zero gravity bed complaints

14 Zero Gravity Bed Complaints

Zero gravity beds promise an out-of-this-world sleep experience. But every innovative product has its downsides. Before dreaming of cosmic rest, it’s important to do your research. In this article, we’ll tackle the biggest complaints about zero gravity beds. That way, you’ll be well-equipped before making that stellar investment. Let’s dive right in!

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1. The Galactic Price Factor

Zero gravity beds may sound like the stuff of dreams, and for some, they truly are. However, this cosmic sleep experience is more luxury spaceship than budget shuttle. The state-of-the-art tech and futuristic features drive up the cost, making it a significant investment. Think of it as buying a ticket for an interstellar voyage—first class!

2. Occasional Breakdowns in the Vacuum of Space

Just like any spaceship in a sci-fi movie might face the odd technical glitch, these beds can have mechanical hiccups. Over time, and especially without regular care, you might find yourself dialing the bed’s ‘mission control’ for a repair or two.

3. The Noisy Nighttime Nebula

Hoping for serene nights on your cosmic cruiser? Think again. Some of these beds create unexpected sound effects during adjustments. The hums and whirs can be reminiscent of an active spaceship but aren’t always welcome in the wee hours. This pickle can be avoided though. Just be sure to look for one that is designed to be quiet.

4. Weighty Planetary Problems

If Earth’s gravity feels strong, wait until you try moving this bed. It’s dense, demanding, and can feel like you’re relocating a small planet rather than furniture.

5. The Quest for the Perfect Mattress Meteor

This space journey requires a co-pilot, or in this case, the right mattress. Not every mattress can handle the bends and tilts, making the search feel like an expedition across the galaxy.

6. Space Sheet Slip-Ups

Traditional bed sheets, used to Earth’s pull, may drift away on a zero-gravity bed. Specialized or well-fitted sheets become essential to prevent nightly float-away incidents.

7. Control Panels from Another Galaxy

Operating your new bed can initially feel like you’re trying to communicate with extraterrestrial beings. Buttons, presets, and adjustments may take some learning.

8. The Vast Void Between Sleepers

Couples beware! When adjusting each side separately, it might create a space rift between the two of you. Not the most romantic setup for stargazing together.

9. Lost in a Blackout

Imagine being stuck in an uncomfortable sleep position during a power cut. Without a battery backup, your space journey is halted, leaving you waiting for the lights to come back on.

10. Navigating the Warranty Wormholes

The universe of customer service can sometimes feel like an unpredictable wormhole. Some find it smooth sailing, while others face a maze of complications.

11. Hyped Health Benefits in Hyperspace

While some astronauts feel revitalized in the zero-gravity posture, others don’t find the promised relief from back pain or other ailments. One’s voyage results may vary.

12. Interstellar Interior Design

While futuristic, the design of these beds doesn’t always match everyone’s Earthly decor tastes. It’s a blend of modern tech with your bedroom aesthetics.

13. The Case of the Disappearing Remote

A spacefarer’s tool! But when misplaced, adjusting your bed becomes a herculean task. Some wish for a built-in storage pocket, a simple solution many people often overlook.

14. The Black Hole Mattress Phenomenon

With extended use, some users report a feeling of sinking, as if being slowly consumed by a cosmic black hole, indicating a need for a mattress change sooner than they’d like.

Remember, spacefarers, a zero gravity bed is an adventure in sleep. Equip yourself with knowledge, and your voyage will be stellar!


So there you have it -14 zero gravity bed complaints.

To conclude, in the cosmos of bedroom comfort, zero gravity beds have certainly made a stellar mark. Their innovative approach to sleep promises a journey to nightly nirvana. However, as with any voyage into the unknown, there are considerations to keep in mind.

May your nights be restful, and your choices well-informed. Sleep tight!