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Best Bed Cooling Systems 2022 [Bed Fan vs Water Mattress Pad vs…]

What’s the best bed cooling system in 2022? In short, it depends on your budget and cooling needs. Do you prefer water or air as your primary cooling source? These range from complex active climate control systems like BedJet (bed fan, runs on air) to mattress pads like ChiliPad Cube (water). But solutions also come in the shape of passive cooling such as cool mattress toppers like the Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper and the Texartist Cooling Mattress Topper

Alternatively, visit ChiliPad official website or BedJet official website to compare prices.

Top 4 Bed Cooling Systems

Best Cooling System Chilipad
  • It’s a mattress pad filled with water.
  • Can wick off sweat as well as cool you off.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Is pet-friendly and safe
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Very effective
  • Cold therapy benefits
  • Slower than BedJet
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Best Bed Fan BedJet
  • This is a fan that will blow air under your sheets to cool or warm them.
  • It cannot cool off the air on its own.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast cooling effect
  • Pet friendly and safe
  • Energy efficient
  • Cheaper than Chilipad
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Cool Gel Mattress Topper Lucid
  • It’s a mattress topper made of gel memory foam.
  • It is infused with cooling gel.
  • The mattress has a special texture that allows air to breathe.
  • It has five raised zones that will alleviate your pressure points.
  • It is very soft and airy.
  • The mattress topper does not use electricity
  • Not as effective as active bed cooling systems
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Cooling Mattress Pad Texartist
  • This is a mattress pad made of spiral fiber.
  • It’s perfect for any type of mattress.
  • The cover is made of combed cotton that wicks sweat.
  • You can clean it in the washing machine.
  • It’s wrinkle resistant.
  • It does not need electricity to run.
  • Passive cooling
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What Is the Difference Between Active Cooling vs Passive Cooling?

The simplest way to answer this question is that passive cooling systems are the ones that allow you to have a cool sleeping experience without actually changing the temperature of your bed. Examples include toppers and pads. Both of these count as a cooling pad for bed and mattresses.

Active coolers are the ones that cool you off while sleeping but in a mechanical way, with the use of water or air. By utilizing these methods, they have to create a very cold surface for you to sleep on.

Examples here will, of course, include bed fans as well as cooling pads acting as a bed air conditioner.

Water vs Air Cooling Systems – Which One Is Best?

As reviews show, it all depends very much on you, the sleeper, and the environment you are in. For example, a good thing always to keep in mind is that bed fans cannot cool the air on their own.

Therefore, they might turn ineffective if you try to use them in a hot room. The result will be the fan blowing hot air underneath your sheets.

Water bed coolers, on the other hand, pump cold water through the mattress via a series of hoses. However, a water bed cooler is a bit more difficult to use and keep clean than a bed fan. Therefore, it will come down to your personal preferences.

bed fan review
If all fails, you can always just sleep like that 😛

Best Bed Cooling System: Reviews

#1 ChiliPAD Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

Best Bed Cooling System in 2022

This is a sleep enhancement gadget aimed to improve sleep for people who suffer from night sweats, have insomnia, are hot sleepers, pregnant women or women who are going through menopause.

Think of it as an electric cooling mattress pad.

It consists of said mattress pad that has a series of silicone tubes inside it and a base unit in the shape of a cube. Hence the name.

Cold water runs from the cube through the grid of tubes inside the mattress, cooling it down and turning it into a bed cooling system for night sweats. Therefore, you will sleep on a cold surface all night, feeling refreshed and breezy.

Are you looking for an extra incentive? Tim Ferriss recommended the Chilipad. He actually Tweeted about it, saying he finds it very effective for sleeping in a hot room!

  • Energy efficient
  • Very effective – will keep you cool all night
  • The mattress cooling pad can wick off sweat
  • Quite expensive

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#2 BedJet Cooling and Heating Fan for Beds

Best Bed Fan

Are you looking for smart technology for the bedroom?

Because you’ve just found it!

The BedJet is a cooling fan as well as a heating climate comforter that will cool the sheets using the air in the room.

The fan simply uses a base unit that is located underneath your bed and a hose to blow cold air under your sheets.

Based on your personal biorhythm, the BedJet comes with an app you can install on your phone so that you can control the program and set it up hour by hour.

The BedJet can also warm up the air under your sheets, creating a sauna effect. The air will be dry and warm, allowing you to sleep well and without sweating.

