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Why Does My Cat Groan When She Lays Down Or Sleeps

Some cats are quiet and rarely meow, while others are loud guys that meow for everything and even make noises like groaning, whining or moaning when lying down. So if you are here to ask, why does my cat groan when she lays down or sleeps, then keep reading. I’ll be including all the other loud noises your cat or kitten might be making like whimpering, whining etc.

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Do Cats Make Weird Sounds When They’re Sleeping?

Not all cats make noises when they sleep. Some are really quiet, and you will only hear them meowing occasionally. However, just like humans, not all cats are the same. Perhaps your cat groans when lying down.

Cats whimpering in sleep is most often caused by their subconscious brains dreaming about numerous things.

They purr, chirp, and sometimes emit a peculiar sound that defies description. It sounds like a combination between a yowl and a groan, but it has a more catlike quality to it. It’s a long, exaggerated groan. This is referred to as caterwauling.

However, there is a multitude of possible causes for your cat making these strange and sometimes terrifying sounds.

Why Does My Cat Make Weird Groaning Or Whining Noise While Sleeping? 

1. Dreaming

Cats are infamous for their napping habits. They seem to spend most of their life sleeping, either cuddled up on our laps or hiding in their preferred isolated location. 

According to veterinaries, while cats are in REM sleep, they lift their heads as if they are following or viewing something. Thus, while our furballs are dozing, they are most likely thinking about their favorite sport — hunting.

Additionally, research conducted in the United States of America indicated that cats, like dogs, may dream about events that occurred that day or in the distant or recent past. Cats may dream about cuddling with you on the couch, of chasing a bird or mouse, or of an event involving another cat or dog.

Then, if you find your cat making sounds like groaning, whining or moaning while sleeping, it might be in reaction to a dream they are having. It is similar to when we start talking while dreaming.

2. Health issues

Numerous possible health problems may cause your cat growling in sleep or to have difficulty sleeping in general. For instance, consider an illness, more precisely a respiratory infection. However, this is more probable if the symptom is new and out of character.

If this is a persistent problem, it is possible that they have polyps that are causing this. However, in severe circumstances, this may be a tumor. If in doubt, it’s advisable to get your cat examined by a veterinarian. Even if it is just to rule out a potential health problem.

3. Your Cat Makes Weird Noise When Asleep Because He’s Overweight

Around half of cats between the ages of 5 and 11 are overweight, and around a third of all cats in North America are obese (weigh at least 20 percent more than they should). As with overweight humans, excess fat may develop around your cat’s neck, making breathing more difficult and perhaps resulting in snoring or other sounds.

Obesity in cats results in a variety of health concerns that are more dangerous than your cat grunting in sleep or snoring. If your cat is obese, you should see your veterinarian about ways to assist them in losing weight. It may even help lengthen the life of your cat.

4. Stress

As you might know, cats are very susceptible to stress, and it only takes a small amount to set them off. Several significant stresses include the following:

When you move into a new place, your cat will develop a greater ability to communicate verbally (by groaning, whining and moaning, that is). In a new environment, your pet may get bewildered, confused, and anxious.

Cats rely on routine, and even the slightest disruption causes them to worry.

If we feed our cat later than usual or leave the house for a lengthy period, it will behave differently.

In the middle of the night, a cat’s meowing or yowling is its method of communicating that it is anxious.

5. Your cat is not truly sleeping

If your cat chose a busy part of the house to lay down and close his eyes, he is probably not sleeping but just resting. Then, if something in the environment serves as a stimulus to the cat, he might simply answer it by making some sort of noise while lying down. 

After all, even we humans sometimes lay down to rest but remain aware of the environment and ready to answer any call. Cats are predators, so it is just natural that they will keep attuned with their surroundings even when they are trying to rest. 

cat Lying Groaning Whining Moaning

Cat Growling, Moaning, Meowing, Whimpering, Grunting Etc In Her Sleep FAQ

Do Cats Meow In Their Sleep

Yes, a cat meowing in sleep is a common thing. It is a common habit, which many times simply means they are dreaming and enjoying their dreams.
If you’ve ever seen a kitten sleep, you’ve probably noticed her paws twitch or her tail whip around and then suddenly meowing, and you pondered what kind of dream a cat with no life experience could have. While it is conceivable that the cat was dreaming, the most probable explanation is that the kitten was experiencing an episode of triggered sleep. 
The kitten will kick, jerk, and wiggle her legs, tail, chest, and head during this stage of sleep, and she may scream or whine. These actions assist her in developing muscular strength as she sleeps. This form of sleep is normal and healthy for kittens but eventually decreases in frequency as the cat develops. If you witness an adult cat kicking and mewing, she is dreaming.

Cat Makes Wheezing Noises When Sleeping – Is It Normal

Numerous causes may contribute to cat wheezing when lying down. Coughing and wheezing are most often connected with allergies or asthma in cats. Wheezing may also arise as a result of benign growths called polyps in the sinuses or throat. Occasionally, wheezing may occur as a result of foreign bodies being lodged in the respiratory system.
Occasionally, cat wheezing is an indication of more serious feline disorders. Wheezing may be caused by heartworms and parasites such as lungworms. Coughing may be caused by pneumonia. Cancer may also induce wheezing, depending on the location of the tumor. Although heart failure seldom causes coughing or wheezing in cats (it is more prevalent in dogs), it does occur.

Why Does My Cat Moan While Sleeping

There is nothing wrong with your cat moaning sometimes while sleeping (but only if this happens sometimes). He is most likely dreaming and responding to anything that occurs in his dream.
If he continues to do so with each breath, he may have a slight upper respiratory infection. If this is a new occurrence, it might be a polyp or tumor; if he has always done it and is otherwise healthy, it could be a moderate upper airway abnormality.
We recommend that if this is a new occurrence, you get your tiny furball evaluated by a veterinarian to ensure there isn’t anything wrong that requires treatment.

Final Words About Cat Making Sounds While Asleep Or Lying Down

Noises your cat makes when lying down might tell you things about his health. Some noises are completely common, while some sounds he makes when sleeping will help you identify some health issue or tell you that he is suffering from stress.

If you read our article and think that there is a chance your cat is suffering because of the noises like groaning, moaning, and whining he makes while sleeping, do not hesitate to take him to your trusted vet.

Even if it is nothing, it is better to confirm and make sure your furry friend is in top health conditions.