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7 Amazing Benefits of Lucid Dreaming (And Why You Should Try It)

Dreams are something that everyone can relate to, some dreams might be in the form of nightmares others might be dreams that you can’t remember as soon as you wake up, and then there are also the dreams that leave a lasting memory in your mind.

Lucid dreaming falls in the category of dreams that leave a lasting memory. By definition, a lucid dream is the proven scientific ability to become ‘self-aware’ in your dreams.

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Being self-aware in a dream means that you know that you are dreaming and that you are able to control the dream, you can fly around in the dream, meet a famous person or travel to pretty much anywhere that you allow your mind to go.

At first, this might seem far-fetched, but lucid dreams are scientifically proven and it is something that people can learn how to do.

Lucid dreaming is a habit thus people that are interested in lucid dreaming need to form the habits that stimulate it and make it part of their daily lives.

But before we get too caught up in the how, let’s rather take a look at 7 amazing benefits of lucid dreaming. Reading the benefits might be the perfect kickstart you need to want to learn lucid dreaming.

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So, What Are the Benefits of Lucid Dreaming?

1) Feeling the freedom of flying

The thought of being able to fly around like a superhero is something that will attract the attention of many.

In a lucid dream, the ability to fly within your dream is there if you maintain the confident expectation that you can indeed fly.

The sensation of flying takes up all of your attention and it gives your mind the ability to focus solemnly on that one thought that you can indeed fly. If solo flying or hovering is an option for transportation, even if it is just in a dream then I am definitely sold on lucid dreaming.

2) Meet and interact with your heroes

Everyone has someone that they look up to and that they admire. For some it might be a famous sportsperson or actor, for others, it might be an influential leader or political figure.

Meeting one of your heroes could very well be a life-altering experience and with the help of lucid dreaming, you might even get the chance to ask them questions and engage in conversation.

Being able to control your lucid dream ensures that you can ask the hero that you are interacting within your dream anything that your heart desires. This might seem far-fetched but the possibility of “chatting” to someone that I see as a hero is very intriguing to me.

3) Travel in time and space to other dimensions

The thought of time travel has always merely been exactly that, a thought. Imagine the possibility of being able to not only travel in time but to also travel to a different dimension that gives one access to a different world far away from the one that we know here on earth.

Lucid dreaming allows people the opportunity to let their minds travel to wherever they allow them to go. Yet again it does seem a little far-fetched, but it also sounds very intriguing and exciting to have the opportunity to see what is out there beyond the boundaries of the earth.  

4) Discover personal meaning to life

Many self-help books and motivational speeches etc. have been written about finding or discovering meaning in your life. A life without meaning is considered a life wasted by many religious as well as academic figures.

Lucid dreams give dreamers the opportunity to delve deep down into their own thoughts and the results are often astounding.

Lucid dreaming won’t only just allow you to reveal to yourself what your meaning in life might be, it also allows you to explore different scenarios while having a lucid dream that might just lead you one step closer to finding and experiencing that meaning and purpose.

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Then go back to sleep and continue listening to audio that speaks about lucid dreaming (meditation, binaural beats, hypnosis, audio book etc). Doing that has helped me to induce many lucid dreams, so definitely give it a try. Although it’s difficult to wake up in the middle of the night it is definitely worth it if you become lucid.

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5) Practice and improve real-life skills

The saying of practice makes perfect is universally well known. Lucid dreaming is renowned for giving people the opportunity to practice or rehearse a certain activity while dreaming.

During a lucid dream, the person will also be able to adjust their strategy because they are self-aware of what’s going on in their dream and they have the ability to change it.

Physical rehearsal increases muscle memory but mental and emotional rehearsal gives lucid dreamers a chance to take their practice one step closer to perfection.

6) Overcome fears and phobias

Spiders, snakes, heights, small spaces, these are all things that some people are extremely afraid of. There are different ways to try and get rid of these fears and phobias and lucid dreaming is one way of facing this head-on.

J. Timothy Green, a clinical psychiatrist, wrote an article that supported the fact that lucid dreams can help with overcoming phobias.

According to Green new neural patterns develop in the brain when worst-case scenarios are dealt with in a positive way within the unconscious mind.

Facing your fears head-on can be very traumatic thus being able to deal with your fears and phobias via lucid dreaming can make the experience of overcoming them much easier and less traumatic.

7) Process grief by reuniting with lost loved ones

Losing a family member or close friend is normally a heartbreaking and sad emotional experience. Grief is oftentimes hard to process and deal with and more often than not we still had so many questions that we wanted to ask that person.

Lucid dreaming can serve as a great tool to assist people that are dealing with grief and emotional loss.

Lucid dreams allow the dreamer to reunite with that loved one and to spend time in their presence during the dream that helps with dealing with that sense of complete loss and heartbreak.  


At first, lucid dreaming sounds strange and a little bit out there, but the adventurous at heart that has tried it can’t get enough of it.

The process of lucid dreaming and being able to learn and do it is a habit that needs to get formed, but once it becomes a habit it can be life-changing.

Lucid dreaming can open up a world of new experiences that you never knew existed, and it can also help a person through some tough times.

Don’t be afraid to give it a try, you don’t know what you are missing out on unless you give it a go. You can get your free audible trial here.

Sleep well. Dream lucid.