Why Do Cats Sleep in a Ball? (Cat Curled Up When Sleeping)

Have you noticed your feline friend curling into a ball frequently to sleep? Maybe they only curl their paws, or sleep curled up in a ball when around you? Don’t fret, for these fuzzy little companions are still having a ball being lifetime friends with you.

There are quite a few reasons cats curl up when they sleep, and we will be going through them all. In this article, we will be thoroughly discussing why our little friends are curled up when they sleep. 

Why Do Cats Curl Up in a Ball?

Why Cats Sleep Ball

1. They use it to retain body heat

Cats are mammals, and they exude body heat such as we or other mammals do. This being said, at night their body temperatures lower because of a lower heart rate.

Because of this, cats are commonly found curled into a ball to retain their warmth and keep themselves heated in the colder weather.

2. They use it to protect their body’s vital organs

In the wild, cats are usually found alone, if not in a colony of other cats. Because they need to watch and protect themselves, they sleep curled into a ball.

This protects their vital organs and makes them less distinguishable from their environment. 

3. It is a part of their natural instinct

Cats, whether domesticated or not, all share the genes of their ancestors. In these genes, there is coding that their predecessors used as protection against harsher environments and predators.

It is well documented in the wild that cats commonly sleep in closed spaces if possible, curled up in a ball. 

Curling into a ball is a trait that most if not all mammals have in their coding. They use it as a way to keep warm in the colder climates and protect themselves from predators that may be in their areas.

Even we, as babies, curl up when we sleep. 

4. They trust you and want to share your warmth

If you and your cat have shared in a loving relationship, then they may sleep next to you to show their love and trust for you.

Because cats recognize that sleeping is an extremely vulnerable time for them, if they choose to sleep with you, it proves that they trust you greatly.

It is a well-known fact that when cats have started to feel comfortable around you, they will be very affectionate.

Rubbing up on you, cuddling and sleeping are all good signs that your cat has become fully comfortable around your presence.

Why Do Cats Curl Their Paws When They Sleep?

A common reason that cats’ paws curl when they are sleeping is purely for stretching.

They love to stretch out, and curling their paws is a great way for them to stretch out the muscles that may be there.

There’s no reason to worry, as this is purely normal behavior from your cat. Just as we fall asleep in weird positions, they do too.

Why is my Kitten Curled Up in a Ball?

Kittens are very small animals, and like most children, they exude a lot of heat.

A possible reason for your kitten to sleep curled up in a ball is because they want to contain their warmth throughout their sleep.

Another reason is that a cat’s natural instinct when in the wild is to sleep curled into a ball. This makes them less vulnerable to attacks from predators, as well as smaller in comparison to their environment.

If your kitten is fairly young, you may notice they do a lot of things that you would see a wild cat do. This is because they have not learned that they are in a domesticated environment, and may view your house like its own personal jungle.

Luckily, it is quite easy to train kittens, and with a little bit of work and a lot of love, you can teach them.

Why Do Cats Curl Up When Sleeping FAQ?

In this section of the article, we will answer some frequently asked questions about your cat’s sleeping habits, and hopefully, bring more light to your feline friend’s habits.

Although our first instinct may be to worry, trust us when we say your cats are just funky creatures.

What Does it Mean When my Cats Sleeps in a Ball?

Sometimes, cats can do weird things. If your cat is sleeping in a ball, then this is no cause for alarm. Earlier in the article, we talked about a whole bunch of possible reasons your cat would do this, and here it’s all about reiterating.

Your cat probably does it because where it’s sleeping may be cold, or because when they fell asleep you weren’t around so they wanted to feel protected.

If neither of these are the case, then it’s a good bet that your cat may just be very comfortable sleeping in that position and is doing it purely for comfort as opposed to a pressing reason. 

Why Does My Cat Curl Up in a Ball Next to me?

If you and your cat have established a loving relationship, then they may sleep next to you curled up in a ball. Unlike earlier discussed, this isn’t out of anxiety for its safety. 

Cats recognize that sleeping is a very vulnerable state for them, and they have built a loving and trusting relationship with you.

This means they feel comfortable sleeping around you, and just want to share in your warmth. 

Cat Curled Up Sleeping

Final Words About Why Do Cats Sleep in a Ball?

Cats are fickle creatures, and some of their habits may seem obscure to us.

Luckily enough, there has been a multitude of research on our little life partners and this makes it easy for us to understand what may be wrong with them. 

In this case, our cats are just protecting themselves, and showing us their love. Lots of studies have shown that cats do most things to protect themselves, as well as live a comfortable and calm life.