Why Cat sleep Neck Face

Why Does My Cat Or Kitten Sleep Or Lay On My Neck & Face?

When someone gets a cat or kitten for the first time in their life, they will quickly ask themselves the question, “Why does it want to sleep or lay on my neck & face?”. Surprisingly, this is a widespread behavior for cats, as they want to show their affection towards you, and they also want to make sure that you are protected while also feeling safe.

In a hurry? The reason cats want to sleep on your face is that they seek attention, and they want to feel safe while also wanting to provide protection. If your cat is not doing that, but you would like it to sleep with you, try adding a scratching post near your bed, or use some cat toys to tire your cat out before bedtime.

Why Does My Cat Or Kitten Sleep On My Neck?

Cats have quite a few behaviors when it comes to their sleeping patterns. They often tend to try and sleep in different areas, but if you spend a lot of time with your cat, they will most often decide to sleep with you.

While they sleep with you in the bed, they have quite a few areas to choose from, but in most cases, they will pick the area that is the warmest. If you happen to sleep under a blanket or some sheets, the cat will probably avoid sleeping under them, as they often dislike being covered while sleeping.

However, since they cannot cuddle by your hands or legs covered by a blanket, they will pick the next best thing, which is usually your neck. They will pick it not only because it is the warmest place, but also because it is the most comfortable place.

While they sleep on your neck, they will often hug you too, and they do this in order to show affection, just like us humans do.

Another reason they do it is to make sure that you know they are protecting you while you are resting, and it also helps them feel the same, especially if you always clear out the spooky things in your room or make them face their fears.

Getting a cat to sleep on your neck is quite a privilege because it shows that the bond with your cat is on a very high level.

It takes quite a bit of trust for a cat to sleep with someone, so you should really feel honored that the cat is choosing you instead of a different sleeping place.

 Why Do Cats Sleep On Your Face?

Cats like to rub their head into our faces or just sleep on our faces because they want to sleep on our necks for similar reasons.

Cats like warm places, and they really love their owners. While many would think that cats do not care about their owners and only the food they receive from them, that is not true, as sleeping near the face, or on it if possible, is how cats show their love.

Besides that, cats also want to mark you by rubbing on you. Because they have scent glands on their forehead and the side of their faces, as they rub on you when they are cuddling up to sleep, they are marking their territory by leaving their scent on you.

Cats love marking the territory they enjoy and want to protect, and if your cat loves cuddling into your face or if it sleeps on it, that means that they really care about you.

Of course, sometimes it might not be the most comfortable thing in the world, especially if the cat is big, but every cat lover will usually have a very high tolerance meter for their cat and will gladly let it make its “mark and protect” ritual.

Why Kitten Lay My Face

Why Does My Cat or Kitten Lay Across My Neck And Face FAQ

Is It Normal That My Cat Sits On My Face?

While it might be a bit awkward the first time it happens, it is actually completely normal for your cat to sit or cuddle into your face. While some cats like the chin, others want to cuddle onto the throat, and then some want to be in your face as much as possible.

Why Do Cats Get In Your Face While You Sleep?

Because cats want to feel safe and warm, they will often snuggle up to our faces, as that is the best place to do so, since our hands and the rest of our body is under the blanket, where it might be too warm for them.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With My Face?

Cats are obsessed with your face because they want your attention, and it wants your love. Touching or rubbing their faces against yours is a very common way to show affection. Cats also like to rub their face against ours in order to leave their scent on us, as their scent glands are on their foreheads and the side of their face.

Why Does My Cat Hug My Neck?

The answer to this question is quite simple: it is to show their affection. For the same reasons we do, cats like to give hugs, and they will often do it by hugging your neck to show their love and make you know they are protecting you, even if they also do it to make themselves feel protected too.

Final Words About Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Face & Neck

Hopefully, you got your answers to your “Why does my cat or kitten sleep or lay on my face & neck” question.  If your cat stops doing this, and you want it to continue, do not worry; just give it some time. However, even if they refuse to sleep with you after their “teen” years, you can try tiring them out with some cat toys, or you can put a scratching post near your bed.