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BedJet Review: Is It Really Worth It? [With Pictures]

Hot sleepers struggle in bed. It’s not a pun, it’s a fact. Hot sleepers have trouble finding comfort when they sleep because their bedroom or their bedding is not cool enough. And this doesn’t happen solely in the warm season. It’s an all-year struggle. They also have to share a bed with a partner that may not suffer the same condition as they do. Enter the BedJet. It’s been making its rounds online for some time with people raving about it. So I decided to give it a go myself and review it objectively so I can share the results with you. Is the BedJet worth it or is it just some hot air? Pun intended.

The BedJet is a climate control system that you can attach to the side of your bed and which provides the much needed solution of cooling your sheets. Does it work? Yes, it does! It’s a little bed mate that, although most people use for cooling purposes, can also heat up your bed in the cold season. It provides aromatherapy should you want your bed and your whole bedroom for that matter to feel like a spa!

hot sleepers

Why Does the BedJet Seem Familiar to Me?

That was the first thought that popped into my head when I came across it and started reviewing it. The reason is that it was invented by Mark Aramli who took this little bedroom pal on Shark Tank in 2015. The popular TV show helped him make his invention known to the public and the BedJet started soaring. It was massively preordered on Kickstarter, for example, which shows just how much people trusted it and wanted to buy it.

Apart from that, Mark Aramli was an engineer who worked on the space suit for NASA. Yes, I know, I was impressed as well! And if this isn’t a guarantee that his inventions work, I don’t know what is!

The Basics of the BedJet Reviewed

The first thing we need to do before getting to other details is talk about the BedJet’s basics. Knowing this will help you decide if this device is right for your bedroom and your needs. That’s why its basics were the very first thing I reviewed when I started looking into it.

What Is BedJet?

Simply put, BedJet is an electronic device that can send hot or cool air under your sheets through a hose. It is connected to your comforter that will get filled with said air as you sleep.

BedJet can be controlled either by a remote control or through an app on your phone. Both these options allow you to program what temperatures you would like to have during the night. With different versions or upgrades of the product, you can also get a dual zone, which means that the BedJet will heat and cool your bed at the same time.

fits under bed
Fits easily under your bed

How Big Is the BedJet?

This climate control system stands proud at only 6.75 inches. This was important for my review because I was curious to know if this little machine could fit under a standard bed. As it turns out, it can. In fact, BedJet can fit under 95 percent of all beds that are standard and have space under them, of course!

Here’s a great tip – measure how much distance you have from the highest point underneath your bed to the floor. If it’s seven inches or more, you’re golden!

However, keep in mind that you will have to lift the bed in order to place the BedJet under there.

Plus, if you notice that it’s sitting on it, it’s not a good fit. Another solution is to just keep it near the foot of the bed instead of under it.

pros cons bedjet
Bedjet offers a vertical mount accessory for folks who can’t fit it under their beds

How Does the BedJet Work?

The way the BedJet works is rather interesting. Seeing as this little machine can both cool and heat the air at the same time, it was fun for me to try and find out how this happens.

As it turns out, when it comes to cooling, the BedJet doesn’t actually cool the air. In fact, it simply moves the cold air that can be found near the floor through its hose and into your bedding.

As per the heating process, it can provide warm air that varies between 85 and 109 degrees. The heating can be either quick or gradual, depending on your needs.

Let’s Review the Noise!

As you might have expected, seeing as this is an electrical device, one of the main things I was mostly interested in was how much noise does the BedJet actually make?

Let me put it this way. It does produce noise, of course. But it’s a background sound, in the lines of a white noise that you might actually find comforting or soothing. Or could, in fact, help you sleep better.

Of course, what I also found out by reviewing it is that the BedJet produces different levels of noises depending on the setting you use it on.

For example, if you put it on low or medium, then the noise only reaches about 38 dB, which is the same as any typical air conditioner or household fan you might have ever used in your life. Disturbing? Not really! I’m sure your grandma had one of those window fans and you remember it well from your childhood!

