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Nectar vs Casper Mattress 2022 Review: Differences [Which is Better?]

Nectar vs Casper: what are the differences and which mattress is better? The short answer is that while both mattresses are made of foam, the way they are constructed as well as the types of foam they have inside will lead to a very different sleeping experience. Nectar is a wonderful choice for sleepers who love the feeling of being cuddled while they rest.  Casper is constructed of plush, latex, and polyfoam, for a more balanced and zoned support.

Let’s dive into the review of the two mattresses for more details!

Nectar vs Casper: Comparison Table

Nectar Mattress
  • Mattress is made of layers of memory foam
  • Cover is a blend of cotton, gel memory foam & Tencel
  • The feeling of sinking into the mattress comes from two layers of memory foam.
  • Relieves pain in pressure points.
  • Medium firmness
  • Meant for all types of sleepers but not stomach sleepers.
  • It comes with lifetime warranty.
  • 365-night sleep trial when you buy it.
  • Exclusive materials, proprietary to the brand.
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Casper Mattress
  • The mattress is made of polyfoam, open cell foam, and latex foam.
  • Easy to remove polyester cover.
  • Provides zoned support relieving pressure in the hips, lower back, & shoulders.
  • Provides much more support than Nectar.
  • Allows for more air circulation thanks to its open cell memory foam.
  • It’s firmer than the Nectar.
  • Perfect for all sleepers.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • 100-nights sleep trial
  • It’s more expensive than the Nectar.
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Please note – this review of the Nectar vs Casper mattresses will only detail the flagship models. 

Nectar vs Casper – Key Differences

At first glance, the shopper could think that these two mattresses are the same. They’re both made of memory foam, right? Wrong! Let’s review their main differences and see which one is best for you!

The construction of the mattresses

Layers of the Nectar mattress:

  • The cover is made of Tencel and cotton but infused with a very thin layer of gel memory foam. The purpose is to keep you as cool as possible and diffuse some of the heat trapped in the mattress itself.
  • The comfort layer measures three inches and is all memory foam. Three inches is considered to be very tall in the mattress world. Therefore, this is the reason why you ‘sink’ into the Nectar and feel as if you’re being hugged.
  • The transition layer is also made of memory foam, but slightly thinner and firmer. 
  • The foundation layer sits right at the bottom and is six inches tall. This is polyfoam in high density that will make the Nectar mattress very stable and give it its classic shape.

Layers of the Casper mattress:

  • The cover of this mattress is entirely made of polyester. Apart from that, you will find it’s super easy to take off and slip back on because it has a comfortable zipper.
  • The comfort layer sits right underneath the cover and is made of proprietary foam that will feel a lot like latex. It’s meant to respond immediately to the pressure of your body on top of the mattress making it super bouncy. This is a quality you won’t find in many other mattresses. But don’t worry! You will still be able to sink into it and feel comfortable!
  • The contour layer – here’s a novelty that might be able to turn this review around. The Casper mattress has an extra layer that the Nectar and other mattresses for that matter do not. It’s a contour layer that will take the shape of the sleeper and relieve the pressure or pain you might be feeling.
  • The transition layer is another original idea the Casper brand had. They sectioned their transitional layer into thirds on the horizontal axis. What does this mean? That the portion of the layer that goes under your feet and head is made of light polyfoam. Therefore you have more mobility. And the center portion is much firmer. As a consequence, it will lift your back and help you rest better. 
  • The foundation layer is made of high-density polyfoam and will make the mattress stable and durable. 

Comfort and Firmness

It’s not easy to talk about comfort, let alone review this abstract notion. You know why. Comfort is a sliding scale. One person could sleep on either one of these outstanding mattresses and wake up feeling refreshed while another might want to keep looking. 

But there are some parameters you can take into account when thinking about comfort. And firmness is definitely one of them. As you can see from the detailed deconstruction review above, the Nectar is a soft to medium mattress, meant to allow you to sink in while you sleep.

