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Farting in Bed: How to Stop Passing Gas While Sleeping

Let me start by accepting the fact that farting is one of the ways the body excretes waste gas from the system. We all do it and yes, farting while sleeping every now and then is quite common. However, if you or your partner (or both!) pass gas in a bed way too often and it has become a problem, there are many easy things you can do to free your bedroom from those horrible nightly silent nuclear bombs.

So, how do you stop farting while sleeping? The good news is that the solution to this nightly concert of sounds and smells in bed can be as simple as eating slowly, making some dietary changes and taking probiotics. 

Eating slowly ensures you don’t gulp down a lot of air along with the food. If you do, the air has got to come out somehow. Secondly, there are some types of food that promote the production of gas. These include sugar, legumes and some other vegetables that induce gas production. Removing these from your diet can be helpful. You may also consider foods rich in probiotics or a product like Dr. Colbert’s Probiotics Plus Prebiotics. Probiotics have been scientifically proven to reduce farting. Lastly, if that doesn’t solve the problem, try taking a gas pill like Simethicone Antiflatulent. 

Can I Fart in My Sleep?

How I wish I could answer this question by allowing you stay around someone I know while the person is sleeping, the question will be answered with finality. Since I can’t do that (if I love myself and I do), let me just answer. Yes, you can fart while asleep.

Why Do I Fart in My Sleep?

Don’t feel so bad regardless of how nasty it smells or how embarrassingly loud it can be.

You are not sick and nothing is wrong with you unless it is painful or really excessive.

There are a few things that may be responsible for this.

The main reason why you may be farting at night is that while you are sleeping, your muscles generally are in a relaxed state.

Secondly, with your body lying horizontally and not standing vertically, the gases in your body gather and settle inside your colon. When you have a pool of gases and a set of relaxed muscles (unlocked door), you should know what will happen next.

The next reason will be shocking to you, I know it was to me. I am a nice person and so when I am in public, I hold in my precious gaseous cargo so I don’t ruin social gatherings.

My fear is not that I will be caught because I won’t be. I have perfected the art of releasing my cargo with less than a hiss. It makes absolutely no sound but can silently disperse a crowd. It is therefore because of how potent it is that I stopped releasing it in public.

I have however learned during this study that holding it back during the day can lead to night farting. I now solemnly vow never to hold back my cargo regardless of where I am. I will however never admit to anything even if under oath.

Does Everyone Fart in Their Sleep?

No, everyone does not fart in their sleep. I know cos I don’t. If you doubt me, ask my wife! (wink-wink)

Stop Farting in Bed: How to Prevent Gas at Night

Since this is causing you great concern (I even hear a couple is considering divorce because of the nightly farting concert one of them is forced to endure), I will quickly go over some ways to prevent night farting.

Hopefully, I will do so quickly enough to prevent the breakup of that lovely home.

  • Do not eat right before going to bed.
  • Avoid soda and other carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks generally have a lot of gas.
  • Avoid foods that encourage the production of gases, especially at night. These include dairy products and legumes.
  • Take foods that contain probiotics or supplements like Dr. Colbert’s Probiotics Plus Prebiotics
  • Drink a lot of water to help improve your digestive process. It does not also hurt that you may be forced to get up more often at night to ease yourself. You can take that time to toot your rear horn in the privacy of the restroom.
  • If you can, do not lie on your stomach while sleeping.
  • If you feel gassy, take gas pills like the Simethicone Antiflatulent.
  • You can also take some organic fennel seeds to reduce the gases or drink ginger tea to calm your stomach.

You know you can’t always escape by blaming the dog. One day, the dog won’t be there and you will be caught red handed. These tips will help you take care of the problem.

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Why Do I Fart So Much at Night?

Your body muscles are more relaxed at night and cannot effectively prevent gases that have pooled in your colon from sneaking out at will.

Is it Healthy to Fart All the Time?

A healthy person is expected to fart between 10 and 20 times daily (just remember to go the restroom or any other isolated place each time). When it is more than that, there could be an underlying health reason.

How Do You Fart Silently?

There is no exact science to this. You could try releasing the muscles slowly but sometimes, the gases are just so bent on making a grand entrance that even with the slow releases, you still get broken installments of loud toots or high-frequency pips.

Is Farting Bad?

If you do not fart then you have a health issue.

It’s a way of removing waste gas from your system. You should only be concerned when it is painful or excessive.

Is it Healthy to Fart a Lot?

The term “a lot” is subjective. If it is between 10 and 20 times daily, then you are okay.


I do hope your heart is lighter now that you have seen that you can actually take care of this issue easily.

Remember that a regular intake of a supplement like Dr. Colbert’s Probiotics Plus Prebiotics or an anti-gas pill like Simethicone Antiflatulent will go a long way in taking care of your night farting issues.