunlop Latex: Key Differences [What’s Better]

When it comes to the sleep industry, and mattresses specifically, there are a ton of different materials that are used in manufacturing. One of the more common materials is latex, and there are a number of different kinds. Two of the best, which I will be looking at today, are Talalay and Dunlop latex. Both of these latexes are top tier, but it depends on what you are looking for in your mattress.

Talalay vs Dunlop Latex: Which type of latex is best for you? It all comes down to what your individual needs are. Talalay tends to be a lot lighter, and therefore, it is not as firm as Dunlop. It is really for people that like a softer mattress with more airflow. It is a little pricier though. Dunlop Latex has been around for nearly a century, it is a very firm latex, as well as durable. Going with Dunlop will give you stability, firmness, and won’t break the bank.

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Talalay vs Dunlop Latex: Comparison Table

Talalay Latex
  • All natural product from rubber tree, made with less latex, vacuumed, frozen, then baked
  • It is much lighter and full of air, which makes it softer and more body conforming. Very good at keeping you cool overnight with airflow.
  • Tends to wear out a bit quicker, this is expected with a less dense mattress
  • Affordable
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Dunlop Latex
  • All natural product from rubber tree, injected into mold layers and twice baked
  • Heavier and firmer, very solid latex mattress. It is not going to breathe as much, but offers the best support and durability.
  • Has high end durability from the manufacturing process. Solid and durable layers of latex.
  • Affordable
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What is Talalay Latex?

Talalay Latex is made from the rubber tree, and the product is manufactured into a liquid style latex. This latex is then whipped into a frenzy, and injected into a solid mattress mold. The mold is then flash frozen, like your favorite seafood, which allows carbon dioxide to expand throughout the mold.

The freezing and expanding creates lovely pockets throughout the mattress that makes it a lot more conforming than traditional latex. This process takes a lot more time than the Dunlop latex, and this can sometimes be reflected in the price.

Because the mattress is made of about half the amount of latex as the Dunlop, you can expect the durability to be lacking. Yet you can’t make up for the pure comfort that a Talalay Latex mattress gives you. It is soft and inviting, comparable to laying down on a cloud.

This process is named after its co-creator Anslem Talalay who, along with Joseph Leon, perfected this process in many factories throughout the 1940s. Some of the largest manufacturers in the world were keen to get their hands on it.

What is Dunlop Latex?

Dunlop latex is also made from the rubber tree and the liquid latex that is derived from it. The biggest difference that makes this more durable, is that it is injected into the mold in layers, creating a very sturdy product. It is then baked, cooled and washed, then baked again in a vulcanized oven. This helps the Dunlop Latex keep its firm density and shape.

This material is going to better off for those of you that require more support in your mattress. It is not the most breathable material, and for good reason. It needs to be as solid as possible to offer the support some consumers require.

Because of how solidly this latex is made, it will more than likely last much longer than a traditional mattress. It is built like a brick house, and should be able to take a lifetime of slamming around on it.

This process was also named after its inventor, sort of, John Dunlop. While he initially created this process in the late 1800s, another man, Harvey du Cros, is the one responsible for bringing it to the masses. Dunlop actually had nothing to do with the rubber company that bore his name, Dunlop Rubber.

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Talalay vs Dunlop Latex: What are the Differences?



Talalay, like Dunlop, is 100% natural and doesn’t involved the use of any chemicals or synthetic materials. The difference comes in the manufacturing process.

The liquid latex is injected into a mold until half full. It is then frozen so carbon dioxide is able to push through and create pockets. This gives a softer and less firm kind of latex.


Again, this is an all natural material. All of the components for this comes from the rubber tree, and the difference is in the way it is formed.

For Dunlop Latex, a mold is sectioned into different layers. The liquid latex is injected into this layered mold, then baked in a vulcanized oven. The key to its sturdiness is washing it then baking it a second time. This ensures that the latex is very firm and durable.

Appearance and Comfort


The appearance of latex is really not the biggest concern when talking about a mattress, you will most likely never see it. In mattresses it is all about the comfort of it.

Talalay latex, because it was made with pockets of CO2 throughout, is made to be very soft and almost pillow like. It allows for the user to keep cooler and more comfortable, but also offers the support the you are looking for in a latex mattress.


Dunlop Latex is made to be a lot more durable and strong compared to other types. Its purpose is to offer stability. For people who need a firm mattress, you can’t get any better. It will offer you all of the support that you need for those weary bones.



Latex is manufactured to last, it really doesn’t matter what kind you are talking about. Granted, with talalay latex, it is not going to last as long as some of the more hardened stuff. The process uses about half the amount of latex, and therefore is going to wear out faster.


A mattress made from Dunlop Latex is going to be made to last. It is about as solid as you can get, which comes from the layering and baking process. This type of latex is very tough and can take a beating. You will find yourself getting a lot of use out of a mattress made with this material.



When it comes to the cost, Talalay is normally seen as more expensive because of the lengthier manufacturing process. It really depends on what you are buying for a bed. Latex is only one component in getting a good night sleep.


With the manufacturing of Dunlop Latex being a fairly straight forward procedure, the basic cost of the product will not be as high as Talalay. Yet, again, it depends on what you are getting for a bed.

What is the Best Talalay Latex Mattress in 2019?

Sunrising Bedding Natural Latex Mattress

This mattress is made from layers of Talalay Latex.

It offers the ultimate in comfort and softness, while also not breaking your bank.

It is paired with a separate layer of pocket coil springs to balance out your comfort needs.

It is eco-friendly and environmentally safe, made from 100% natural rubber from the rubber tree in Thailand. There is not a thing in this latex that is man-made.

The mattress offers wonderful breathability and lightness, and customers seemed to be thrilled with the product they have ordered. It is certainly well reviewed by peers.

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Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

The Pure Green mattress is made from 100% naturally harvested latex with absolutely no synthetic materials.

It has eight inches of latex foam, along with organic wool padding.

Firmness is king with this mattress.

It offers amazing support for those of us who require a bit extra at night. This mattress will make sure you are cozy and comfortable, but also offers stability for your whole body.

Assembly could not be easier. The mattress is sent to you in one piece! You just take it out of the box and you are ready to sleep.

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Pros and Cons of Talalay and Dunlop Latex

Pros of Talalay Latex

  • All natural product
  • Lightweight
  • Great airflow and breathability
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Offers good support vs comfort


Cons of Talalay Latex

  • Not as durable as other latex
  • May be slightly more expensive


Pros of Dunlop Latex

  • All natural latex
  • Offers amazing support for your body
  • Extremely durable and will last
  • Very reasonably priced

Cons of Dunlop Latex

  • Not as breathable as other options
  • Slightly heavier product
dunlop Latex mattress topper


When it comes to picking a latex mattress, it all comes down to exactly what you are looking for it to do. Both Talalay and Dunlop Latex are all natural products and make great mattresses. What you choose depends on factors like comfort, breathability, and support.

Talalay Latex will give you things like great airflow, lightweight comfort, and unbelievable softness for a mattress. The Dunlop will offer you extremely great support, price, and durability. It all depends on the end user.