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ChiliPad vs BedJet 2022: Pros & Cons Compared (What’s Better)

ChiliPad vs BedJet: the key difference between these two devices is that BedJet uses air to regulate temperature – it blows cool or warm air directly into your bedding while ChiliPad uses water to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. BedJet is the cheaper option of the two.

It all comes down to whether you prefer to be cooled and warmed by air blowing between your sheets, as the BedJet does. Or if you much rather want a soft mattress pad filled with water that is capable of reaching the same result. This would be the doing of the ChiliPad.

ChiliPAD vs BedJet: Quick Comparison

  • Cooling/heating effect is not immediate when turned on
  • The effect will still linger a while after you turn it off
  • Requires longer time to set up and clean
  • Can work in any temperatures
  • The feeling of water on your back may not be for everyone
  • Quite expensive
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  • Cooling/heating effect is immediate
  • The effect wears off immediately after you turn it off
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Needs a temperature of 79 degrees or below to cool your bed
  • The blown air is comfortable for all the family, including pets
  • Cheaper than ChiliPad
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ChiliPad vs BedJet: Differences & Similarities 

Let’s talk about the similarities between the two products first.


  • As I already mentioned, they are obviously meant for the same purpose. Not only that, but they reach the same goals. They will both heat up and cool your bed in summer and winter.
  • They are both electronic gadgets that you will need to plug in.
  • Both these devices will make a bit of sound when you turn them on which will continue as long as you keep using them. Both the ChiliPad and the BedJet have been compared to the humming of a window fan or of an air conditioner. Therefore, the sound threshold will not bother you with either one.
  • They will both be visible in your bedroom as they have base units and hoses that need to go under and into your bed.
  • The ChiliPad and the BedJet are pet-friendly and can be enjoyed by your furry friends as long as they don’t disturb or block the base unit on the floor or the hoses.
  • Both are perfect solutions for hot sleepers, people who sweat at night, women going through the symptoms of menopause, people who feel easily cold, and patients recovering after surgeries.
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How are The ChiliPad and the BedJet different?

  • The number one difference between the two is the fact that one uses air while the other uses water to get to the same result. BedJet pulses waves of air underneath your sheets and either warms them or keeps them cool all night long. On the other hand, the ChiliPad has a series of intricate small hoses inside its mattress pad through which water can circulate to provide comfort to restless sleepers.


  • The second major difference in my eyes as I reviewed these two products was the price. The ChiliPad is slightly more expensive than the BedJet. Therefore, I suggest you work out a budget first and see exactly how much money you want to spend on this gadget.


  • The BedJet has been reported as much easier to use than the ChiliPad. All you need to do is take it out of the box, fix the hose to your sheets and allow it to do its job. And install the app on your phone, of course!

    The ChiliPad, on the other hand, has to be filled with water. You also need to clean it very often because the water gets stale or moldy. Apart from that, the hose will require your attention as well, for the same reasons. The BedJet is a set it and forget it kind of deal!


  • Some users say that the air flow in the BedJet can cause your sheets to slip off the bed. As opposed to that, the ChiliPad is just a mattress pad that covers your entire mattress with nowhere to go no matter how much you move during the night.

ChiliPad Overview

Say hello to your new bedroom best friend!

The ChiliPad Cube is a wireless sleep enhancement gadget that is guaranteed to improve your sleep thanks to the amazing technology behind it.

Its mattress pad circulates water through the network of silicone tubes inside it.

In this way, it will regulate your own mattress’ surface temperature and make sure you stay cool through the hot season and warm during winter.

Not only that, but the ChiliPad also has bedding fabrics that trap heat, making it perfect for hot sleepers. Its blankets become insulation that cools your sweltering skin and wicks off sweat.

One of the most amazing things about this gadget is that it gives you total control over the temperature in your bed. Its remote control allows you to increase or decrease the temperature one degree at a time, making it very easy to reach an ideal setting.

It’s also perfect if you are suffering from a cold, have night sweats, are going through the symptoms of menopause or if your body is in pain.

Chillipad is very energy efficient, consuming less power than an average air conditioner.

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BedJet Overview

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This cooling fan and heating air climate comforter from BedJet will amaze you with its smart technology and just how easy it is to use it.

The new BedJet V2 is based on biorhythm technology that is guaranteed to help you sleep a lot better than ever before.

You can use the smartphone app that comes along with it to program a different temperature for every single hour while you sleep. In this way, you will wake up feeling happy and refreshed.

The BedJet has a powerful enough ventilation not only to cool or heat your bed but also to wick your sweat. Therefore, it’s a fantastic product for individuals who struggle with moisture on their bedding.

These are people with night sweats and hot flashes but also women going through menopause.

When you use the BedJet on its heating mode, you will notice that the air is warm and dry. This is what makes it feel like a dry sauna. It warms up in a matter of minutes, making it your extremities feel like they’re in heaven. It’s a much better alternative to an electric blanket.

Plus, the BedJet V2 also comes with a fantastic aromatherapy kit that will allow you to turn your own bedroom into an actual spa!

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the ChiliPad and BedJet



  • It’s fantastic if you toss and turn at night because the mattress pad does not move off the bed.
  • This has a very wide temperature range between 55 and 110 degrees
  • Dual control options
  • Is pet-friendly
  • Perfect for hot sleepers, hot flashes, and menopause


  • Is a little on the pricey side
  • Requires more maintenance than the BedJet
  • You might have to use a waterproof protector for your mattress as well



  • It’s budget-friendly
  • Fits easily under any standard bed
  • It’s very easy to set it up and use it
  • There is no maintenance required whatsoever
  • It comes with an app for your phone
  • Will reduce moisture on your body and your sheets
  • Has a kit for aromatherapy


  • Its cord is a little short
  • Your sheets could blow off the bed on higher settings

What Is BedJet?

BedJet is a small electronic gadget that will cool or heat your sheets by blowing air into them through a hose. The main unit of the BedJet is 6.75 inches tall and has to sit on the floor of your bedroom. It can be located under the bed if you have room for it or next to it.

The hose will run up under your sheets and you can attach it to your comforter if you want. Some users sew it in while others use clips.

You can control the BedJet with an app on your smartphone or a remote control if you’re a more traditional type of person. They are both the same since they allow you to preset the temperatures that you would like the BedJet to run through the night.

The BedJet V2, the current version of the product comes with a series of upgrades. They include biorhythm and circadian sleep, which helps the unit focus more on the natural patterns of the human body’s sleep cycles.

And an aromatherapy kit that is comprised of a few small sponges which you can soak in your favorite essential oils and then attach to the hose. It will release a pleasant smell throughout the night.

What Is ChiliPad?

Even though it basically does the same thing as the BedJet, ChiliPad is constructed in a completely different way. This device consists of a soft mattress pad and a base unit meant to control the way it heats and cools your bed.

The way it works is that you need to pour water into the base unit which is shaped like a cube. This is connected to the mattress pad itself through a hose. Once you turn it on it will circulate the water through a series of microtubes inside the pad. You can have the water heating or cooling, therefore, chilling or warming you up.

The mattress pad itself is made of high-grade cotton with a 150 thread count. Apart from that, it has very soft silicone tubing of medical grade which will direct the water through it. The tube itself is 96” in length.

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ChiliPad vs Bedjet: And the winner is…

In the end, the thing I found out while setting the ChiliPad vs BedJet against each other and reviewing both products and comparing their pros and cons, was this:

They’re both good and they lead to the same result.

The main difference is that they use different means of working. One is based on air technology and the other is water-powered. 

But they both improve your sleep!