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Best Mouth Guards for Sleeping 2019: Stop Grinding Your Teeth!

If you find that you’re regularly waking up with a headache or a sore jaw, a trip to the doctor might tell you that you need a mouth guard.

Mouth guards are recommended for people suffering from jaw clenching or bruxism. This will protect your teeth and prevent the disorder from disrupting your sleep and possibly causing other negative effects to your body.

Below are the best mouth guards for sleeping in 2019 as well as everything you need to know about them.

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Top Dental Night Guards 

1) Dental Duty Professional Dental Guards

  • A boil-and-bite mouth guard that is BPA-free and FDA-approved.
  • Aside from being moldable, you’ll get 4 mouth pieces in two different sizes.

2) ProDental 3 in 1 Mouth Guards

  • A moldable mouth guard that is both BPA and latex-free. It also has no odor and taste.
  • The company provides free dental lab support as well as a direct dentist support by email and phone.

3) J&S Dental Lab Dental Night Guard

  • A long-lasting mouth guard that can be fully customized according to your preferences.
  • The materials used to make this product are approved by the FDA and completely free of BPA and latex.

Best Mouth Guard 2019: Reviews

Dental Duty Professional Dental Guards

This product is a moldable mouth guard that can help people with bruxism and teeth clenching. It is currently one of the best over-the-counter mouthpieces that you can buy since it offers 4 mouth guards in two different sizes.


The Dental Duty Professional Dental Guards are flexible mouth guards that can be used for the upper or lower teeth. You get to pick between two sizes of this BPA-free product. You’ll also get a DVD that will walk you through the process of getting a good fit.

You can start with the boil and bite process which only takes a few minutes. If, after a couple of uses, you find that it doesn’t fit properly, you can remold it by doing the boil and bite process again.

It even comes with a small case, so you can take it with you during your travels. Plus, the case has small holes that discourage bacteria from growing.

Finally, this mouth guard comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This added bonus and its ease of use make this dental guard a great product for its price point.



  • The Dental Duty Professional Dental Guard comes in two sizes and is re-moldable, allowing you to get the best fit possible.
  • It is very easy to use and has a budget-friendly price tag.



  • Some people find that the smaller size is still too large for a small mouth.

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ProDental 3 in 1 Mouth Guards

The ProDental 3 in 1 Mouth Guards is another product that can be molded using the boil and bite process to better fit your teeth. It’s very easy to use and it can help people with sleep apnea and bruxism.


With your purchase of the ProDental 3 in 1 Mouth Guards, you’ll get 3 mouth pieces of the same size which can be worn either on the upper or lower teeth.

Like with the previous product, you’ll need to boil and bite the mouth guard to mold it to your teeth.

The mouth guards that you will get has a long-lasting base that measures 3mm in thickness for better shock absorption.

This BPA-free product is best suited to average to large mouths. But, the company also offers smaller ones. Plus, it’s a risk-free purchase since the company has a money-back guarantee on their product.

All good things aside, what really makes these ProDental Mouth Guards stand out from their competition is their outstanding customer support. The company prides themselves for being the only boil-and-bite mouth guards to have direct dentist support via email and phone.


  • You get a quality product for a very low price.
  • It’s easy to get a good fit.
  • The company provides excellent customer support.



  • This won’t fit small mouths.


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J&S Dental Lab Dental Night Guard

The J&S Dental Lab Dental Night Guard is a fully customizable mouth guard that comes at a reasonable price. Though you’ll only get one mouth guard with your purchase, it offers the best fit out of all the products in our list.


If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a custom-fitted mouth guard, then the J&S Dental Lab Dental Night Guard is the best alternative for you. While it isn’t as comfortable as custom-fitted ones, this FDA-approved product will still be able to give you the best fit out of all the mouth guards available online.

The company will send you an impression kit which comes with 3 different mouth tray sizes. It comes with detailed instructions that make the impression process very fast and easy to do. Then, you just send it back with the prepaid shipping label and wait for your finished product.

This mouth guard is also fully customizable. This means that you can choose how thick or thin you want it to be and what material you want used.

Plus, you can have it adjusted free of charge as many times as you want until you get the perfect fit.

It even comes with a 100% money-back guarantee just in case you aren’t satisfied with your purchase.


  • The J&S Dental Lab Dental Night Guard is BPA, MMA and phthalate free.
  • It is fully customizable and has free unlimited adjustments.
  • It provides excellent value for your money.



  • You need to follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, you might get the wrong impression.


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Mouth Guard FAQ

What Are the Different Types of Mouth Guards?

  • Stock Mouth Protectors – These are cheap and come ready to use. However, they can’t be customized and has a one-size-fits-all form that makes them uncomfortable to use.
  • Moldable Protectors – Also, known as boil-and-bite mouth protectors, these are made of a thermoplastic material. To mold it to your teeth, you just need to boil and bite it, hence its name. Afterwards, you just soak it in cold water for a few seconds in order for the shape to set.
  • Semi-Custom-Fitted Mouth Protectors – This type will give you the best value for money.  They are comfortable to use since they have been made to fit your teeth and mouth. The only problem is it can take up to a month to get your semi-fitted mouth protector.
  • Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards – For a hefty price tag, you can get custom-fitted mouth guards which will give you the best in terms of comfort.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards are beneficial to people who have bruxism and sleep apnea and those who clench their jaw or snore during sleep.

  • Prevents teeth grinding
  • Protects your teeth from getting damaged
  • Relaxes the jaw muscles to prevent snoring and jaw clenching
  • Increases air intake to help with sleep apnea
  • Prevents headaches, sore jaws, spasms, ear aches and other issues caused by bruxism

Can I Wear a Mouth Guard if I Wear Braces?

If you’re wearing braces, you can still wear a mouth guard. In fact, it can reduce the cuts you get along your inner lips and cheeks due to the braces.

However, it’s best to consult with your dentist so you can get one that will give your teeth some room. Otherwise, it can hinder your orthodontic treatment.

What Are the Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Mouth Guard?

  • Comfort and Fit – You’re getting a mouth guard to help solve your problems. But, an ill fitted one will give you discomfort and even cause you more issues in the future.
  • Material – The first thing you have to check when you’re looking for a good mouth guard is whether or not it is BPA and latex-free. Plus, it should be approved by the FDA.
  • Thickness and Durability – the toughness or softness of the outer layer of the mouth piece should also be considered depending on the severity or your teeth grinding. It should be able to withstand your teeth grinding.

Wrapping Up

Mouth guards are very helpful if you snore or clench jaws or have bruxism or sleep apnea. But, it is very important to find one that will fit you well otherwise it will lead to other issues.

That said, I highly recommend the J&S Dental Lab Dental Night Guard which can provide you with a great fit at a fraction of the cost of custom-fitted ones. Just make sure to follow the instructions well so you can get a good impression of your teeth.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something cheaper but can still perform well, the ProDental 3 in 1 Mouth Guards are a good alternative. It’s BPA and latex-free. Plus, they provide direct dentist support and free dental lab support to help you get the best fit.

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