Weighted Blanket Calculator (LBS & KG)

How does one find the ‘just right’ weight for their weighted blanket? Too light, and you miss out on the therapeutic benefits; too heavy, and you might feel smothered.

The answer is… Weighted Blanket Calculator! Let’s explore the science and math behind finding your perfect blanket weight. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the calculations. Just enter your weight into the calculator below and voila!

Weighted Blanket Calculator

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Potential Risks of Using Overly Heavy or Light Weighted Blanket

If the Weighted Blanket is Too Heavy

  1. Restricted Movement: An excessively heavy blanket can make it difficult for users to adjust their position during sleep, leading to potential discomfort or, worse, feelings of being trapped.
  2. Overheating: Heavier blankets naturally retain more heat. For some, this might result in excessive sweating, dehydration, or even heat-related illnesses, especially in warmer climates or for those prone to night sweats.
  3. Respiratory Issues: Especially concerning children or individuals with certain health conditions, a blanket that’s too heavy might exert undue pressure on the chest, causing difficulties in breathing.
  4. Safety Concerns for Vulnerable Groups: Children, the elderly, or individuals with certain disabilities might find it challenging to remove or adjust an overly heavy blanket, leading to potential entrapment.

Too Light

  1. Inadequate Therapeutic Benefit: A primary reason many opt for weighted blankets is the therapeutic benefit of deep touch pressure. A blanket that’s too light might not offer the desired level of pressure, thus negating potential benefits like improved sleep or reduced anxiety.
  2. Uneven Weight Distribution: Lighter blankets, if not properly designed, might not distribute their weight evenly, leading to pockets of pressure and other areas with insufficient weight.

How Do You Calculate the Ideal Weight for a Weighted Blanket?

Embarking on the weighted blanket journey can feel a tad like alchemy. Transforming restless nights into peaceful slumbers requires just the right “potion” of pressure. So, let’s decode this enigma and find your magical number.

The guiding star in our quest is a nifty formula: Weighted Blanket Weight=(Your Body Weight×0.10)+1Weighted Blanket Weight=(Your Body Weight×0.10)+1

Illustrated for clarity: If you tip the scales at a sprightly 180 pounds, then: Weighted Blanket Weight=(180×0.10)+1=19Weighted Blanket Weight=(180×0.10)+1=19

Aha! The ideal weight for your weighted blanket would be 19 pounds.