Do Cats Sleep More Winter

Do Cats Sleep More In Winter (+ When It’s Cold Or Rainy)

All mammals change their behavior to adapt to the cold season, and the same should apply to cats. Today, you will learn if cats sleep more in winter, whether they are outdoor or house cats. 

Do Cats Sleep More When It’s Cold 

A regular cat may sleep anywhere between twelve and sixteen, or even twenty, hours each day. However, they may sleep longer than normal during the winter months due to fewer daylight hours or changes in your pattern, such as an earlier bedtime.

Do House Cats Sleep More In Winter 

We cannot know what is going on mentally with our cats, but you may notice your cat is less interested, napping more, and maybe seeming a little mournful throughout the winter. Perhaps they’re depressed because they have less time to sunbathe. 

Alternatively, they might be reacting to our own winter blues. Cats are very sensitive to our emotional moods and may reflect back your winter restlessness or listlessness.

There are several methods to keep your cat entertained and happy throughout the winter months. 

For instance, get a new toy for them or sprinkle a little amount of catnip on an old favorite toy to pique their interest. Introduce a new trick to them, such as waving, shaking hands, or laying down. While training a cat requires patience and work, it can be a rewarding bonding experience well worth the effort.

Do Outdoor Cats Sleep More In Winter

If you have a cat that likes to roam free and usually sleep outdoor, you will probably want to rethink this setup when winter arrives. If this is your first time caring for a cat, you will notice that your cat will stay more inside on cold days. If he is not, you should make him stay. 

Cats will feel more comfortable in your warm house than out in the cold, where they can face fights with other cats, dogs, other animals and also catch diseases.

Your outdoor cat will become more of an inside cat during winter, and he will probably sleep more. 

As for stray cats, we can’t really tell whether they sleep more in winter. If you know of any stray cats in your neighborhood, you should contact some organization that takes care of these animals so they can feed properly and perhaps get adopted by a caring family. These animals should not live in the streets because it is not safe for them.

Do Cats Sleep More On Rainy Days 

A fascinating distinction between hunters and plant eaters in the animal kingdom is how they spend their awake hours. A cat’s cycle consists of resting, hunting, feeding, and resting some more. On the other hand, plant-eaters must devote more time to grazing, eating, and digesting their non-animal dietary sources.

That may be another reason why cats and other hunters may relax a little after meals. Thus, when we ask, “why do cats sleep so much,” we could also consider how they stack up against other meat-eaters.

Felines, as a group, may sleep more than other hunters, but only by a small amount. Everyone on the predatory end of the scale sleeps more than ten hours. When compared to plant-eaters, such as the giraffe, which sleeps roughly 5 hours per day, or the horse, which sleeps just 3 hours, hunters as a group are quite well-rested.

On rainy days, when their evolutionary instincts warn them that hunting would be futile, cats will sleep more.

Why Is My Cat Sleeping More In The Winter? 

Consider your high school biology lesson; do you recall hibernation? Hibernation is a remarkable adaption that many animals undergo throughout the winter months. While bears are the poster animals for hibernation, wild cats may enter a modified form of hibernation called torpor when the going becomes difficult during the winter. 

While this is not real hibernation, these cats do suffer a decrease in body temperature and metabolism during their sleep hours and subsequently return to normal when they awaken. 

Additionally, they will sleep longer hours each day during torpor in order to preserve even more energy. While your furry friend is not necessarily experiencing hardships throughout the winter, he may enter a condition of torpor to preserve energy, much like his wild cousins do.

cat sleeping more Cold Rainy

Do Indoor Cats Sleep More In The Winter FAQ

Do Cats Sleep More And Eat Less In Winter

During the winter, cats become lazier, preferring to find a warm spot to sleep. Cats love tiny areas and the “donut” stance to stay warm. Unless your cat is old or needs help, elevate their bed to minimize drafts.

While your cat may be sleeping more, you’ve definitely observed that they are also eating more. Whether your cat is an outdoor or an indoor cat, the colder months demand more nourishment due to your cat’s increased caloric expenditure.

Rather than constantly having a bowl of food accessible, you might choose between bigger servings or more frequent feedings since free feeding can result in your cat eating out of boredom and probable weight gain.

How Many Hours Do Cats Sleep In Winter?

The amount of time your cat sleeps depends on each cat, but if your cat is sleeping up to twenty hours during the winter, there is nothing to worry about. As we already discussed, cats will become lazier during the cold months (just like us) and eat more. Let them sleep. After all, who wants to do anything in the cold other than get comfortable?

Final Words About Do Cats Sleep More In Winter

Cats do sleep more in winter. After all, they are mammals just like us, and they need to preserve body temperature. If you want to care for your feline friend, make sure he is warm. 

You might need to adjust your house’s temperature as well as make him a place to sleep where cold air doesn’t reach. Some cats like to sleep with blankets on a couch, or you can just buy him a comfy and warm bed like the highly rated Cuddle Cave.