Kitten Peed On Bed While I Was Sleeping (Why & What It Means)

Kittens are incredibly cute, though they do require a lot of care. Because they’re still so little they can sometimes make a few mistakes, but rest assured they don’t mean to. If you’ve woken up and the first thought in your mind is my kitten peed on my bed while I was sleeping, then read on to find out why & what it means.

Need to find a solution quickly? Because kittens are so young, they will get scared very easily and can experience stress and anxiety. If your kitten does pee on your bed it is probably because of anxiety or stress. Make sure your kitten has a great litter box like PETMATE Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box or Yangbaga Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cat.

Why Did My Kitten Pee On My Bed: What Does It Mean

Kitten Peed My Bed sleeping

1. Health

There are many things that can cause your kitten to pee on your bed. One of these things can be health. If your kitten is sick or has an infection, it can cause your kitten to pee in places it shouldn’t, like your bed.

If you’re concerned about your kitten’s health, make sure you take it to the vet as soon as you suspect something may be wrong. Kittens are small, so something that may not be an issue to adult pets can seriously hurt your kitten.

2. Anxiety

All pets can suffer from anxiety, though it will present itself in different ways. In kittens, peeing on your bed, or other places can be caused by anxiety. This anxiety can be triggered by being in a new place or getting used to new people.

Make sure you don’t get angry with your kitten if you have found it has peed on the bed. It is certainly a mistake and getting angry will only cause more anxiety to occur. Be gentle with your kitten and take it slow.

3. Fear

Fear is a very common trigger of pee accidents in a lot of pets, but very commonly kittens. Peeing can be a natural response to being scared, and because kittens are so young, they can definitely pee if frightened.

Take some time to try and assess what could be causing your kitten fear and do what you can to either remove the source of the fear or comfort your kitten until it is comfortable being in the environment.

4. Stress

Stress can definitely cause your kitten to pee on your bed.

Because kittens are so young they are very susceptible to becoming stressed and stress can absolutely cause your little pet to pee on your bed. 

Do whatever you can to comfort your kitten and create a relaxing and quiet environment for it.

Make sure it has good quality food and a comfortable bed to sleep in like the HACHIKITTY Calming Donut Bed or Best Friends by Sheri Meow Hut in Fur.

5. Training

Lastly, your kitten could be peeing on your bed due to a lack of training and not knowing where it is supposed to pee. This can be fixed by taking the time to train your kitten appropriately so it knows where the litter box is and how to use it.

Kitten Urinating On Bed At Night FAQ

Can Kittens Pee In Their Sleep

Kittens can pee in their sleep, although this is fairly uncommon. When kittens sleep, their bodies and muscles relax. For young kittens, this can result in them peeing in their sleep if they have not yet learned how to control their bladder.

This isn’t a huge issue as kittens will learn how to control their bladder as they get older. If it is causing a regular problem, you may want to take your kitten to the vet as they could have a urinary tract infection.

Why Is My Kitten Suddenly Peeing On My Bed?

There are many things that can cause your kitten to suddenly start peeing on my bed. They could be experiencing anxiety or fear, not being properly trained, or be experiencing health issues.

If your kitten is anxious or scared, you need to take some care to find the source of the anxiety or fear. Once you have discovered what it is, do your best to remove it so your kitten can relax and calm down.

Training can be provided by professionals, though youtube has many helpful training videos that will assist you in teaching your kitten where the litter box is and how to use it. Training your kitten should help to eliminate the peeing problem.

Lastly, if your kitten is peeing on your bed because of health problems, you’ll need to take the kitten to the vet as soon as you can. Your vet will then assess what could be wrong with your pet, and how to best care for it. 

Kitten Pee Sleep What Means

Why Is My 6 Week Old Kitten Peeing On My Bed?

Your kitten is still getting used to the world around it and its new environment. Your kitten may be peeing on your bed because it is scared, anxious, or still learning. Take your time with your new pet and make sure to make it feel as comfortable as possible.

Final Words About Kitten Peed On My Bed While I Was Sleeping

Kittens are a wonderful new addition to a household that can brighten up your day and bring you and your family much joy. They are very young though, which can result in a lot of accidents while they’re still getting used to their new environment. Make sure to take it easy with your kitten, don’t be harsh or angry with it if it makes a mistake.

If you’ve thought to yourself, my kitten peed on my bed while I was sleeping, now you know why & what it means. Take care of your kitten and make sure it is relaxed and comfortable. If you want to get it a comfy bed go with the HACHIKITTY Calming Donut Bed or Best Friends by Sheri Meow Hut in Fur.