How to Keep Sheets on Adjustable Bed (What Worked Best for Me)

keep sheets adjustable bed

Buying an adjustable bed has been on my list since last few months now, and finally, I have decided to buy one after many months of research.

But one thing that used to worry me continually is ‘how to keep sheets on adjustable bed?’. Keeping the sheets on the regular bed is itself difficult for me, and with an adjustable bed, I worried my job would become much more difficult.

For me spreading the sheet is more of a task than a routine as spending time now and then, to keep the sheets on the bed is just not possible with my busy lifestyle.

Keeping the sheets on the adjustable bed is not all that difficult as I thought and heard of bed sheet straps which make the task simple and straightforward.

Fortunately, the straps work like wonders in holding the sheet in place while making your job easy and effortless. I want to share my findings with you all who wonder how to keep the sheets on the adjustable bed to make things easy for you.

If you are person finding it difficult to keep the sheets on the adjustable bed, then there is one right way to keep them on for a long time without the need for you to adjust them now and then. Yes, I am talking about bed sheet straps that keep the sheets intact even though the bed is raised and lowered several times in a day. The article provides you with an insight of what are these bed sheet straps, how they help in keeping the sheets on the bed along with their benefits and availability. So, if you are interested to know more about the bed sheet straps then continue reading the article.

How DoI Keep Sheets on My Adjustable Bed?

It is quite annoying when the sheets on the adjustable beds come off and need constant attention and adjustment. Keeping the sheets intact on the adjustable bed is an arduous task due to the ability of the bed to incline to different angles.

These beds come in different sizes and sheets for your bed should be purchased according to the size. Even buying the right size of the sheet cannot prevent them from slipping when the bed is inclined.

There will be too many suggestions coming your way once you put up the question of how to keep the sheets on the adjustable bed.

Someone suggested using a safety pin in the corners which turned out to be a disaster as it not only tore the sheet but also poked me few times when fastening the sheet. Apart from that, you will need tons of safety pins to keep the sheets in place.

My sincere advice to you is, do not ever use safety pins to hold the sheets on the bed. Fortunately, there are various other solutions available to keep the sheets on the adjustable bed.

Order Sheets made for Adjustable beds

Ordering sheets that are made exclusively for adjustable beds can solve the problem to a certain extent. Take proper measurements of the bed including height, width, and thickness. Measuring the exact thickness of the bed is not that easy.

Thickness can be measured precisely by placing flat objects such as a wood piece on either side of the bed and measuring the distance between them is the best way of measuring thickness.

Buy flexible bed sheets based on the measurements. I have observed that standard bed sheets do fit the beds but often come out of place when the bed is adjusted. Sheets made for adjustable beds do not slip that easily and stay in place for a long time.

Customized Sheets

Standard sheets for adjustable beds are generally custom made according to the size of the bed. They are available individually and in sets with one or two pillow covers.

A custom ordered sheet has elastic sewn throughout the perimeter of the sheet to help it to stay in place. However, these custom ordered sheets lack functionality as I have experienced that the sheets are pop-out whenever the bed is inclined.

Ordering sheets to exact measurements of the bed can be of particular help but cannot completely solve the problem.

Sheets With Corner Straps

The most common style of sheets on offer for adjustable beds are fitted sheets with stitched corner straps. The straps come as an add-on feature and can be conveniently added to the custom ordered sheets.

Readymade sheets with built-in corner straps are available in the market in various sizes.

The sheets with corner straps are easy to use, all you need to do is pull each corner of the sheet and tug it under the mattress. Make sure that the strap is stretched diagonally on across the corners without being twisted.

I personally liked these fitted sheets with corner straps as they are easy to spread and keep the sheets in place for a longer time. I have also tried sheets with wings which stay snug with minimal efforts.


Sheet Straps (Suspenders)

Although I am happy with the purchase of fitted sheets with built-in corners, I have several expensive and high-quality sheets that were purchased when looking for the best sheets for adjustable beds.

This was when I came across to an affordable option to enhance the functionality of the standard sheet for adjustable beds.

Sheet straps and suspenders make a simple and affordable solution to keeping sheets on adjustable beds. 

These straps help to keep the sheet in place when attached to the corners. There are two designs of sheet straps and suspenders available on the market, one that is designed to cover just the corners and the other that can be stretched the entire length of the sheet.

If you want to keep things simple and effortless, then go for corner straps.

You can buy sheet straps online at Amazon USA from the comfort of your home. I personally recommend the Nyche Designs Adjustable Bed Sheet Fasteners Suspenders as these are easy to put on and keep corners in place.

However, if your adjustable mattress splits at the head or head and foot, then the corner straps will not be of much help, and you should go for specialty sheets.

Specialty sheets are split sheets which adjusts individually for each part of the bed.


Of all the above methods suggested to keep sheets on the adjustable bed, the cheapest and the easiest way to keep the sheets in place based on my experience is by using sheet straps. There are many available, but the Nyche Designs adjustable bed sheet suspenders are my favorite.

Sweet dreams!

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