When Do Hamsters Sleep

When & How Long Do Hamsters Sleep

Hamsters are a great pet, especially since they’re so small and relatively easy to take care of. If you have never owned a hamster you may want to know when and how long do hamsters sleep. This is valuable information to know, so you can assess if the new pet will fit in with your lifestyle.

Looking for a quick answer? We got you covered. Hamsters typically sleep between 12-14 hours, though this is spread out throughout the day, rather than one long continuous sleep. They are also nocturnal when in captivity so they have their most active time at night and tend to sleep during the day. If you’re welcoming a hamster into your home, make sure you get them a comfy bed like the MUYAOPET Snuggle Sack or the LEFTSTARER Pet Bed.

How Many Hours Do Hamsters Sleep

Hamsters typically sleep between 12-14 hours per day. However, their sleep cycle is very different from how people sleep. As you know, people tend to sleep in roughly 8-hour blocks, usually in one go at night. 

Hamsters are quite different. While they do sleep 12-14 hours a day, they do not sleep in one continuous block. They tend to break this up over the course of a day and sleep in short bursts. While in captivity, they are nocturnal, so spend the bulk of their waking time during the night. 

They will have waking moments during the day, are mostly asleep during this time. While you can occasionally wake your hamster if need be, this is not recommended as regular interruptions to their sleep cycle can result in stress and sickness.

When Do Hamsters Sleep

How Often Do Hamsters Sleep 

Hamsters will sleep 12-14 hours, broken up over the day. They do not sleep for long extended periods like humans do, instead of sleeping for short spurts over the whole day.

They are also most active at night, though they do have active moments during the day.

A great way to think about how hamsters sleep is that they essentially take long naps several times a day.

Instead of like dogs or cats, which pretty much have solid periods of sleep at night, hamsters will sleep a bit, then do an activity then go back to sleep.

They will require somewhere comfortable to sleep, so make sure you have a look around at some great hamster beds.

If you’re going to buy one, the highly rated MUYAOPET Snuggle Sack or the LEFTSTARER Pet Bed are great choices your hamster will love.

What Time Do Hamsters Go To Sleep 

Hamsters generally go to sleep around mid-morning and will sleep on and off until night time when they become fully awake. If you watch your hamster during the night you will see them eating, burrowing, playing, and exercising.

Because most people are accustomed to dogs and cats that are typically awake when people are, having a pet that is normally asleep while people are awake can be hard to adjust to. Just remember that while hamsters are cute and cuddly they’re still animals.

What Time Do Hamsters Wake Up 

Hamsters will generally wake up around nighttime, probably a little before you are getting ready to go to bed. This will be their most active time, as they do all their normal activities, like eating, playing, burrowing, and exercising.

If you need to wake a hamster from sleep, it is not recommended this is done regularly, as it can have dire consequences for the animal. Regularly disturbing your hamster’s normal sleep cycle can result in stress, illness, and irritability, leading to you being bitten.

Hamsters have a sleep schedule they need to stick to. When people are sleeping and that sleep gets interrupted, generally they can recover. However, if their sleep continuously gets interrupted each night, this leads to irritability or even illness.

The same goes for hamsters. They can occasionally be woken from sleep and it won’t matter to them much, aside from maybe a bit of grumpiness, but you wouldn’t want to make a habit out of it, so they can get proper rest.

If you want your hamster to be happy and content during its waking time, make sure it has the proper equipment like an exercise wheel such as the Niteangel Quiet Hamster Exercise Wheel.

You’ll also need a water bottle like the Guardians Hamster Water Bottle, and good quality bedding such as Carefresh 99% Dust-Free Pet Bedding with Odor Control.

What Time Do Dwarf Hamsters Wake Up 

Hamsters normally wake up at night time, probably not long before you are getting ready for bed. They will spend most of the night awake, eating, playing, and exercising, before going to sleep in the morning.

Hamsters in captivity are nocturnal, so they are most active at night. Make sure this fits in with your schedule and keep it in mind if you’re getting a hamster for a child. The hamster won’t be very active when the child is, so you’ll want to consider that.