However, when you take it up a notch and set it on high or even Turbo warming mode, the noise does become noticeable. But, there is something else to take into account. High or turbo heating mode should only be left on for no more than 10 minutes. It’s simply way too powerful to sleep with it all night long. It was intended to warm the bed as quickly as possible and then to be turned off. Therefore, the noise will not bother you.

cool or warm

BedJet’s Actual Noise Levels

Here are the noise levels, expressed in decibels that the BedJet makes.

  • The BedJet off, measuring the ambient room noise – 37 dB
  • BedJet Cool 50%– this is the most recommended setting if you want to use it all night long – 38 dB
  • BedJet Cool 100% – should only be used for 10 minutes at a time – 42 dB
  • BedJet Heat 50% – the most recommended setting for heating all night long – 39 dB
  • BedJet Heat 100% – only use it for 10 minutes at a time – 47 dB

How to Use BedJet

bedjet v2 instructions

I was pleasantly surprised to find out for myself that the BedJet is very easy to assemble. The same goes for using it, which doesn’t take a long time at all. Here’s how it goes in a few easy steps.

  1. Place the unit under your bed. Lift it if you have to but do not allow your bed to rest on top of the BedJet. If you see that happening, keep the BedJet next to the bed instead.
  2. Locate the nearest outlet and plug the power cord.
  3. Lift the hose into your bed and place it firmly under your sheets. If you want, you can even create a small pouch for it by sewing around your comforter. I have found that the best results are yielded when you place the hose at the foot of the bed.
  4. Use the remote control or the app you have downloaded on your phone to start it.
  5. Make the necessary adjustments and settings depending on your needs and wishes.
  6. You have to wait between 10 and 30 minutes for the changes in temperature to take place, especially if the unit is brand new and is being used for the first time.
  7. Enjoy your new BedJet!
bed cooling fan

What Types of BedJets Are There?

Guess what? They make more than one type of BedJet! And I reviewed them all for your benefit, so that you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

The BedJet V1 was the first version of this product the company made. It was the original invention that launched them on the market and put them on the map. However, the V1 is not available on their website anymore, in case you want to buy it.

The BedJet V2 is the updated version that comes with a few extra amenities which the first product the manufacturer put out didn’t have installed. That being said, let’s take the two machines to battle and find out which one is the best for you!

BedJet V1 vs V2

BedJet V1 vs V2

As it turns out after I did extensive research on this topic, the two versions of the BedJet are exactly the same. In the sense that they are not two different products at all.

The company sells one single unit, the BedJet. They released the first one, the BedJet V1 in 2015 and then simply improved on it later on, giving us the V2 or the Version 2 of the same product.

So what were the updates they did? That’s where things get interesting. The BedJet V2 has a more advanced sleep technology than the V1 which is focused more on your biorhythm.

bedjet vs electric blanket
BedJet vs electric blanket

BedJet’s Circadian Sleep

Simply put, the manufacturers worked out the simple science of our circadian cycles. In laymen terms, the temperature of our bodies tends to be warmer or even hotter when we are awake but considerably lower when we sleep.

It’s quite easy to understand when you think about the fact that you are in motion most of the time while awake, which keeps your body’s temperature higher. However, when asleep, your body doesn’t move at all, which causes your temperature to drop.

bedjet app

The problem is that one cannot get ones bedding or bed to follow the same pattern, of course. So the V2 has an app for your smartphone that you can preset. It will automatically change temperatures throughout the night taking into account how cool your body gets.

Aromatherapy with the V2

The other improvement the V2 provides that the V1 did not have is the aromatherapy kit. It comprises a set of mini sponges and a few clamps that you can attach to the hose itself. Soak the little sponges in your favorite essential oil and enjoy a veritable spa right in your bedroom! This little update made my review a lot easier!

Why Is BedJet so Expensive?

Ok, let’s talk money. I think that it’s pretty obvious I was smitten with this little gadget from the get go. But when you get to the price point, some people might begin to wonder if it’s a good investment or not.

So, let’s see exactly what’s behind this invention’s steep price. First of all, BedJet is not a flimsy, plastic product. As mentioned before, the brain behind it is an actual NASA engineer. Therefore, I found this unit to be sturdy and durable. In fact, BedJet is made to last for years, which in my book gets a big thumbs up. It’s quite a step up from electrical blankets, for example, which are not safe and can break down very easily.