  • Smart technology that can be controlled with your phone
  • Very effective and fast electric cooling system
  • Can wick sweat
  • Reduces your electricity bill
  • Clinically proven to help you sleep better
  • Cheaper than Chlipad
  • Ambient temperature in your room must be 79 degrees or lower for it to be effective

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#3 Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Passive Cooling Gel Mattress Topper

Moving on to passive cooling systems for your bed, here’s the Lucid mattress topper made of 2-inch gel memory foam.

It has been infused with cooling gel so that it has the ability to cool you off while you sleep.

Not only that, but the mattress topper also has a textured surface which will allow for better breathability.

The Lucid Mattress topper has also been designed to alleviate your pressure points in five distinct places. This is what makes it the best, according to reviews. These zones are raised for extra comfort and stability.

  • Memory foam infused with cooling gel
  • Relieves pressure points in five zones
  • Increased breathability
  • The cooling effect is not as effective as Chilipad and BedJet

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#4 Texartist Cooling Mattress Pad

Best Passive Cooling Mattress Pad

If it’s comfort you’re seeking as well as the wonderful cooling sensation, the Texartist mattress pad has that locked down!

The pad has been overfilled with what the brand calls 4D spiral fiber.

It will trap air inside which, in turn, will keep the mattress fluffy and cool. It’s an air-cooled mattress!

It’s a perfect way to breathe new life into your old mattress and turn it into a hotel-level bed! The pad is very silent and can be used with any mattress, including memory foam, latex or the traditional spring ones.

As a result, the Texartist mattress pad will be very forgiving on your budget.

This pad also comes with a cover made of combed cotton. The super high quality – a whopping 400 thread count  – will have you luxuriating on top of it.

  • Very fluffy and light
  • Works with every type of mattress
  • Cover made of 400 thread count cotton
  • Not as effective as active bed cooling systems

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best bed cooler


Now that we’ve seen the reviews and learned all the details about the best bed cooling systems this year, let’s do a quick lightning round of FAQs!

What Is the Best Bed Cooling System for Night Sweats?

It all has to do with what type of cooling you prefer. When it comes to active cooling, the Chilipad takes the crown during summer. Mostly because you can’t beat the amazing sensation of sleeping on a cold mattress pad, especially if you have hot flashes. 

However, some people, like pregnant women or those who are going through menopause, might prefer something a little breezier.

That’s when you need to choose the BedJet. It works great in a colder room. Plus, it’s not as expensive as the Chilipad and it’s easier to use because it works on air.

How Can I Keep My Bed Cool at Night? 

All of the options we’ve mentioned in this review are perfect solutions for keeping your bed cool at night. The only thing that differentiates them is your own personal needs as well as your budget.

Go for a simple mattress topper if you only need a more comfortable mattress that will also give you some heat relief. But choose an electrical unit if you have night sweats or are a hot sleeper.

How Can I Keep My Room Cool without AC?

Your best option here according to reviews would be the Chilipad, an electric cooling pad. It has a system of silicone tubes that run cold water through the pad which goes on top of your mattress.

You can try a BedJet as well. But if your room doesn’t have AC and the air is already hot, the BedJet will blow it right under your sheets.

How Can I Cool Down My Memory Foam Mattress?

Yes, as comfortable as they are, memory foam mattresses do get notoriously hot because they trap heat.

But one possible solution is to use a mattress topper such as the Lucid or the Texartist that will chill the mattress and yourself down!

Does the ChiliPad Really Work?

Yes, it does. A set of silicone tubes that run cold water through a mattress pad. On which you get to sleep all night! It’s quite simple.

Can a Memory Foam Mattress Make You Hot?

It depends on the type of memory foam. Classic ones trap heat and, unfortunately, have the side effect of getting very hot.

However, there are other types such as latex memory foam or ones infused with a cooling gel that is specially made to cool you off.

mattress topper night sweats

What’s the conclusion?

This review of the best bed cooling systems on the market has underlined the idea that, even though there are so many solutions out there, you have to look for your perfect match.

Active cooling systems such as the Chilipad or the BedJet are much more effective than passive cooling systems but they’re also much more expensive.

Pro tip: visit ChiliPad official website or BedJet official website to compare prices.

However, if you’re a hot sleeper, going through menopause or just had enough of sweating in the hot summer night, they might just be worth the investment.