Why Hamster Sleeping So Much

Why Is My Hamster Sleeping So Much (A Lot More Than Usual – All Day & Night)

Hamsters spend a lot of their time sleeping, between 12-14 hours per day. However, some owners do notice that their pet can spend more time sleeping than usual or suddenly start to sleep much more. So if you’ve asked yourself why is my hamster sleeping so much, this is the article for you. It is cause for concern if your hamster sleeps a lot more than usual, such as all day & night.

Need answers quickly? We got you covered. Hamsters do have a tendency to sleep a lot, and they do normally sleep during the day. But if you’ve noticed you’re hamster sleeping more than that, up to a full day, you should pay attention to why. They could be hibernating if their environment is too cold or they could be ill. Either way, you’ll want to make sure they have appropriate bedding, like the highly rated Carefresh 99% Dust-Free Pet Bedding or Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding

Why Does My Hamster Sleep So Much

Hamsters do sleep for a long time to replenish their energy levels. Since they are quite small, they expend a lot of their energy by exercising and playing. It doesn’t take long for a hamster to run out of energy, so they sleep whenever they’re tired, which can be a lot.

They sleep between 12-14 hours a day, which to anyone unfamiliar with them, can seem like a lot. For a lot of people not familiar with hamsters, they may appear to sleep more than they should. Here are some reasons a hamster may sleep for a long time.

1. They Are Active At Night

Since hamsters are the most active at night, it’s easy to miss when they’re awake. Hamsters typically sleep during the day in short bursts over a period of about 12-14 hours. Most of their active time is at night, as they are nocturnal animals.

If you only notice them sleeping during the day, and don’t notice when they’re awake, it is easy to think they may sleep all the time. Make sure you keep an eye on them at night, because you should be able to notice them awake.

2. Hibernation

During the cold winter months, hamsters tend to enter a time of hibernation. When they go into this state, their metabolism slows considerably, which makes it difficult to know if they are just sleeping, ill, or even dead. 

Hamsters will only hibernate if their environment gets too cold. As long as the temperature doesn’t drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, they shouldn’t enter hibernation. If you have recently moved their cage to a colder part of the room, or where there is a draft, it may be too cold for them.

3. Illness

There are a few things that can contribute to a hamster becoming ill and needing to sleep more than usual. One of the things that are not good for your pet is waking them from sleep. This can cause stress, frustration, and irritability.

Hamsters have a regular sleep cycle that they stick to, much like humans. And like humans, being abruptly woken from sleep is jarring and can cause distress, which can then lead to psychological problems, in turn affecting health.

Hamsters are just like any other being that needs sleep. If that sleep is interrupted it can have dire consequences for them.  Other than being woken regularly, hamsters may sleep more than usual if they are sick. 

If you notice your hamster is sleeping all day and not eating or drinking, it is best to take them to the vet, as they could be very ill.

Hamster Sleeps All The Time – All Day And Night: What To Do

If you think your hamster is sleeping all day and night, first spend some time observing them. Are they actually sleeping all day and night, or are you not noticing their waking times. If they truly are sleeping all day and night, make sure it’s not cold so they’re not hibernating.

If you have ruled out these common issues, it is recommended you take the hamster to the vet as it could be very ill and needing medical attention. Your vet will tell you if there is anything wrong with the hamster and what steps to take.

Why Does My Hamster Sleep At Night

Why Is My Syrian Hamster Sleeping At Night

Hamsters can sleep at night if their regular sleep pattern is continuously disturbed. They are nocturnal animals by nature, so they should be active at night, however, this can be disrupted if they live in a house where they cannot sleep during the day.

The best way to remedy this is to move your hamster to the quietest room of the house, where they are unlikely to be disturbed. They will soon return to their regular sleep patterns after getting readjusted to it.

My Hamster Sleeps For 12 Hours: Is It Ok?

This is absolutely fine. Hamsters typically sleep between 12-14 hours per day, so sleeping 12 hours is perfectly normal. You should only be concerned if your hamster is only sleeping and not eating, drinking, or exercising.

hamster sleep All Day Night

Hamster Sleeping A Lot More Than Usual FAQ

Do Hamsters Sleep More In Winter

Yes, hamsters can sleep more during winter. When the weather gets cold your hamster may enter hibernation, which will result in them sleeping all day and night. To prevent this, make sure your hamster is warm enough.
A heater is a great way of keeping your hamster warm during the cold winter months. A great choice is the GABraden Pet Coop Heater. You should also make sure it has a warm bed to curl up in, like the Pethigh Bed House.

Why Is My Hamster Not Active At Night

The most common reason a hamster would be sleeping at night is that they are overstimulated and simply cannot sleep during the day, so instead, sleep at night when it is quieter. This is not great for your hamster as they are nocturnal.
The best thing to do would be to move your hamster to the quietest room of the house, where it is less likely to be disturbed during the day. After a little while, your hamster will be able to return to their normal sleep schedule.

Dwarf Hamster Sleeping A Lot

Dwarf hamsters sleep up to 15 hours a day, so this is completely common for them to sleep so much. You only need to be worried if they are only sleeping, and not eating, drinking, or exercising. This may be cause for concern and a trip to the vet.

Final Words About Why Is My Hamster Sleeping So Much

Hamsters are great pets, but they do need a lot of sleep. Remember that they typically sleep 12-14 hours per day, though there are circumstances that may cause them to sleep more. If your hamster is sleeping a lot more than usual, such as all day & night, ask yourself the question, why is my hamster sleeping so much. 

It could be that they are overtired, ill, or hibernating, its always best to keep an eye on them and make sure they have comfortable bedding, like Carefresh 99% Dust-Free Pet Bedding or Kaytee Clean & Cozy Bedding