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Best Baby Pillows for Flat Head 2019: Reviewed and Compared

One of the most common things that concern parents during their baby’s first few weeks is flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly. This can occur in newborns either because they lie on their backs for a long time or because of the pressure from the birthing canal. Severe cases of flat head syndrome can lead to developmental delays which is why you need to get the best baby pillow for flat head syndrome.

The ideal baby pillow for preventing and flat head syndrome is something that is made of top quality materials. A hypoallergenic baby pillow that is free from harsh chemicals is something that will suit your child’s sensitive skin. You’ll also want to consider the size, thickness and overall comfort of the pillow.

One of the most highly rated baby pillows for flat head in the market now is the John N Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pillow since it is very effective and gentle on your baby’s skin. You might also want to check out the WelLifes Baby Pillow as well if you’re looking for something breathable. Finally, the comfy Baby Love memory foam pillow is also worth taking a look.

Benefits of Using a Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome

Flat head syndrome usually corrects itself, but it never hurts to give your baby the support that he needs to prevent or correct this disorder. For this, you can get a baby pillow that has been specially designed for this purpose.

Let’s check out the benefits of using a baby pillow for positional plagiocephaly.

  • This type of pillow can help shape the head of infants. It can both help prevent and correct flat head syndrome.
  • It can also lessen the pressure on your baby’s head and neck muscles.
  • They are far less expensive and more comfortable to use than baby head helmets.
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Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome

There are a lot of baby pillows for a flat head syndrome that can be found in the market. However, they’re not all made equal.

You might even find that what’s the right one for your baby is different from what another parent chooses. Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing the pillow.


Baby pillows come in different types of filling material. Some of your choices include memory foam, cotton, hypoallergenic foam, down, latex and polyfill.

Your choice of material can depend on how firm or soft you want the pillow to be. It should be firm enough to give enough support but soft enough, so your baby can comfortably use it.

As with the filling, you’ll want to look for a baby pillow that has a cover that is gentle to the touch, so it won’t irritate your child’s skin.

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The most important consideration should be the safety of the material and construction of the baby pillow.

It should be free from harmful chemicals that might put your baby at risk. You’ll want to look for something organic and hypoallergenic since babies have sensitive skin.


Invest in a quality pillow that won’t go flat after just a few weeks of use. Babies sleep a lot so the right baby pillow for the flat head syndrome is something durable and comfortable to use.

Ease of Cleaning

Babies tend to make a lot of mess. They drool a lot, spit up milk and have diaper leaks. So, you’ll want to find a baby pillow that can be easily cleaned.

Size and Thickness

The baby pillow that you purchase shouldn’t have any lumps that can strain your baby’s neck. It should be around 2 to 3 inches thick and smaller than an adult pillow to prevent suffocation due to excess material.

The cavity of the pillow should also be the right size for your baby’s head circumference.

Best Baby Pillows for Flat Head in 2019

John N Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pillow

If you want to give your baby only the best you should go for Amazon’s Choice for baby pillows, the John N Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pillow. It comes in different cute animal designs which will fit right in your baby’s special place.

You won’t have to worry about allergies and harmful chemicals with this pillow since it is a cotton product that is certified organic by associations like the International Certification Control Union and the National Organic Standards Board.

It’s free from dye, bleaches, printing, chemicals, herbicides, fungicides, GMO’s and flame retardants. You can rest at night soundly knowing that your little angel is in good hands.

It has been specially designed to provide maximum comfort while preventing flat head syndrome. This baby pillow is also just the right size so that your baby can still move his head from side to side.


  • Made from organic materials
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Requires gentle cleaning 

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WelLifes Baby Pillow

If you’re finding your baby sweating a lot with his current baby pillow, you might want to replace it with the WelLifes Baby Pillow.

This pillow can stay cool during summer and keep warm during winter thanks to its breathable sequential 3D-air mesh construction.

Made in Korea, it uses certified organic cotton fabric from the USA’s Cloud9 Fabrics. Plus, it is gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin since it isn’t treated with any chemicals.

This hypoallergenic baby pillow has a concave center construction that effectively prevents flat head syndrome.

It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee as well should you not be satisfied with the product.


  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made from premium materials
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee



  • Some buyers find it to be too big


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Baby Love Memory Foam Pillow

Keep your baby’s head from going flat on one side by using the Baby Love Memory Foam Pillow. It’s a head-shaping baby pillow which uses memory foam that is free from harmful chemicals. This way, you can be assured that your child is always safe.

It even comes with a bamboo cover that is gentle to the touch. Also, while the cover is not water-proof, the memory foam has an external coating that will prevent moisture from getting in the pillow.

The memory foam has been infused with antimicrobial agents as well to prevent bacteria growth and bad odor.


  • Allows for full head movement
  • Uses chemical-free memory foam
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee



  • Some buyers find it to be too soft


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So, What’s the best baby pillow for flat head?

Protect and give your bundle of joy only the best by getting a high-quality baby pillow for flat head syndrome.

I highly recommend the John N Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pillow since it is made from organic materials and free from harmful chemicals.

But, if you’re looking for another option, the WelLifes Baby Pillow is worth checking out as well. Not only does it come in various prints, it’s also breathable and very gentle on your baby’s skin.