It’s entirely made of classic memory foam which, on the one hand could feel amazing for people who love to be cuddled. But it could also get quite hot.

The Casper is a mattress made of different types of memory foam, including a bouncy latex layer on top. This will cause you to perch on top of the mattress rather than sink in.

The mattress will also not prove hot thanks to its open cell technology. Therefore, it’s all up to you and what you need!

Motion transfer – what will my partner feel?

If you’ve read the Nectar vs Casper review so far you probably already know which one is the winner in this category. The Nectar mattress has a layer of classic memory foam on top that will absorb most of your movements.

Therefore, it will allow you to sleep unperturbed no matter how much your partner moves. 

The Casper, however, doesn’t fare as well seeing as it has a layer of latex foam on top. This is what makes it bouncy. It was designed that way to keep you on top and make the mattress springy.

But this is also what will make you feel every single movement your partner makes throughout the night.

How about sinking and bouncing?

There are no winners here in the sinking and bouncing category of the Nectar vs Casper review. The Nectar will allow you to sink into its memory foam layers. While the  Casper will have you bounce right off because of the latex topper.

Nectar vs Casper – Sweat and Cooling Off

This is a category where the crown goes to the Casper. The layer at the very top of this wonderful mattress benefits from the famous open cell technology.

This means that the air will circulate freely through the cells of the memory foam, aerating it all through the night. In return, you will not get hot.

In direct opposition, the Nectar mattress is made entirely of classic memory foam layers. Traditional memory foam, as amazing and comfortable as it may be, does trap heat. As a consequence, you might sweat and be hot as you sleep.

Let’s Talk Budget!

We’ve seen just how wonderful these two mattresses can be. But we can’t neglect the budget issue. So who wins in the Nectar vs Casper budget battle?

Drumroll, please! It’s the Nectar! But not by much! And, dare we say, that might have been a bit of an obvious tidbit of information. Simply because the Nectar is quite a classic type of mattress made of several layers of memory foam.

Whereas the Casper has different styles of foam and is a bit more engineered. 

For example, you could buy the Nectar if you’re on a budget, but you should be aware that it could get hot. Whereas the Casper costs a little bit more, but benefits from the open cell technology that is meant to cool you off and wick sweat.

Click on the links below if you’re interested in finding out more details about the current price of each mattress as well as about the discounts you can get on each one.

Nectar mattress – Check Current Price

Casper mattress – Check Current Price

Warranty and Delivery Options

In the Nectar vs Casper battle, the warranty becomes a very interesting topic. Why? Because the Nectar mattress brings a warranty deal to the table like no other!

They are one of the few brands on the market that offer a lifetime warranty! Yes, you read that well. Not just that, but you will also get a sweet, 365-nights sleep trial when you buy a Nectar.

However, please be aware of the disclaimer that there are some fees you need to pay during the first decade of the warranty. If the mattress gets broken and you wish to have it repaired or replaced, you will have to pay for half the shipping fees.

But, if the brand decides the mattress really is broken, you will receive your money back.

The Casper comes with the same warranty deal as most mattress brands out there. It’s a standard 10-year warranty plus a 100-night sleep trial. 

Returns, Refunds, and Shipping Policies

These policies are actually similar for both brands. They offer a ‘bed in a box’ type of shipping with the exception that the Nectar Company also offers a White Glove service.

However, even if it is available in all the American States, the fee is not refundable if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.

Both the Nectar and the Casper brands will remove your old mattress if you ask them to, but you will have to pay an additional fee for it.

The delivery and the returns are free for both companies. Plus, when you want to return a mattress with both brands, they will come to pick it up, no additional charge involved.

*Please note that free shipping and returns only refers to contiguous USA, not Alaska and Hawaii. If you reside there, you will have to pay additional fees.

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Nectar vs Casper Pros and Cons

We can review the Nectar vs Casper all we want, but nothing would be the same without quick and easy pros and cons list. This is the one you could even take with you when you go shopping for a mattress!

