Why My Cat Sleep My Bed

Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed: Meaning & Is It Normal?

If you’ve ever had a cat, you’ll know that they can get up to some funny antics, and they tend to sleep in the strangest places. You’ve properly found it under your bed on many occasions. Though you may be wondering to yourself, why does my cat sleep under my bed? Don’t worry though, keep reading to find out what it means & is it normal?

Need to know in a hurry? Cats like it under your bed because it’s quiet, dark, cozy, and away from everyone else. By nature, they like to be alone for most of the time since they are solitary animals. But it’s nothing to worry about, cat’s do this a lot. If you want to encourage them to come out of the bed, try a great bed like the Best Friends by Sheri Calming Cat Bed.

Why Do Cats Sleep Or Lay Under The Bed: What Does It Mean

1. Anxiety/Fear

There are a few things that can cause your cat fear and anxiety. Perhaps you have small children that run around a lot, or other pets that intimidate your cat. Cats, though strong animals, still get scared of things, which can result in it hiding.

2. A Little Nap

Anyone who has had a cat knows just how much they sleep, up to 14 hours per day. One of the places they love to sleep is under the bed. They find it cozy, warm, and most importantly quiet, which all cats need.

3. Weather

The weather can be a contributing factor to your cat seeking out the bed. If it is too hot or cold, under the bed can be a cozy place to stay. And if thunder and lightning has scared your cat, under the bed provides a safe space.

4. Pregnancy

If your cat is pregnant, under the bed is the perfect place for her to create a little nest in preparation for giving birth. Because of how quiet and warm it is, it’s a great area for your mother cat to take care of her new babies.

5. Health Issues

When cats are in pain or ill, they tend to isolate themselves. Cats do not like showing vulnerability or discomfort and prefer to deal with their health conditions alone. If you’ve noticed your cat under your bed not eating or drinking, call your vet immediately.

6. Too Much Change

Cats are creatures of habit, they don’t like change. If there has been a lot of change going on in your home, your cat may decide to hide until it can get used to the new lifestyle.

7. Other Pets Or People

If you have other pets in your home or regularly have people coming in and out of your home, this can agitate your cat. Other pets can annoy your cat, and too many new people will make it uncomfortable.

Why Has My Cat Suddenly Started Sleeping Under My Bed?

There could be a few reasons your cat has started sleeping under your bed. They could be feeling a bit ill, be irritated by other pets in the home, be experiencing some anxiety or fear, or even pregnant. Make sure you keep an eye on your beloved pet and call the vet if necessary.

Cat Sleeps Under Bed All Day – Is It Normal?

Cats sleep between 12-16 hours a day, which compared to other pets, may seem excessive. However, to a cat, this is a great way to spend their time. If your cat sleeps under your bed, it’s nothing to worry about.

You should be concerned if your cat has stopped eating or drinking. If this is the case, and your cat won’t come out from under the bed, contact your vet immediately, as your cat could be experiencing a serious illness.

Cat lay hide Under Bed Means

Cat Laying or Hiding Under Bed FAQ

What Does It Mean When My Cat Sleeps Under Me?

Your cat loves you, and though it doesn’t show affection the same way as other pets, it still wants to show you how much it cares about you. Sleeping under you is one of the ways it will do this.
Consider yourself a giant hot water bottle, that provides a ton of warmth to your cat. Coupled with the covers or blankets on your bed, your cat will soak up all the warmth it can. Enjoy the bonding time with your beloved pet.

Should I Let My Cat Hide Under The Bed?

If you suspect your cat is sick, pregnant, or injured, it is best to not let your cat under the bed, and take it to the vet straight away. Otherwise, your cat loves to sleep under your bed because it is cozy, warm, and quiet. Don’t worry about it unless you suspect it is sick.

How Long Will New Cat Hide Under Bed?

It’s always great to get a new pet, though there can be times of adjustment. To your new pet, you and your home are completely unknown, and being in an unknown environment can be very scary to a new cat. 
Typically cats will adjust to a new environment and new people within two weeks, though of course, it all depends on the cat itself, some can take up to a month to adjust. Make sure you are taking care of your cat and treating it with love.

Final Words About Why Does My Cat Sleep Under My Bed

Cats are great and quirky pets, that love to hide under your bed. It is a cozy, quiet, comfy, and safe place for cats to make a nest. They do sleep for up to 16 hours a day, so if your cat is under there for a while, don’t worry too much. You should only be concerned if your cat has stopped eating or drinking, then take it to the vet.

You should now know why your cat sleeps under your bed and you don’t need to keep asking yourself, why does my cat sleep under my bed? Now you’ll know what it means & is it normal. If you want to encourage it to come out of the bed, try buying a great cat bed like the Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Cat Bed.