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Best Pillow Protector for Night Sweats 2018: Complete Guide with Reviews

night sweats pillow protector

Do you perspire a lot while you sleep? Is it giving your pillows a musty odor?

No worries. You can get pillow protectors to prevent your sweat from getting into your pillows. Aside from that, it can also block dust mites, bed bugs and allergens. Sounds great, right? Below are the best pillow protectors for night sweats.

Top Pillow Protectors for Night Sweats Comparison Chart

1) Allersoft All-Cotton Pillow Protector

  • This American-made pillow protector will provide you with a zipped but breathable enclosure that will protect you from bed bugs, dust mites and allergens.
  • It is made of 100% cotton and stays cool and soft to touch.

2) SureGuard Pillow Protectors

  • Not only are the SureGuard Pillow Protectors waterproof, they also use an Invisi-Zip technology for maximum protection.
  • It is hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, fire retardants, PVC and vinyl.

3) Hospitology Products Sleep Defense System Pillow Protectors

  • This pillow protector offers 100% waterproof protection.
  • It comes with a soft polyester knit fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Can Pillow Protectors Prevent Night Sweats?

Pillow protectors can’t prevent night sweats. However, they can prevent your perspiration from getting into your pillow.

If you sweat a lot while sleeping, consider getting a cooling pillow aside from a pillow protector. I recommend the Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow if you prefer gel-filled fiber pillows. You can also try the Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow if you want something that you can use for both cold and hot nights.

Best Pillow Protectors for Night Sweats – Reviews

Allersoft All-Cotton Pillow Protector

As its name implies, this pillow protector from the trusted brand Allersoft is completely made of cotton. It is a highly-rated product that comes in three different sizes – queen, king and standard.


This product’s BugShield Zipper System and tightly woven cotton material work together to protect you from bed bugs, dust mites and allergens.

Despite its tightly woven material, it’s still breathable and comfortable to use. It has a pore size of 3 to 4 microns, so it can let the air through without letting dust mites and allergens from passing.

The Allersoft All-Cotton Pillow Protector is made in the USA, so you can be assured of its quality. Plus, it’s totally risk-free since it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.


  • Has a breathable and highly absorbent cotton material
  • Has an autolocking, rustproof nylon zipper
  • Can be machine washed and dried


  • It’s a bit more expensive than other pillow protectors (people often mistake it for a set of two)

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SureGuard Pillow Protectors

The SureGuard Pillow Protectors are available in either a cotton terry or smooth cotton material and comes in a set of two.

It also comes in different sizes – standard, queen, king, European, body and toddler or travel.


If you’re a light sleeper, then you’ll like this product from SureGuard. It’s noiseless and soft so you’re guaranteed a good night’s rest each time.

Plus, it’s free from harmful chemicals like phthalates, fire retardants, PVC and vinyl.

This pillow protector is bed bug proof as well thanks to its Invisi-Zip Technology. It’s even waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your perspiration from getting into your pillow.

Finally, the SureGuard Pillow Protectors come with a 10-year quality guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a quality product.


  • Hypoallergenic, free from toxic chemicals and waterproof
  • Comes in a lot of sizes
  • Can be machine washed and dried
  • Noiseless


  • Has some breathability issues due to being waterproof

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Hospitology Products Sleep Defense System Pillow Protectors

This pillow protector is a good choice if you prefer something with a silky finish. It is made of a soft polyester knit fabric and comes in a set of two in either queen or king sizes.


The Hospitology Products Sleep Defense System Pillow Protectors are made of a cool and stretchable polyester material. It also has breathable but waterproof membrane.

This zippered pillow protector can keep your pillows fresh since it can block dust mites, allergens and body fluids like sweat and saliva. It can also stay cool while you sleep.

Aside from being hypoallergenic, this product doesn’t contain any vinyl, PVC, phthalates, and fire-retardant coatings. Your purchase is backed by a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty as well.


  • Waterproof, hypoallergenic and free from toxic chemicals
  • Stays cool
  • Can be machine washed and tumble dried



  • Shorter warranty 


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Pillow Protectors for Hot Sleepers – FAQ

What Are the Benefits of Using Pillow Protectors?

There are a lot of advantages to using pillow protectors. Here are some of them.

  • A pillow protector can keep your pillow clean by preventing cosmetics, your natural body oil, sweat, skin cells, hair conditioner residue, drool and other things from contaminating it.
  • By protecting your pillow, you’re extending its lifespan. So, you’re spending less on new pillows which are more expensive than pillow protectors.
  • Since your pillow protectors are keeping your pillows clean, you only have to wash your pillow protectors which are easier to clean than the pillows themselves.
  • Dirty pillows can affect the quality of the air you breathe. By preventing dust mites, allergens and other pollutants from getting into your pillow, you’re also keeping the air that you breathe fresh and allergen-free.

Are Pillow Protectors Pillow Cases?       

Pillow protectors aren’t the same as pillow cases. While they do both keep your pillows clean, pillow protectors offer much more in terms of protection and cleanliness. Use your pillow case over your pillow protector.

Can Using a Pillow Protector Improve My Health?

Here are some ways that using pillow protectors can improve your health.

  • By keeping your pillow clean, your preventing dust mites, pollutants and allergens from causing you sinus problems, eczema, asthma and other breathing problems and allergies.
  • A good pillow protector can also help regulate your body temperature as you sleep so that you don’t sweat as much.
  • Smooth pillow protectors can prevent morning face wrinkles and are more comfortable for people with dry skin or skin conditions like eczema.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying Pillow Protectors?

There are several factors that you need to consider when buying pillow protectors.

  • Material – The most common material used for pillow protectors is cotton. Not only does it feel soft, it’s hypoallergenic as well. Plus, it’s highly absorbent so it can do a great job of absorbing your sweat instead of your pillow. Another material that is commonly used is terry cotton. It has a rougher finish than both cotton and polyester but some people find this more comfortable. Finally, there’s polyester which can provide the smoothest sleeping surface. Since it is synthetic, polyester pillow protectors are usually cheaper than cotton ones. Also, they can be woven tightly to protect pillows from moisture, allergens and contaminants.
  • Size – It goes without saying that the pillow protector you buy should fit your pillows. For reference, standard ones measure 20 x 26 inches while queen size pillow protectors are 20 x 30 inches. As for king size pillow protectors, they measure 20 x 36 inches.
  • Waterproofing – No pillow protector is completely waterproof since pillows need to breathe as well. But, good pillow protectors have a membrane under the cover that prevents liquid from getting into your pillow.
  • Allergen Protection – Depending on whether your pillows are old or new, your chosen pillow protector should be able to keep allergens and dust mites in or out.


Wrapping Up

Keep your pillows fresh and clean at all times by getting some pillow protectors. For this, I highly recommend the Allersoft All-Cotton Pillow Protector.

This smooth cotton product is not only breathable and absorbent, it also does a fine job blocking bed bugs, dust mites and allergen.

However, if you have dry skin, you’ll love the Hospitology Products Sleep Defense System Pillow Protectors. Its polyester construction gives it a silky finish that is gentle on dry skins. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and waterproof.

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