Nectar pros

  • The mattress was designed with a support around the edge which will not allow you to roll off. It will also stop the mattress from wearing down too soon.
  • The cover is 100 percent removable. You can clean it in your washing machine as many times as you need.
  • This mattress does not have a weird or specific smell. Therefore, you can use it immediately after you removed it from the box without airing it.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and a 365-night sleep trial.
  • It was designed for side and back sleepers that will be relieved with the feeling of being hugged by the softness of this mattress.
  • The Nectar has a medium to good motion transfer resistance seeing as the memory foam will absorb your tossing and turning.

Nectar cons

  • The cover is suited for the washing machine, but no other type of cover will work with this mattress.
  • You will have to give the mattress a little time before you can get used to it since it’s made entirely out of memory foam.
  • This mattress was not meant for stomach sleepers because it’s too soft.

What’s the conclusion?

Go for the Nectar mattress if you have a smaller budget or if you like soft mattresses that envelop your whole body while you sleep. This mattress is also perfect for sharing with a partner!

However, sweaty or hot sleepers will find it quite difficult to sleep on it because the memory foam gets hot and traps heat inside it. As will stomach sleepers who could sink and find it hard to breathe in that position.

Casper pros

  • It’s made of different types of memory foam that cater to your body’s distinct needs.
  • The Casper mattress has a latex layer right beneath the cover and an open cell topper. This helps air flow freely through it and ensures heat never gets trapped inside the mattress. Therefore, you will not sweat or get hot.
  • It has an additional contour layer meant to take the shape of each sleeper’s body and relieve his or her pressure points and pain.
  • The transition layer is divided into three separate sections because the brand understands that different parts of your body have different requirements.
  • The mattress doesn’t allow you to sink in, but rather sit on top of it. This means you will never get hot or wake up with sore muscles.
  • Its cover has a zipper that makes it very easy to remove when you want to wash it.

Casper cons

  • It’s more expensive than the Nectar.
  • The latex layer on top makes it bouncy, which some people might not like.
  • The bouncy feeling also reduces the mattress’ resistance to motion transfer.
  • It offers a smaller warranty period than the Nectar.

What’s the conclusion?

There is absolutely no doubt that the Casper mattress is a wonder of engineering. Its designers thought about everything when making it – the shape of your body, what your head, back, and feet need, and how much you sweat during the night.

Therefore, it’s a pleasure to sleep on. However, if you’re on a budget or you like softer mattresses, this might not be the one for you!

About the Nectar Company

The brand has been producing mattresses since 2017. As a modern company on the market, they understand the needs of the new generation of sleepers.

In fact, the statement on their official website says that the minds behind the concept were inspired ‘by sleepers like you.’ They wanted to make mattresses available to a wide audience that could be enjoyed on a large scale.

And they succeeded. The Nectar brand works with manufacturers from all over the world to bring their customers only the best products possible. Each one of their mattresses is tested so what you get is only top of the line products which will ensure a perfect night’s sleep.

About the Casper Company

The Casper dream started with a simple idea. To create the most comfortable mattress possible and ship it to you in a small box straight to your door.

And that’s exactly what they did. In time, their dreams grew bigger and now the Casper company, apart from servicing all of their clients, they also work with American Airlines and have made over 70, 000 donations.

They have in-store recycling, a program through which they recycle old pillows, sheets, and bedding. And they work with organizations such as Women in Need and Start Small Think Big as a way of giving back.

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Nectar vs Casper Mattress: And the winner is…

So what should be said to wrap up this exhaustive review that pitched the Nectar vs Casper against each other? In a way, both mattresses are constructed in a similar fashion. They both have layers made of memory foam and verge toward medium firmness. 

However, they also have enough differences to help you decide which one you actually need in your life. The Nectar is a bit softer and a tad cheaper while Casper mattress is slightly more engineered with an extra layer that will contour your body and cradle your pressure points, albeit more expensive.

It’s all up to you to decide which one will be the focus point of your bedroom!