Pros Cons Sleeping Legs Elevated

Pros and Cons of Sleeping With Legs Elevated (Is It Bad To Raise Your Feet?)

Having a job that requires you to be on your feet for hours or sitting for very long periods could be exhausting. Your legs and back could hurt a lot once you get home, which can result in pain once you go to sleep. But is there a way to find a comfortable sleeping position that will relieve the discomfort and make you feel great in the morning? You probably heard that sleeping with feet elevated might be beneficial for you.

In short, it’s not bad to sleep with your legs elevated. Sleeping with your legs raised has many health benefits and the pros easily outweigh the cons. 

The easiest and most comfortable way to elevate your feet is sleeping on the adjustable bed.

We recommend the highly rated LUCID L300 Ergonomic Adjustable Bed Base.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, you can use a wedge pillow to raise your feet higher.

Sleeping With Legs Elevated Benefits

So to determine the pros of sleeping with legs elevated, we need to see what this position does to a body. We will get deeper into all the benefits and disadvantages of sleeping with legs elevated.

Using an adjustable bed or wedge pillow to make your feet elevated will improve your circulation and promote blood flow. This could reduce swelling in both your feet and legs.

Furthermore, you will relieve the pressure on the joints and muscles when you elevate legs during sleep. Finding the right position shouldn’t be a problem for those of you with an adjustable bed.

But don’t worry if you have a standard sleeping surface because you can use a wedge pillow to get a similar result.

How do you sleep with elevated feet? The process is incredibly easy, and you can start by using your wedge pillow while napping, slowly progressing to the full night’s sleep.

You need to remember that your feet should be at least six inches above your heart while laying down. If you stick to sleeping with legs elevated, there will be many benefits. So it is time to learn more about the pros and cons of sleeping with legs elevated!

1. No more chronic back pain

Chronic back pain could be uncomfortable, affecting every part of your life. The inflamed sciatic nerve is often the cause.

This is the longest nerve in our body that stretches along the spine, all the way to your feet. When inflamed, the sciatic nerve will lead to chronic back pain, and you might also feel like your legs are numb or weak.

When you sleep with legs elevated, you will eliminate the pressure on the nerve. Just make sure you lay on your back! This is just one of the pros of sleeping with legs elevated.

2. Better circulation

Sleeping with your feet elevated can improve your circulation. As previously mentioned, you can elevate your legs at any time of the day, even while watching television or reading a book.

The legs should be above your heart, and you can let gravity do the rest. The blood from your legs will move closer to the core, so your heart will not work too hard, allowing it to rest.

When you sleep with feet raised, you can improve the blood flow, and keep your heart healthier.

3. Sleeping with Legs elevated prevents deep vein thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a serious condition that can be fatal if not treated on time. A blood clot could form in the veins, obstructing the blood flow.

That same clot might travel to other parts of your body, namely lungs or heart. Patients that have deep vein thrombosis are advised to keep their legs elevated when sleeping or resting. You can also prevent it by elevating your legs and improving the circulation.

4. Reducing the swelling in legs

Today, most of the jobs require either a lot of office work or standing on your feet. These could create tension in your legs, and they might get swollen at the end of the workday.

Swollen legs are often painful and you could find it hard to move. Keeping your feet elevated will take the pressure off from the veins and promote blood circulation. Your legs will not be painful, and you will prevent swollen feet.

Cons of Sleeping With Legs and Feet Elevated

If you are wondering is it ok to sleep with your legs elevated, the answer is yes. There are no cons of sleeping with legs elevated other than an initial discomfort.

Both sleep and medical experts approve of this sleeping position. Some people are just not used to having their legs propped up on a pile of pillows, and that is perfectly fine.

It will take some time to get used to it, so start small if you feel like this sleeping position is too hard for you. Elevate your legs while watching a TV show or a movie, and stick to it.

Is It Bad to Sleep With Your Feet Elevated

Some of you are probably thinking: is it bad to sleep with your feet elevated? It is not. However, you have to find the right height for your feet.

We talked about elevating your legs at least six inches above your heart. You also need to know that you shouldn’t go above twelve inches. If you don’t nail the proper position, you might feel a bit stiff in your knees or lower back.

Find the perfect height by elevating your legs somewhere between six and twelve inches.

Is It Good to Sleep With Your Feet Elevated

Sleeping with your feet elevated is a great idea if you suffer from back pain, painful joints, or swollen feet and legs.

It can also do wonders for your spine and correct its alignment. Having an adjustable bed could make the process easier, but you can get the same results with a couple of nicely stacked pillows.

If you aren’t sure if it is good to sleep with your feet elevated, keep in mind that spine doctors recommend this sleeping position to many of their patients with chronic back pain.

When you take a look at all the pros and cons of sleeping with legs elevated, the benefits clearly outweigh the negative aspects.

Is It Bad Sleep Legs up


Most of us lead a fast-paced lifestyle that requires a lot of walking and sitting. Our body suffers at the end of the day, but luckily small tricks like sleeping with your feet elevated could reduce the pressure on your back, legs, and feet.

So if you have been wondering about the pros and cons of sleeping with legs elevated and if it is bad for you, try this position out and reap the benefits.

Taking good care of your body could start while you sleep. Elevating your feet above your heart can solve circulatory issues and align your spine.

Good circulation will keep you healthy, and you will move with ease, without feeling any pain. So try to sleep with feet elevated and repair your body while you rest. 

Use the high quality LUCID L300 Ergonomic Adjustable Bed Base to elevate your legs or if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, go for a wedge pillow.