Bedphones Vs SleepPhones

Bedphones vs SleepPhones: Which Headphones Are Better for Sleeping?

If you like to listen to music or an audiobook as you drift off into a peaceful nights sleep, then opting for a set of Bedphones or SleepPhones is the right choice.  But which ones are better, and which ones will aid your sleep more? These two slumber supporting titans are now going head to head in a bid to help you decide which one is the best option for you.  

How do BedPhones and SleepPhones work?

Before rushing to make your purchase, it’s important to understand how these to work.  


SleepPhones look like a wide headband.  The earphone element is contained within the outer fabric, so when you want to use them you just slip them over your head so that they rest over your ears.  Because of the width of the outer fabric, SleepPhones can also be used as an eye mask whilst covering your ears and helping you to sleep.


BedPhones look like your average in-ear headphones, but they don’t go into your ears.  These are simple to use, you just hook them over your ear and make sure that the tiny flat speaker lies flush against your ear.

Why Use them?

There are a number of great reasons to purchase and subsequently use BedPhones or SleepPhones of an evening.  

One common theme that arises from reviews is how great they both are at being able to drown out external noises, such snoring partners or other people when traveling on a plane or overnight train.  So, they are both good at doing this, but how do they differ?



Looking good doesn’t necessarily factor into many people’s thinking when it comes to purchasing a sleep device, but it can do.


The unique beauty with the BedPhones is that they can be worn outside – in public.  Because the speakers are so discrete and they look like standard headphones. You can even wear them outside and continue to listen to your favorite song or book.  


Whilst they may not be practical to wear outside, the headband element does come in a variety of colors which means that you can tailor them to your favorite nightwear and continue to look super stylish.


To get a good nights sleep, you need to be able to rest and sleep, which means that your headphones will also need to feel comfortable when you wear them.


BedPhones are similar to headphones but they have a tiny speaker that hangs over your ear.  The speaker itself is only 1 /4 inch thick – so it’s very small.

It’s also covered with a soft foam, so that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you lay on it.  BedPhones are the more practical option if you move about in your sleep because they tend to stay in place better.


SleepPhones are  incredibly flat and have a very tiny speaker concealed inside them.  

Not only are these speakers padded, but they are also contained within the headband of the device which can make them feel more comfortable.  

If you are someone who likes to sleep on a certain side, then you’ll find the headband element makes them the more comfortable choice.


Regardless of whether you choose to purchase SleepPhones or BedPhones, you’re going to need to maintain them in order to keep them working.


The bonus with these headphones is that they require very little maintenance.  

One thing that you will need to be careful of is breakage because they are quite small and can become damaged easily.  You may also want to wash the speaker covers from time to time too.


The only maintenance that is required with these headphones, is washing the headband.

As with the BedPhones, when you remove the headband element, be careful not to damage the speakers.

How Much Do They Cost?

So, you want to get a fantastic nights sleep, but you also have to be fairly budget conscious.  The good news is that when considering which type of sleep headphone to go for, you won’t have to weigh up the cost factor because they cost exactly the same – there is no difference in price.  

What are the Problems

Both BedPhones and SleepPhones are great at helping you to sleep better, but they also come with problems and it’s important to be aware of them when making your selection.


  • Actually laying on a speaker can be uncomfortable for some people.  Whilst it is possible to adjust the speaker and even mold it slightly, for some even that doesn’t work.  This means that they never quite feel fully comfortable which could impact on that perfect sleep
  • The actual fit of these headphones does largely depend on the size and shape of your ear.  For some people, they just aren’t right
  • The speaker part of the BedPhones is very thin, which means that they can break quite easily.  On the plus side, they do come with a warranty.



  • When you purchase these headphones you will need to make sure that you get the right size headband.  If you get one that is too small, it will feel really uncomfortable. Too big, and the headband will slip out of place as you move in your sleep.  Use a tape measure to measure the size of your head around the ear part to help make sure you buy the right size
  • Some people have found that the speakers can move out of place inside the headband.  Because the speakers aren’t built into the headband and are removable, you may find that the speakers can become dislodged from their original setting

BedPhone VS SleepPhones:  The Final Verdict

It’s hard to pick between these two, but SleepPhones are the overall champion.  

SleepPhones are very similar to BedPhones, but it’s the headband element that makes them a better choice due to comfort, and they are better for people who like to sleep on their side.  

They also last longer and the headband helps to protect the speakers inside them, which unlike their BedPhone counterpart means that they don’t break so quickly.

BedPhones are great because they can be worn outside and used just like a normal pair of headphones. They are better at staying in place if you move about in your sleep and prefer to sleep on your back rather than on your side.