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Best Mattress on Amazon Under 500 in 2023: Review & Comparison

What are the best mattresses on Amazon? If you want a high-quality mattress that won’t break the bank you should go for our winner – Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress. But if you’re looking for an all memory foam mattress with the added health properties of green tea and castor oil, check out the  Zinus Green Tea Mattress.

Below are the complete reviews and comparisons of 2023 five best mattresses on Amazon that cost less than $500. The price of a good night’s sleep? Priceless! 

Top 5 Best Mattresses on Amazon Under 500: Quick Comparison 

WINNER Linenspa
  • Made of memory foam but has innersprings as well
  • Can relieve pressure points
  • Available in different thickness profiles
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Best Value Memory Foam Zinus Green Tea
  • Made of memory foam infused with green tea
  • Has castor oil that will repel bacteria
  • The cover is made of Poly Jacquard
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Runner-Up Hybrid Lucid Hybrid Mattress
  • Made of memory foam infused with aloe vera and bamboo charcoal.
  • Great for hot sleepers
  • Will wick sweat
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Best Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress
  • Made 100% of natural latex
  • The cover is quilted and made of organic cotton and wool from New Zealand
  • The mattress does not need to be assembled
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Latex Hybrid Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress
  • Made of memory foam and latex
  • Is temperature neutral because of the latex
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
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Best Mattresses on Amazon 2023: Reviews

#1 Linenspa Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Best-Rated Mattress Under 500

Our review of the top mattresses on Amazon has found that the LinenSpa Hybrid mattress will meet all your needs.

As you might have guessed because of its descriptive name, this hybrid is made both of memory foam and innerspring coils. So what’s so special about it? Why is it our best?

Because the Linenspa has a very thick layer of memory foam on top of the inner springs.

This will make sure the mattress curves alongside your body, relieving the pressure in your joints. 

In other words, it can help relieve some of the pain you are feeling in your muscles and bones, allowing you to wake up more relaxed and better rested.

The innersprings that sit below this rich layer of memory foam are there for maximum support and comfort. 

The mattress is available for purchase in three profiles: and 8 inch one, a 10 inch one which is the medium, and a 12 inch one. The latter also has individually wrapped coils as well as an infusion of gel in the memory foam itself.

This Linenspa mattress comes with a 10-year warranty guaranteed by the brand. 


  • A hybrid mattress made of memory foam and innerspring coils
  • The 12 inch has gel-infused memory foam
  • It comes in three profiles


  • You might find brown flecks in the packaging called carbons

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#2 Lucid Hybrid Mattress


And if you’re a hot sleeper, you will love it even more.

The first thing you need to know about is that it’s a hybrid mattress. That means that it has both memory foam and coils inside.

The memory foam will provide all the cushioning and comfort you need while the coils bring the extra support and balance.

Not only that, but the memory foam in itself is infused with aloe vera and bamboo charcoal. This luxurious extra step in the mattress’ making eliminates foul smells and wicks sweat.

All hot sleepers reading this will know exactly how important it is to benefit from a technology that can provide that while you sleep!

The Lucid brand offers 10-year warranty period as long as the problems you have encountered with the mattress are manufacturing defects. 

You will also get a 100 nights sleep trial to try on and adjust to the Lucid Hybrid mattress. In case it’s not a perfect match for you, the company will give you a full refund.


  • The mattress is infused with aloe vera and bamboo charcoal
  • Can wick sweat
  • Perfect for hot sleepers


  • The mattress arrives compressed in a box

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#3 Zinus Green Tea Mattress

Best Value Memory Foam Mattress on Amazon

Get ready because this review of the best mattresses on Amazon under 500 is about to spill the tea.

The green tea, to be more exact.

Our best value memory foam mattress is the Zinus Green Tea. 

Just as the name suggests, this mattress is made of memory foam infused with green tea and natural castor seed oil.

Both these extracts will repel bacteria and keep foul smells at bay. 

The Zinus mattress is made of five layers of different types of memory foam that will ensure you get both the comfort and support you need throughout the night.

All the foam used in making the mattress has been CertiPUR US Certified to provide the best performance, durability, and content for its users. 

The mattress comes with a Poly Jacquard cover that has been knitted so as to enhance your level of comfort. 

However, the brand does wish you to know that all its mattresses will be shipped to you tightly packed and compressed in a box.

Therefore, it can take a minimum of 48 hours for the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress to decompress and reach its full size and volume.

Sometimes, depending on the weather, it can take longer than that. 


  • The mattress is infused with green tea and natural castor oil
  • It can repel bacteria and doesn’t retain bad smells
  • It has been CertiPUR US Certified


  • It can take more than 48 hours to decompress

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#4 Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Best Latex Mattress on Amazon in 2023

Let’s turn our attention toward natural fabrics because this review has some awesome details about the all-natural Pure Green Latex Mattress. 

It is, of course, made of 100% natural latex foam that has not been blended with any synthetic or poly latex.

What you see is what you get with this mattress! 

As a result, the Pure Green mattress has been GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL. It does not have barrier cloths or any fire retardant chemicals. 

The mattress also comes with a quilted cover. You will be delighted to find out that, apart from that wonderful quilted design, the cover is also made of organic cotton and wool from New Zealand. 

Not only that, but the mattress itself has New Zealand wool padding too, to make it as comfortable as possible. 

Even though it uses imported materials, the Pure Green mattress is assembled, sewn, and packaged right here in the United States, in Chicago.

You won’t even have to put it together when it arrives. Simply take it out of the packaging and lay it on the bed. It’s that simple!


  • Made of all-natural latex
  • The mattress has a quilted cover made of organic cotton and wool
  • It does not require assembly


  • It’s quite expensive

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#5 Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress

Best Latex Hybrid Mattress

When pure latex just won’t cut it, turn your attention to the Linenspa Hybrid.

It’s a latex hybrid that also incorporates no less than four layers of memory foam.

This allows it to be comfortable but not too firm.

But that comfort and softness is not the only thing you will love about this hybrid mattress. The fact that the Linenspa has latex incorporated in it makes it perfect for hot sleepers. 

Latex as a fabric is temperature neutral. As a result, it cools off the entire mattress, allowing you to rest better. 

Are you ready for more? Because the Linenspa is the true definition of hybrid

Not only does it incorporate both memory foam and latex, but it also has individually wrapped steel coils.

Seeing as they are buried deep within the memory foam layer, they will isolate motion, making this mattress the perfect choice if you are sharing your bed with a partner. 

The Linenspa Latex Hybrid Mattress benefits from a 10-year warranty deal that covers any manufacturer’s defects you might encounter.

But you will also get a 100 nights sleep trial during which you can return your mattress and get a full refund. 


  • A hybrid mattress that has memory foam, latex, and coils
  • Perfect for hot sleepers because latex is temperature neutral
  • The coils isolate motion so you will not disturb your partner’s sleep


  • The mattress is shipped rolled up

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So, what are the best mattresses on Amazon under 500 in 2023?

We think that all our choices will make you happy and provide a sound and healthy sleep. However, in the end, it all depends on your personal needs and what you are looking for.

Therefore, if you are looking for a great option that would also be affordable, go for our winner – Linenspa Hybrid Mattress

But our runner up will also serve you well. The Zinus Green Tea Mattress is an all memory foam mattress infused with castor oil that will keep bacteria and foul smells at bay and costs way less than $500. Sleep well!