Why My Cat Sleep On Shoes

Why Does My Cat Lay Or Sleep On My Shoes (Why Cats Love It)

Does your cat lay on your shoes, drag it around, bite it? Perhaps you think this habit would be more suitable for a dog, but in fact, cats are little weirdos that often display the most surprising attitudes. This article will answer the question on the top of your head: why does my cat want to lay and sleep on my shoes?

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Shoes 

1. Your cat sleeps on your shoes because of familiar smells

The sense of smell is possibly the most vital of a cat’s five senses. Their nose is fourteen times stronger than a human’s, and they have double the number of olfactory receptors in their nasal tissue. 

Additionally, they have a specialized organ called a Jacobson’s organ (sometimes referred to as a vemeronasal organ) placed on the roof of the mouth that humans lack entirely. This organ effectively enables cats to taste the aromas and pheromones in the air, providing them with a wealth of information about the animals and humans around. 

Cats are inherently curious and will examine unfamiliar odors but will also seek out familiar scents that make them feel comfortable and secure so that they can sleep comfortably.

2. Territory

Cats produce and generate their own distinct smell pheromones via glands located throughout their bodies, including their cheeks. When your cat rubs their face against you or an item (often referred to as bunting), they are leaving a mark to indicate that they have visited this location before. 

“This belongs in my environment and gives me a sense of security” is what they are saying. Cats will draw toward items that smell similar to them and to those they like. Sleeping on your shoes is your cat’s way of communicating that they are at peace in your company, feel reassured by your presence, and adore you.

3. Your cat is obsessed with your shoes because of comfort

Your cat may not be napping or spending time on your shoes to express their affection for you. Objects that smell like you—clothing, shoes, and blankets—can provide comfort for your cat during stressful times. 

Sleeping in your shoes may very well be a strategy for your cat to self-soothe while you are out during the day. This may even explain why your cat does not only sit on your shoes where you put them but may relocate them. Your cat may grab your shoe and use it as a security blanket to a favorite resting spot as a way to keep a piece of you nearby. Your cat may even suckle on your shoes or socks if it is bottle-fed. 

This is because cats that are weaned too soon from their mother often develop an oral fixation on objects that smell like their owner and nibble or suckle on them. This is another kind of self-soothing, and shoes placed on the floor for easy access provide an outlet.

4. Cats lay on shoes just because your shoes are around

Typically, shoes are laid on the floor. When cats are not required to leap or climb anything, they prefer to stroll all over things that are on their level. Additionally, it is possible that your shoes are one of the few items in the room to which they can simply stroll.

Shoes are embellished with laces, buckles, and other elements that attract the cat’s interest. They are attracted to such items because they remind them of the toys they like playing with.

Cats also like lying down on freshly laundered clothing, laptop computers that their human is using, or even simply bits of paper on a table.

Occasionally, there is no obvious explanation why cats pick the items they do. Particularly if the posture in which they are resting on this item seems to be uncomfortable. However, that is what they want. They would relocate themselves if they did not want to be twisted like a pretzel on top of the color printer. Cats may be rather weird in this regard at times.

Perhaps they prefer to lay and even sleep on the shoes since the floor is much cooler and the shoes are somewhat warm.

Cats love Lay on my Shoes

Why Do Cats Lay On Shoes FAQ

Why Does My Cat Attack My Shoes

Cats will sometimes attack your shoes by tucking their heads into them or just playing with their paws. This occurs as a result of their desire to amuse themselves. The inside of a shoe may be rather dark, and if they are unable to push their head inside to examine, they will use their paw to reach for the shoe’s hidden riches.
Cats have a difficult time resisting pushing themselves into a small opening. Simply ensure that the laces on your shoes are secure; otherwise, your cat’s claws and keen teeth may damage them.

Why Does My Cat Rub On My Shoes

Many cat owners complain that they have a “cat obsessed with my shoes.”
If your cat only rubs himself on your shoes, the answer is simply the smell you leave on your shoes. While they are stinky to our noses, cats will smell the pheromones left behind by our feet. Our feet are one part of our body that produces lots of them, and cats love to smell their humans’ pheromones.
In the end, what this means is that your cat loves your smell and will enjoy any chance they get to feel that smell and feel some sort of attachment to you while you are not around.

Final Words Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Shoes

If you ever wondered, “why does my cat like my shoes” the answer is that your little furball might be attracted to your shoes and will lay or sleep on them for many reasons. It might simply be warm, or for some reason, they like the shape of your shoes, or they really love the smell you leave on them (this might sound weird, but it is true!).