BedJet also doesn’t need any maintenance, which again sets it apart from other products in its range. No maintenance means no cleaning products to waste money on and no time spent washing it.

Can I Save on My Bills with BedJet?

But, the biggest plus in my book concerning money is that BedJet saves big on your bills.

The reason is that this bed mate allows you to cool just that – your bed. Unlike an air conditioner or a fan which has to stay plugged in at all times and use a lot of electricity to cool off your entire room or even your entire house, this is a zone unit. You only have to set the temperature right in your bed and you can forget about the rest of the room.

In fact, even in winter you can set the thermostat lower while heating your bed. The Department of Energy has issued a statement saying that one degree lowered on your thermostat saves up to 4 percent on your bills. Therefore, BedJet might be a little more expensive now, but in the long run it turns out it’s a lot better.

Let’s Review Pros and Cons of BedJet

So, taking into account all the information we have so far, let’s make a traditional pros and cons list. It will help you decide whether this is the solution for your bedroom or not.


  • It accommodates dual sleeping preferences. This means that both you and your partner will be happy sharing the same bed whether you want it to be cold and your loved one wants a warmer atmosphere.
  • BedJet is perfect for people who suffer from night sweats, symptoms of menopause, patients recovering from surgery, and even pregnant women who cannot get comfortable otherwise.
  • The unit will give you complete control over the temperature in your bed all year round. This cannot be achieved with any other solution on the market, be it a cooling comforter, a window fan or an air conditioner.
  • It can wick body moisture thanks to its special technology, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and happy.
  • You can save money when it comes to your electrical and heating bills, since you will not need to cool or heat your entire house or bedroom. This only involves the comfort of your bed.
  • Even more cost savings will be achieved thanks to the settings you can work through the app provided for your smartphone.
  • It’s incredibly easy to set it up and then use it.


  • It may be a bit pricey for people who are on a budget
  • If you cannot fit it under your bed, it has to sit on the side. This may interfere with the design of your bedroom.

Where Can I Buy BedJet?

The BedJet Company does not have a physical store, but that makes it even easier to buy a unit. You can simply go to their website and find the product there.

You’ll be pleased to find out they also offer a cloud sheet accessory which is made of pure cotton as well as an air hose extension and a stand for your BedJet should you wish to make your usage even more comfortable.

However, you can also purchase it on Amazon. Click right here for details. The purchase also includes the app for your smartphone, all in the same package.

Which Price Point Is Better?

The prices for a BedJet are usually the same on both Amazon and the company’s website. However, on their official site, the manufacturer does offer $50 off if you purchase a BedJet and Cloud Sheet combo, as long as you sign up for their VIP email list. It seems like a great deal and something you might want to check out!

BedJet Warranty

full refund guarantee
free shipping
free return shipping

The manufacturer offers what they call a Comprehensive Two Year BedJet Owners Warranty. This means that they agree to replace your BedJet if it stops working or if it gets damaged free of charge in the space of two years after you buy it.

You also don’t have to pay for shipping, as long as you live in the US. You can also contact them in case you have any questions.

Can I Return My BedJet?

Yes, of course you can. If you place your order on their official website, you will have the possibility to return the item within 60 days of its purchase.

You will not have to pay for the shipping as long as you live in the United States.

Your money will be refunded in a matter of three to five days after the unit reaches its destination back to the manufacturer.

As long as the BedJet is still in perfect working condition, has not been damaged, and does not have any signs of usage on it, you will receive your funds 100 percent. There are no restocking fees with this company either.

bedjet vs cooling mattress
BedJet vs cooling mattress

So, is the BedJet worth it after all?

As a conclusion to my extensive review of this little gadget, I would say that it is true it’s a little on the pricey side. However, as far as technology goes, it’s an absolute lifesaver! BedJet cools or heats the bed in a matter of minutes!

Plus it learns and keeps to your circadian rhythms to provide you with the best sleep according to your body’s needs. There is no other gadget that can do that. And you can easily win your investment back with all the money you will be saving on electricity and heating!