How Do Hamsters Sleep 

Hamsters love to sleep completely covered and snuggled into their bedding. If you bought a special bed or hideout for your hamster, they will definitely sleep curled up in there as they like the dark and safety of being enclosed. 

If they do not have a special bed, hamsters will sleep in a pile of paper towels, toilet paper, chewed-up cardboard, or bits of wood shavings from the bedding. If you watch them before they go to sleep, you’ll see them burrow into their chosen spot and create a nest.

When they sleep they curl themselves into a tight ball and burrow so tightly they are often very hard to see. They will wake if they are startled, but generally, they just sleep peacefully until they’re hungry or thirsty.

How Long Hamster Sleeping

Hamsters Sleeping FAQ

Do Hamsters Deflate When They Sleep

Hamsters don’t deflate but they can make themselves flat. They do this when they are extremely comfortable and relaxed. If your hamster is flattening itself when it sleeps, it means you have done a very good job at making it feel loved and comfortable.

How Long Does A Hamster Sleep

Hamsters typically sleep 12-14 hours per day though this is broken up over the day. They do not sleep in one continuous block as humans do, instead, they sleep in many short blocks while exercising, eating, and drinking in between.

How Long Do Hamsters Stay Awake

Hamsters will stay awake for 8-12 hours which is when they do all of their normal activities. If you were to watch a hamster during their waking period, you would see the eating, drinking, exercising, burrowing, and playing. 
Remember that sleep is very important to a hamster, just like any living thing. Hamsters shouldn’t be kept up longer than they need to or repeatedly woken from sleep as both these things can lead to them becoming sick.

Can I Wake My Hamster Up?

Hamsters in captivity are nocturnal animals so the majority of their waking time is at night when you’re in bed. Hamsters tend to have a routine that they grow accustomed to and interrupting this routine is not a good idea. 
Additionally continuously interrupting any sleeping creature is not a good idea, even people. When anything that needs to sleep is not able to get their required rest, it can have adverse effects on the body. 
Hamsters who are regularly woken from sleep have been shown to become stressed, anxious, irritable, or even ill. If you continue to interrupt your hamster’s natural sleep cycle, this can even lead to them biting you as they become more frustrated. 

Do All Hamsters Sleep During Day?

Some hamsters can be awake during the day, especially hamsters that have adjusted to their owner’s schedules, though this is not a usual occurrence. Most hamsters are nocturnal and will sleep during the day.
People who aren’t used to nocturnal pets can be taken aback by the way hamsters behave. It can be unusual to anyone not used to pets that sleep during the day. There isn’t anything wrong with your hamster, their active period is at night.
You will still have plenty of time to interact with them however since even during the day there will be periods when they are awake. These periods of time are perfect to play with them, brush them or give them a cuddle.
Just be aware that they will go back to sleep after a little time has passed, so don’t try to keep them awake, they won’t like that. Hamsters sleep for 12-14 hours so you shouldn’t interrupt their inbuilt sleep patterns.

Do Hamsters Need Light At Night?

Generally, hamsters have very good eyesight in the darkness, though a dim light can be helpful to them. In the wild hamsters would use the limited light from the moon and stars to navigate around.
In captivity, a hamster is normally fine during the night, though a nightlight is a good idea as this can aid them in properly seeing their surroundings. Hamsters do get pretty active at night, so it’s a good idea for them to have everything they need.
You can buy specialty lights designed for nocturnal animals. These lights are typically red and provide just enough light for the animals to see, without interfering with their natural vision. If you need one of these lights, a great one is the Kaytee Critter Trail LED.

Final Words About How Long Do Hamsters Sleep

Hamsters are a great pet to have, especially in smaller homes or apartments. Children seem to enjoy them as well since they’re small and don’t offer any real threat to a child.

But remember, even though hamsters are cute and cuddly, they are still animals that need proper sleep. If you’re considering hamsters as a pet, you’ll need to know when & how do hamsters sleep.

Make sure you have somewhere comfy they can get plenty of rest. They do sleep for 12-14 hours so it’s important they have somewhere comfortable. Something like MUYAOPET Snuggle Sack or the LEFTSTARER Pet Bed is a perfect bed for all hamsters. It gives them privacy while being cozy so they stay warm.